Meeting Date: 01/06/05 07:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Hollywood Church of Religious Science
Conference Room
7677 Sunset Blvd.
corner of Courtney, parking and entrance off Courtney

Details: Spaulding Square/Hollywood-Sunset Flat Area Committee
(Area 7) of Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council
Thursday, January 6th
7:00 PM


1. Greeting and introductions by Anthony Deckoff, committee chair.

2. Presentation by the Bureau of Sanitation of the plans for the sewage line facility at the site of the former Durant Library on Gardner, followed by general discussion.

3. Discussion of how we can participate in the creation of a voluntary commercial improvement district for Sunset Boulevard west of La Brea. Possible vote.

4. General public comment.

5. Adjourn (by 9 p.m.).

On Thursday, January 6, the Area 7 committee convened at the Hollywood Church of Religious Science.

Brent Lorscheider, of the City Department of Public Works, Bureau of Sanitation, gave a presentation on the bureau’s intentions for the site of the old Durant Library on Gardner St. The plan is to construct an odor reduction filter system for the major sewage line that runs south along Sierra Bonita, turns east onto De Longpre, and then south again on Gardner. Neighborhood complaints and measurements show this line emits unpleasant odors in the summer. The new facility would take up about half the site and would emit a low hum, like an air conditioning unit, 24 hours a day. Effort will presumably be taken to make the facility visually unobtrusive, and the extra space would be used for landscaping.

Alternatively, it could be possible to renovate the existing building for a new purpose (a small architectural office or a community theater have been suggested by various sources)- and the odor filter could be built on the site’s existing parking lot, but this would place the fan and its noise closer to the adjacent apartment buildings. Little parking would be left for whatever purpose the building would then serve.

The group’s reaction to the presentation was mildly positive, with concern expressed over the final appearance of the facility. No one residing immediately next door to the site was present. It was suggested by one committee member that part of the Wattles Garden site might possibly be more appropriate for the facility.

The design and construction of the facility is a process that would take at least two years. A progress report is due to the city in mid-February. A temporary carbon filtration system could be on site and in use as early as this summer.

Gary Minzer was unable to attend to discuss his efforts to keep the voluntary commercial improvement district along Sunset in motion. Our committee and the council board voted last summer to contribute funds to the security patrol paid for by Mr. Minzer’s group, but the City Department of Neighborhood Empowerment and the neighborhood council Treasurer turned down the application for funds, arguing that the patrol would compete with city services. Yet the Beverly Crest NC succeeded in contributing funds to the same group. Research will be undertaken to determine why our own allocation was rejected.

In general discussion, the problem of homeless people camping out at the new library was brought up. Erik Sanjurjo, of Councilman LaBonge’s office, informed us that a new law will soon go into effect making it illegal to sleep on library property. This should make it easier for the police to keep the grounds clear at night.

Erik also discussed his office’s interest in getting a full-scale, traditional business improvement district started along Sunset west of La Brea. Any commercial property owners (or anyone else) interested in the project would be most welcome as volunteers to work with him on this.

There was also some discussion of the neighborhood watch program begun last summer north of Sunset, but no one was present with definite information on the group in question. A separate email will be sent out on this subject.

There was also some discussion of current development projects in the area, including the mixed use development that’s under review for the DGA parking lot site and the similar project at La Brea and Marshfield. The former Denny’s site, presumably intended to become a sandwich shop, appears to be making progress again. A new development may have been proposed for the site of Mongo’s Tacos. And some property owners are reportedly expecting that the new city zoning plans may increase the permitted density for commercial developments along Sunset.