Meeting Date: 01/15/15 06:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular



Area 7 and Business Committee – Joint Meeting
Thursday January 15, 2015
Will and Ariel Durant Library – 7140 Sunset Blvd.
Parking on-site off Detroit

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1.  Call to order.
2.    Approval of November 12, 2014 minutes.
3   Updates and announcements.
4.   Vintage Enoteca 7554 W. Sunset Blvd
Discussion and motion.
Vintage Enoteca is seeking a renewal of their current alcohol licence at 7554 W. Sunset Blvd. to sell beer and wine for on-site consumption. The capacity for 50.  Seating will be provided for 26 indoor and 10 on the covered patio. The owners have requested the hours of operation and alcohol sales from 12:00pm – 12:00am (M – F) 11:00am – 12:am (Sa – Su). Neither "happy hour" nor fortified wine is requested. 
Case number ZA 2010-0116-CUB-PAI.
5.   THE AVENUE 1619 N. La Brea Avenue
Discussion and motion.
HOLLYWOOD 180 HOLDCO, LLC, is requesting a Master Use Permit to allow the sale and dispensing of alcoholic beverages for on-site consumption; in conjunction with up to three proposed restaurants, two of which would sell beer and wine only(type 41 license), and one which may sell a full line of alcoholic beverages (type 47 licence).
Requesting the hours of operation and alcohol sales from 10:00a.m. to 11:00p.m., Monday through Friday and 10:00a.m. to 12:00a.m. Saturday and Sunday.  Case number ZA-2014-1866 – MCUP
Discussion and possible motion.
The Moment Hotel is requesting an upgrade to serve a full line of alcoholic beverages, including fortified wine beverages without food service. The restaurant and bar/lounge would serve 20 
inside the dinning nook on the ground floor and 52 on the exterior open second floor deck and
be open to the general public.  Additionally the applicant is requesting an increase in restaurant and outdoor deck/bar lounge hours from 11:00am to 1:00am daily.  The Moment Hotel has 39 guest rooms
with 28 onsite parking spaces.  There are 2-8 employee at any given time.
 Case number ZA-2014-3429-CUB  
7.   URBAN RAMEN  7300 W. Sunset Blvd. - Suite A - Sunset Fuller Plaza
Discussion and possible motion.
The applicant, Urban Ramen, is requesting a Type 41 liquor license to serve beer and wine.  The proposed hours of operation are from 10:a.m. to 4:00a.m. and alcohol sales from 10:00a.m. to 2:00a.m. daily for both indoor and on an outdoor patio area, in lieu of the current commercial corner zoning that does not allow any operations after 11p.m.
The restaurant has 41 interior seats and is requesting an additional 20 seats for their outdoor dinning  on the Sunset Blvd. public right of way sidewalk.
The Sunset Fuller Plaza has 34 total shared parking spaces on site.  There will be seven (7) employees.  Case number ZA-2014-3625
8.   ORANGETHEORY FITNESS 7950 W. Sunset Blvd
Discussion and motion
The applicant, Orangetheory  is requesting a variance to allow a 2,648 square foot health club/gym  use in a RAS4 zone.  The project will be located in an existing mixed use building.  Orange theory Fitness is a circuit training studio that has a class of no more than 24 students.  The class size is dictated by the pieces of equipment in the studio, the space has 12 treadmills and 12 rowing machines.  The average class size ranges from 18 to 20 students.  The hours of operation are 5:00am to 8:30pm.  Case number ZA 2014-3985 
9.   Public comment.
10. Meeting adjourned.


Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council
Business – Area 7 joint meeting
January 15th, 2015 minutes
Will and Ariel Durant Library
7140 West Sunset Blvd.
1. Call to order at 6:05pm
Present: area 7 chair, business chair, LAPD representative (vice officer) and 14 stakeholders.
2. November 12th minutes were read, no corrections were made. Katz made a motion to approve the minutes as written, second by Andrew (Moment Hotel). 5 people to approve, 0 against, 0 abstained.
3. Witkin made an announcement that 8150 Sunset  DEIR comment period ends on 1/20 at 4pm, HHWNC and HUNC CD4  candidates panel is January 27th  and next Wednesday is the HHWNC board meeting.
4. Jennifer Moore, Danielle Francois – Vintage Enoteca 7554 West Sunset Blvd. Submitting a plan approval, no changes. Witkin: you have volunteered conditions, can they be written. Answer: they are all written. Witkin: no side walk dining. Answer: None. LAPD present, no issues with this business that we need to address. LAPD will talk to business owners after the meeting. LAPD wants a condition to have the business make sure that there is one patron per table who can drive, please give cup of coffee to one person at the table. Witkin: no cover charge, no minimum drinks we want to have it in writing. Jennifer: I agree to have it in written. Witkin: no happy hour. Whoever take your place have to reapply for a license. Jennifer: it harm the value of our business. LAPD: Zoning is asking to do so already. Witkin: Since the building is coming down the value of the business will not be adjusted. Jennifer: I will not agree to put a condition that the new owner will have to resubmit to neighborhood. Witkin: Come back for review in 5 years. LAPD: I approve of this.
Motion by Witkin: to approve the license for the next 5 years with all the current conditions. Katz second. 6 for 3 against, 2 abstained.
5. Terri Dickerhoff – Orangetheory Fitness 7950 West Sunset Blvd. Asking for fitness club/circuit training variance containing 12 rowing machines and 12 treadmills. There will be no heavy equipment ie. barbells.  Hours of operation 5am to 8:30pm. Parking in the building. Will be validated. Witkin: Sound proofing? Terri: The space will completely sound proof for the residents. Terri: Maximum 24 people patrons at time with 2 employees. The applicants presented to the stakeholders letters from residents in the mentioned above address in support of the fitness business.
Motion by Katz to approve of the variance, second by Witkin. 9 For, 0 against, 0 abstained.
6. Lee Rabun, Thor Lee – The Avenue 1619 North La Brea. Presentation by Raburn asking for a master use permit for three proposed restaurants. 13,000 sq ft of commercial area 117 parking spots for commercial only. No live entertainment requested, no side walk dining – recessed, the public right of way, the side walk will not be touched. Witkin: will there be after hours entertainments rented out? Raburn: No. Total 300 seats indoors and 97 outdoors between of the 3 restaurants. Katz: why 3 restaurants with alcohol? Raburn: because we have issues renting the spaces in the last 4 years since the Avenue have been built. Raburn: If an unsavory operator will come before you, the neighborhood can say no to that operator. Stake holder: we have too much alcohol licenses, we would rather not to . Stakeholder: motion to have a wine and beer only in one of the three restaurants. Second by another stake holder. Lee: we have a problem rent as a first time location because it takes time, effort and money to be able operate after gathering all the required licenses and CUP’s. Raburn: the neighborhood has become a lot safer. Derelict buildings have disappeared and real estate values when up with good restaurants getting liquor licenses. Katz: the neighborhood have concerns about giving too many liquor licenses as the stakeholders believe the neighborhood is saturated with liquor licenses.
Motion by a stakeholder and second by a stakeholder to adjust the master use permit for three businesses permit for alcohol to only one business at the avenue 1619 N. La Brea to have beer and wine license. passed: 6 for, 1 against, 1 abstained.
7. Moment Hotel – Craig Settimo, Elizabeth Peterson, Sanjay Patel, Hotel manager. Asking to open the hotel to the public for the consumption of food and alcohol (beer and wine) on the property. Katz: at what time will the alcohol will be served on the weekend: Peterson: 9am on Saturday and Sunday. LAPD: we ok with these start operations. Witkin: can you get letters from the neighbors for the support of the roof deck operation. No happy hours allowed. No cover charge and minimum purchase of drinks required. 28 parking on the property. Making sure that parking will be available to the patrons. Witkin: where will guest park. Peterson: we own the parking lot across the street. Witkin: security guard? Settimo: we will have a security guard on the premises. LAPD: we would be ok with 11pm. Peterson: Yes, we agree.
Motion by Barbara to approve the changes in the license with a condition that at the ZA hearing that letters from the neighbors in support of the hours of operation and roof deck open to the public will be presented to the neighborhood representative. Second by a stakeholder. Motion passed 7 for, 0 against, 0 abstained.
8. Kevin Franklin (representative), Kohei Kayano (owner) Urban Ramen. Franklin: changes 11am to 11pm beer and wine, Friday and Saturday 11am and 12pm. No patio seating, no happy hour. Witkin: The Indian restaurant closing at 11pm, do not want to be open late, to close at 11pm. Franklin: we want to be open until 3am with cut off of alcohol until 11pm. Witkin: we do not want people loitering for a long time after 11pm. Katz: we would rather not give liquor licenses and be open late. LAPD: we would like to see businesses close at 11pm. Franklin: we do not agree that you should put limit on closing time for food service is given alcohol license support from the neighborhood. We can go to the ZA and get a beer and wine license. Katz: the stake holders in this neighborhood have told us many times that they do not see this stretch of Sunset between Crescent Heights as a core entertainment area. The residents in area 7 look at this as a residential area primarily and we as residents see liquor licenses recommendations for businesses as a privilege and we as residents would like to see some good faith measures from the owner, such as agreeing to close by 11pm. Franklin: we do not agree with that. LAPD: the stake holders are not personally going against you, the neighborhood is asking all businesses who are coming for a liquor licenses to close by 10pm or 11pm. Franklin: You can not ask us to close food service at 11pm. We will stop serving alcohol at 11pm, continue selling food until 2am or 3am. Stakeholder: we are firm on our request for a close at 11pm.
Motion by Katz: beer and wine recommendation for the ZA with no happy hour, no outside sitting, no live music with closing every day at 11pm. Second by a stakeholder. 3 for, 1 against, 1 abstained.
7:55pm. Meeting adjourn.