Meeting Date: 01/24/10 01:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Elderberries, 7564 Sunset Blvd, between Curson and Sierra Bonita


Elderberries, 7564 Sunset Blvd, between Curson and Sierra Bonita, south side of the street, handicap accessible.  Please walk or bike to meeting, if possible, but if must drive: parking available at rear or in street. 
Agenda For Area 7 [EMS separate agenda]
  1. Discussion of CUB Application for The Counter.  Possible motion & vote.
  2. Discussion of tour buses in residential streets.  Possible motion & vote. [time permitting]
  3. Presentation by EMS chair Valorie Keegan re various emergency services/police/fire issues.  Possible motion & vote.
  4. Discussion of zone change from R-1/R-21XL to R-3 for 1352/1356 N. Fairfax. Presentation by Danny Gleiberman, owner’s representative.  Possible motion & vote.
  5. Motion by Barbara Witkin, Cultural chair, regarding marathon.  Possible motion & vote.
  6. Discussion of Platinum Collision’s application for a Conditional Use Permit to build an 8,300 square foot expansion to existing auto repair facility at 7614-7616 Sunset Blvd.  Possible motion & vote.
  7. Discussion of CUB application for the Big Fix.  Possible motion & vote.
  8. Discussion of pedestrian/bicyclists safety.  Possible motion & vote. [time permitting]
  9. Discussion of various Area 7 issues.  Possible motion & vote.
 Adjournment (3:00 PM or earlier).
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 Sunday, January 24, 2010

Elderberries, 7564 Sunset Blvd



1:07 Meeting called to order

1:08 Cheryl Holland gives introduction

1:09 Don’t repeat, no comment cards, short comments

1:09 Valerie Keegan introduces herself, thanks Elderberries owner

1:10 CH describes Area 7

1:10 CH: 1st agenda point, The Counter in Baja Fresh

1:10 CH introduces Dennis Rohde, owner of The Counter

1:12 DR takes the floor

1:12 DR decided to convert the Hollywood Baja Fresh to a Counter

1:12 Briefly described menu options

1:12 Rent extremely high, so Baja Fresh nonprofitable

1:13 Great opportunity to be part of The Counter franchise

1:14 Lists different Counter locations across the city, nation and globe.

1:14 Family-oriented restaurant.

1:14 Question Raised: Baja closed? Answer: Yes.

1:15 Q: Hours of operation, and parking? Cheryl asks to wait on that question.

1:15 Q: Keeping same Baja Fresh employees? A: Yes, as many as possible.

1:16 No one lost their job.  

1:16 Madeline Kopple Hayworth owns 18 unit apartment building.  Doesn’t like parking lot noise.

1:17 MK appreciates The Counter, but wants to figure out how to lock the parking lot at night.  

1:18 10 bedrooms, after-hours operations can be disruptive to sleepers.  

1:19 Also, construction workers at 7 AM today.  Not legal?

1:20 Addressing MK’s comment: Coffee Bean’s the issue, not Baja Fresh.  Always responsive.  

1:21 CH asks about general hours of operation.

1:21 DR talks about 1 AM closing on Fridays and Saturdays, references other, similarly privileged stores nearby, or at least 12 AM.  

1:23 Nowhere to go after a late show, so the store should be there to service such business.

1:24 Greenblatt’s has old license.  Couldn’t get that today.  

1:25 No open businesses close later than 11 PM during week, but Fresh Bites is applying for 12.  

1:25 Pizza Fusion apparently closes at 11 PM.

1:26 Possibly have different liquor and opening hours.  

1:28 VK states that noise can often continue much past closing hours.  

1:28 Q: When is the restaurant actually shut down in relation to closing hours?

1:30 DR says the parking lot can be locked within 5 minutes of closing.  

1:30 Mentions the valets putting boards over spikes so that they can park cars in lot.  

1:31 Coffee Bean can chain the Southern parking lot entrance.

1:32 CH would like to add a condition, that the parking lot may not be leased out to anyone after-hours.  

1:33 DR: car wash parking lot not legal, or acceptable.  

1:33 Trash pickup is around 7 to 8 AM.  Therefore not an issue.  Must be 7 or later.  

1:34 Q: Employees throwing out glass bottles are very noisy in the night.  

1:35 Q: Younger employees are not always responsible to lock the lot.  

1:36 Q: How to handle deliveries in the night?

1:36 DR: Coffee Bean had given a key to Alta Dena to get into parking lot.  

1:37 DR: Only deliveries are 5 to 6 AM, entering front door.  

1:37 The exit are no longer planked.  

1:38 Suggests two parking lot attendants.  VK suggests two security guards instead.

1:39 Has a good relationship with LAPD and LAFD.  

1:39 VK describes differences between guards and attendants.  Perhaps have guards or attendants wait a half hour longer after closing.  

1:41 It is mentioned that you cannot exit on Sunset.  

1:41 One-way road spikes allow locking, and late-stay exits.  

1:42 Coffee Bean opens lot at 6 AM.

1:43 DR: Keeping used bottles in old cases, to recycle them for cash.  

1:44 Suggestion: 1 year review of attendant versus security guard.  

1:44 Conditions: 5 minutes after closing, two exits locked, one-way exit unlocked.  Not leased out after hours.  Deliveries, trash pickup, 7 AM – 10 PM.  2 parking lot attendants must remain afterwards one half hour after closing.  One year from date of approval, reconvene to review conditions.  

1:46 Coffee Bean is the issue, not DR’s restaurant.  

1:48 VK: Responsible owners very important.  Lots are thinner in this part of Sunset.  

1:49 VK: Doesn’t want The Counter to be a bar.  

1:50 DR: Won’t wash mats outside.  90% of employees leave at or before closing.  1 or 2 people cleaning inside.  

1:53 CH: We do actually live in an urban area: it’s loud.  

1:54 13 locations in CA of The Counter.  All close at or before 11.

1:55 DR: These other locations have full liquor licenses.  

1:56 CH: We are looking for good neighbors and businesses.  

1:57 Motion to vote on conditions for The Counter: 5 minutes after closing, two entrances locked, one-way exit unlocked.  The lot may not be leased out after hours to anyone.  Deliveries and trash pickup must take place between 7 AM – 10 PM. 2 parking lot attendants must remain afterwards one half hour after closing to eliminate any vagrancy.  One year from date of approval, reconvene to review conditions.  RD must post a quiet sign within the restaurant.  New hours: 11 AM-11 PM Mon-Thurs 11 AM-12 PM Fri-Sat

2:00 Vote is taken.  26 in favor.  2 opposed.  3 abstained.  

2:01 Item #6: Platinum Collision’s application for a conditional use permit.  

2:04 CH gives introduction to PC’s application.  

2:06 PC would like to expand the existing building into a repair shop.  

2:06 Current lease on PC lot is 15+ year lease.  Currently in the third year.  

2:07 Q: Auto repair for everyone? A: Yes, it serves all.  

2:07 Q: What types of repair? A: Only for collision repair.  

2:08 All PC work will happen indoors, so that no repairs happen outside.  

2:08 Top level parking lot will be strictly for PC.  

2:09 Estimates 20 cars on rooftop.  New ramp will be constructed.  No cars will be transported around the block.  The ramp will be off of Sunset.

2:13 Various discussion of location of car washing by PC or affiliates.  

2:14 A condition is that cars may not be washed outside property.  

2:15 Suggestion: use a lift instead of a ramp to raise cars.  

2:15 Q: How to deal with excess lighting? A: PC would use something called “spot” lighting.

2:20 Another condition: no pole lights.  Wall lights only.  

2:21 Another condition: no leasing of parking lot.

2:21 Hours: 7 PM on weekdays, 8 PM on weekends.  

2:23 Another condition: no activity after 8.  At all.  

2:24 PC repeats commitment to having no stray noise pollution.  

2:26 Motion is made to approve PC’s usage change.

2:29 Additional conditions: 2 year review from now on usage, and conditions continue with building.  

2:32 Vote is taken.  26 in favor.  Unanimous.

2:33 Topic #4: Danny Gleiberman.  Would like to upzone sixteen units to R3-1 zoning.  

2:35 DG takes the floor.  His parents own the properties.

2:36 Requested zoning is not at all out of place in the area.  

2:37 How to deal with transition, from noise to privacy concerns.  

2:38 DG stresses that building meets city codes.

2:39 Q: How far down are you digging? A: Not sure, because hearing hasn’t happened yet.  

2:41 CH: DG had to come up with basic plan for zone change.  

2:42 Q: Could you sell the property, and have a larger building there? A: Technically, yes.  

2:43 However, it can be stipulated to limit height.  

2:46 DG: Restrictions don’t get lost between owners.  

2:47 VK describes correct zoning so that the building will remain only 2 stories.  

2:49 VK wants to make sure that DL cannot get a qualification for a higher building.  

2:51 R3 with the 1XL caveat would be the zoning applied for by DG.  

2:56 Opposition to all zoning changes is raised.

2:59 VK stresses importance of understanding zone change.

3:00 Likely that DG will be granted zone change.  

3:01 Focus is that no greater than 2 stories.  

3:03 Motion is made to support DG’s zone change as-is (R3-1 without height designation)

3:04 Vote is taken.  1 in favor.  15 opposed.  

3:05 Motion is made to limit the zoning change to R3 1XL, and stipulate that it is limited to two stories.  Applicant is present and concurs with this motion.  

3:08 Vote is taken.  14 in favor.  2 opposed.  Additional request that DG honor privacy concerns of adjacent neighbors on Orange Grove including privacy concerns, mature planting, protecting sight lines, no overhanging balconies.  DG agrees he will honor his verbal commitments to neighbors, including Eric Lapidus.

3:13 Barbara takes the floor.  

3:13 March 21st, LA marathon is coming down Sunset.  

3:15 Barbara would like to set up a $300 or less cheering section on our area.  

3:16 Up to 25,000 runners.  

3:18 Motion is made to order $300 of cheering support accessories.

3:19 Vote is taken.  Unanimously in favor.  

3:20 VK takes the floor.

3:20 February 18th, 7 PM.  LAPD is holding neighborhood meeting at temple Israel.

3:21 Academy awards, all types of street and sidewalk shutdowns.  

3:22 Neighborhood watch is extremely effective.  

3:23 Emergency preparedness is paramount.  

3:25 Patio dining applications have increased greatly in the last year.

3:25 Aroma cafe and the Griddle are having trouble with outdoor dining areas on the public sidewalk.  

3:30 Various discussion about different restaurants which do and do not responsibly use outdoor sidewalk patio space.  

3:39 It’s noted that All-American burger will be defunct at the end of February and become a franchisee in Chipotle.

3:39 CH introduces Kathy to talk about pedestrian safety.  

3:41 Kathy asks for support for greater pedestrian safety.  

3:41 More signals are necessary, she says.  

3:41 Four-way stop diagonal crosswalks are a good idea at all major intersections.  

3:44 It is mentioned that the city does not wish to impede the flow of traffic.

3:45 Filling out the census information is absolutely imperative, says VK.

3:47 Mentions summer LAPD task force.  

3:47 Q: Can we have crosswalks not at lights? A: If pedestrian is at corner, then pedestrian has the right of way.  

3:51 There are not enough police officers to cover all or even many of the infractions.  

3:53 Jennifer Moore introduces herself from the Big Fix.

3:53 The Big Fix is replacing the Abbott’s Habit.  

3:54 Hours are currently 7 AM to 3 PM in the afternoon.  Previously, it had gone until 8 or 10 PM.  

3:55 It is mostly a sandwich and salad restaurant.  No structural changes; just 36 people capacity.  

3:56 There are no plans for amplified noise or dancing or performing.  No bar service.

3:57 The restaurant is allocated a few spaces, but mostly it is a sharing system.  

3:58 Owners indicate willingness to scale back closing time to 12 AM or 11:30 PM.  

4:00 Meeting adjourned.