Meeting Date: 03/07/12 06:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular



Hollywood Hills West Area 7 Committee Meeting

March 7, 2012
Woman’s Club of Hollywood 
1749 N, LaBrea Ave.
Hollywood Ca, 90046
6:00 PM

Call To Order
Committee Announcements 

1)  Sundance Cinemas – former Laemmle located at Sunset and Crescent Heights: Presentation and possible motion and vote.

Sundance Cinemas is now the operator of this theater and is remodeling the former Sunset Laemmle 5 space.  Sundance will present and explain their plans for the the newly renovated theater.  Sundance Cinemas is applying for a license to serve beer and vine in the theater and outdoor patio area.
Possible motion to support the beer and wine application.

2) 1400-1414 N. Fuller. The applicant will present and discuss their plans and details for construction and new development of 19 homes.

NOTE:  The a zoning administrator will  hold a public hearing on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at City Hall’s room 1020 to consider the proposed construction of 19 single family dwellings a small lot subdivision at 1400-1414 North Fuller Avenue.  43 parking spaces would be provided.

Haul route approval is being requested to export 4,800 cubic yards of earth material.
The zoning administrator will consider a request for a zone variance to allow zero open space in lieu of the 3,325 square feet of open space required otherwise.
Reduced front, rear and side yard requirements are being requested.
The applicant also is asking for the zoning administrator to approve the proposed mitigated negative declaration for the proposed project.

Public Comment

March 7, 2012 Meeting of Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Area 7 was called to order at 6:00 PM.

There were two presentations.

!)  Paul Richardson President and CEO for Sundance and Tina Choi – Nelson the project representative presented the plans for the remodeling of the former Sunset Laemmle 5 Theaters and were asking for support for a CUP to serve beer and wine. Sundance Cinemas has 3 different checking areas to make sure that no one under 21 is served. They were also seeking support to have operating hours Sunday – Thursday 10:00 AM to 12:30 AM, Friday and Saturday 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM. They were also asking to be able to serve sandwiches,snacks and wine in addition to the lobby area and the theaters on a 950 square foot patio outside the theaters.  The patio is fully enclosed and would only be for patrons of the theater.
As far as the remodeling of the theaters, Sundance is putting in stadium seating and reducing the amount of seats from a total capacity from 1,000 seats to 685 seats.
They are also installing all new sound and projection systems.
A motion was made to support the CUP for beer and wine.  The motion passed with a vote of 6 for and 0 against.

2) Crystal Burckle and Peter Lauever of Intracorp as well as Everarbo Garcia of CRA Architects  representative for 1400-1410 N, Fuller, presented the new revisions and changes.  Originally the project was going to be 20 single family homes with a 2 car garage and no guest parking.  We were informed that the project was now going to have 19 single homes with a 2 inch space beteen homes instead of 6 inches that they had in the original plans and 5 parking spaces had been added for the use of vendors and guests.

We were also informed of the following: 1.The developers were going for a Zone Variance to allow zero open space of the 3,325 square feet open space. 2.The developers are requesting that the ZA approve a reduced front yard of 8 feet in lieu of the 15 foot as required 3.To allow a reduced 5 foot northerly side yard in lieu of the 6 foot required. 4. To allow a reduced 11 foot rear yard in lieu of the 15 foot as required.

The neighbors response were concerns over the rooftop decks and the lack of privacy and noise and the effect it could have on surrounding neighbors,also the problem of lack of street parking.     . 

There was no motion due to the lack of time we had allotted to us.  The neighbors expressed their concerns.

The meeting ended at 6:45 PM