Meeting Date: 06/02/09 05:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Cinematographers Guild 7755 Sunset [NW corner of Genesee & Sunset], handicap accessible, parking lot entered off of Genesee



Cinematographers Guild 7755 Sunset [NW corner of Genesee & Sunset], handicap accessible, parking lot entered off of Genesee


  1. Presentation by John Chase regarding Wattles Mansion.  Possible motion & Vote.
  2. Discussion of application for a zone variance for the construction of a T-Mobile cell phone tower on top of the apartment buildin g at 7616 Hollywood Blvd (between Stanley and Curson, Case No. ZA-2009-606-CUW).  Possible motion & vote.
  3. Discussion of signage, billboards, and super-graphics in Los Angeles.  Possible motion & vote

 Adjournment (7:00 PM or earlier).

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 6-2-09 Neighborhood Council Meeting


1. Wattles Mansion


5:05 Meeting begins

5:05 Cheryl Holland opens, thanks attendees. Introduces three agenda items for tonight’s meeting.  

5:07 Parks and Recreation has taken over Wattles Mansion.  Gordun Wattles built the Wattles Mansion.

5:08 John takes the floor.  He’s a West Hollywood urban planner

5:08 John mentions the Getty’s interest in Wattles mansion, and voices his appreciation at the Getty’s funding to preserve the estate.

5:10 Many gardens are very fragile on the estate, changes in elevation, topograhy, wintering estate.  

5:11 City of LA did not know what to do with the estate when they purchased it.  

5:11 John reads through “What will happen to Wattles mansion?”, his handout.

5:13 LA may have to rent out Wattles mansion to fund its upkeep.

5:13 Parks and Recreation promises not to maintain a live-in manager at the mansion.

5:14 Hollywood heritage is gone; given property to Parks and Recreation.

5:14 Parks and Recreation promises: Will attend neighborhood councils.  Will conduct large community meeting.  Limit weekend and holiday leases.  Will limit parking on local streets.  Will enforce outside amplified noise guidelines currently in use around LA.  

5:16 It is mentioned that the community gardens run itself.  

5:17 Wattles in four parts: top: hillside, chaperel.  Below: Japenese garden  Below that: American garden.  Then, Spanish & Italian gardens.  Then, the mansion.  Mud problems rampant in the mansion and the estate in general.  

5:18 Below the house lie the community gardens, then the original orchard.  

5:21 Possibilities for Wattles fundraising are discussed, including public/private partnership or private donations.  

5:23 The question is raised: how will the crime in Wattles park be dealt with?

5:23 Getty study prepared by Historic Resources Group.

5:24 Perhaps as much as $2 million for an estate renovation.

5:25 Reports on the estate date from 2002 and 2006.

5:26 Cultural commission of LA will receive reports from Parks and Recreation.

5:27 Wattles issue is long-term; a meeting should be called for all people who might have information or a say in the decision.

5:28 City handled Hollywood Heritage’s expulsion badly.

5:30 Parks and Recreation villified Hollywood Heritage.

5:31 A close neighbor to Wattles mansion mentions that Hollywood Heritage previously broke its agreement.

5:34 A relation to the estate says that the family had a bad relation with Parks and Recreation.  Parks and Recreation caretaker failed to adequately perform his duty, allowing irreplaceable gardens to die, while he played basketball.  

5:35 Decree of decline in Wattles mansion horrified the son of previous owner of estate.

5:37 Hollywood Heritage understood more thoroughly the value of the estate.

5:41 Wattles estate might return to the ownership of the family.

5:42 Hollywood Heritage should have notified the neighborhood when events occur. 

5:46 Brush problems worrying close neighborhoods of poorly watered Wattles estate.

5:48 City of LA may use the estate as a revenue source.

5:49 LaBonge changes his opinion and standpoint “in a flash”.

5:52 Possible sources for volunteers or donations which would support the estate, including UCLA botanicists.

5:56 Motion made: Request parks and recreation department, representative of tom labonge, cultural heritage, LA conservancy and representative of Hollywood heritage to joint public meeting between area 6 & area 7 of hollywood hills neighborhood council stakeholders to discuss the operations plan, future, restoration, vision and revenue opportunities that the city of LA has for the Wattles estate.

6:02 Motion seconded.

6:02 Vote taken: Motion passed unanimously, 19-0.


2. Cell Tower Plans

6:03 Rebecca takes the floor.

6:03 Public hearing held for zoning variance for cellphone tower to be built between Stanley and Curson.

6:04 Overwhelming dislike for the potential cell tower.  

6:05 Variance request denied.  However, revised design may be resubmitted to judge.

6:06 Universal opposition voiced at hearing for tower.

6:07 Zoning administrator said that only aesthetics could affect ruling.

6:10 Zoning administrator took consideration “under advisement” but said she was disinclined to approve it.

6:12 Changing the use of an area can open the door to more unwanted development, specifically from “residential” to “commercial.”

6:18 Cell reception is not particularly part of our location choice.

6:21 The company – T-Mobile – may move to another building on Hollywood blvd in an attempt to find someone who will allow its tower.

6:22 Motion is made: HHWNC Area 7 moves to oppose the zoning height variance and conditional use permit requested to build and operate an unmanned wireless telecomunications facility at 7616 Hollywood Boulevard.

6:26 Motion is seconded.

6:26 Motion is passed, unanimous.  15-0.


3. Billboards

6:27 Labonge has put up 3 motions in the past week to limit billboards in our district.  

6:28 A vote was passed in the city to use Amber Alert signs for advertisement.

6:29 Mike Feuer is petitioning against this Amber Alert signage use.

6:31 Motion is made: To support councilman LaBonge’s three signage motions for the city of Los Angeles: the grandfather motion, the sign district motion and the digital sign motion, the language of which is attached.

6:33 Motion is seconded.

6:33 Motion passed, unanimously.  13-0

6:34 Motion is made: To support AB109 as proposed by assemblyman Mike Feuer limiting outdoor advertising: digital advertising displays.  

6:35 Motion is seconded.

6:36 Motion passed, unanimously.  13-0