Meeting Date: 10/02/03 07:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: West Hollywood Presbyterian Church
7350 W Sunset Blvd (at Martel).

Details: 1. Presentation by developer for potential Hampton Inn at Vista and Sunset Blvd.

Discussion and possible vote

2. Development of Area 7consensus on plans for Runyon Canyon. What does the neighborhood recommend?

Discussion and possible vote.

3. Determine time for next meeting.

4. General Comment

5. Public Comment

6. Adjourn.

Hollywood Hills West
Neighborhood Council

Area Committee #7
Spaulding Square/ Hollywood-Sunset Flats

Meeting Minutes
October 2, 2003

In Attendance: Rober Lamishaw and wife, Sanjay Patel (developer) , Huamin Chang (architect)- Daniel Brumer (assistant to Councilman Labonge)- Jim Tartan, three or four other unidentified stakeholders, WH Presbyterian Administrator

Anthony Deckoff – Sign-ins and Welcome

Robert Lamishaw gave a presentaion for potential Hampton Inn at Vista and Sunset Blvd. Plans are all set pending city approval.

A discussion period followed where many concerns were brought up and addressed. Stakeholders voted 5 to 2 in favor of proposed plan.

The second part of the meeting was devoted to getting a consensus on plans for Runyon Canyon Park. There was a discussion and vote.

The Neighborhood Council Area 7 committee Meeting
Held at West Hollywood Presbyterian Church
7350 West Sunset Blvd.
on October 2, 2003

Robert Lamishaw made the following points in his presentation of the Hampton Inn Project proposal

– The plans are to build a brand new 58 unit hotel.
– It will not be a “wall” facing the street; the building will be situated 15′ feet back from the property line.
– Extensive landscaping is planned.
– Parking entrance/exit will be on Vista.
– Room rates will be $100 and up, attracting middle class clientele, mid-level hotel.
– Maintenance standards will be kept up after opening.
– There will be 58 rooms – 44 parking spaces.
– The plans are for an 8 month construction period.
– There will be valet parking.
– This property has already seen significant improvement since Mr. Patel’s takeover a couple of years ago; he has cleaned up drugs/prostitution at the site.
– The developer has an outstanding reputation with the city – owner of many respectable properties
– A case was filed with the city and a public hearing was held in July of 2003.
– There have been changes made to the plans that reflect the community’s design concerns.
– Architect Chang has made an effort to block off hotel/parking lot/noise from the adjacent apartment building.

Concerns expressed by stakeholders:
– the need for bright lights, security lights
– heightened parking activity, noise and traffic on Vista
– changing the face of Sunset Blvd. in the area
– drugs and prostitution seeping back in
– the deterioration of standards once the novelty has worn off

Daniel Brumer from Councilman Labonge’s office pointed out that the change of the face of Sunset Blvd. is inevitable. The city is generally in favor of further development of this area.

Jim Tartan brought up concerns as to the scale of the project and gave examples of two hotels already in the area and out-of-character projects such as The Seventh Veil, Denny’s, and the new library. He felt the variance would set a precedent for the construction of tall buildings on Sunset between La Brea and Crescent Heights and would throw off the residential scale of the neighborhood as a whole.

Daniel Brumer from the City Council office reassured that a grant of a variance for this project will not mean automatic approval for every future project that might request a similar variance.

Presentation and Q&A ended. A five to two vote was taken in favor of the project.

Moved on to subject of Runyon Canyon Park.

One stakeholder, a teacher, filled everyone in on developments with the Park Advisory Board since the last meeting he attended on the subject.
Complaints were voiced to Daniel Brumer about the lack of posted notices about meetings.
Mr. Brumer stated that while this is an issue that he has never worked on for the councilman, he can assure us that notices are legally posted.

Discussion of parking issues surrounding Runyon Canyon; some residents in area are frustrated with the lack of parking; others worry that the park’s positive attributes will be compromised by the redevelopment proposals – particularly the inclusion of a parking lot..

Proposals discussed included
– permit parking
– building a parking lot
– charging an entrance fee
A unanimous consensus affirmed that Area 7 is opposed to the construction of a parking lot in lower Runyon Canyon; is opposed to closing the Vista entrance to the park; is in favor of establishing a volunteer patrol for the park; is in favor of studying further the environmental impacts on the park of any new construction proposals.

Meeting adjourned
No date set for next meeting.