Meeting Date: 10/06/15 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular



Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council



Area 7 – Business – Housing,  Joint Meeting


Tuesday, October 6,2015
Cinematographers Guild
7755 Sunset Blvd (corner Genesee
Los Angeles, Ca. 90046


Parking available on-site, enter from parking lot off Genesee



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1.) Call to order.
2.) Approve minutes from June 30th meeting.
3.) Trader Joe's – 8000 W. Sunset seeking renewal of existing Conditional Use Permit # 2007-5840 (CUB) to allow the continued sale of a full-line of alcoholic beverages for off-site consumption in conjunction with Trader Joe's market.  Hours of operation and alcohol sales will be between 8:00am and 10:00pm daily. Contact: David Weissglass, 626-683-9777  Case number: ZA-2007-5840-CUB. Possible motion and vote.
For more information LINK: http// 
4.) CVS –  8000 W. Sunset Blvd. is seeking a Conditional Use Permit for the sale of a full line of alcoholic beverages for off-site consumption in conjunction with the operation of a 15,541 square foot pharmacy/drug store that will be a 24 hour operation 7days a week.  The hours of alcohol sales from 6:00am-2:00am 7 days a week. Contact: Ira Handelman, 818-990-0559. Possible motion and vote. Case number:ZA-2015-2106-CUB-ZV  LINK:
5.) Pace Joint – 7860-7862 W Sunset Blvd.  Patrick Panzarello is representing the owner Sandford Gendel who is requesting to expand an existing 1,400 square foot restaurant by 850 square feet to include a market which will provide 13 seats indoor and 37 seats on an outdoor patio.  The owner wants to add the sale of beer and wine for on-site and off-site consumption. The hours of operation request are 24 hours with beer and wine being sold between the hours of 6:00am to 2:00am. Case Number: ZA 2015-1542-CUB Possible motion and vote.
For more information LINK:
6.)  7611 W. Sunset Blvd. Alex Kaglanaris will be presenting the proposed  concept for a new Ceviche restaurant with alcohol parings.
The applicant would be requesting a change of use from a rug store to a restaurant / bar, a conditional use to permit to serve a full line of alcohol  (Type 47) in conjunction with a 1050 sq. ft. with 49 seats, 37 inside and 12 seats outside. Hours of operation; 11am-11pm Sunday to Thursday and 11am-Midnight on Friday and Saturday. Parking will be valet.  Note applicant has not filed an application.  .  Possible motion and vote.
7.)  Announcements
8.)  Public comment for items not on the agenda.
9.)  Adjourn

Minutes: Area 7 &  Business & Housing Joint Meeting

Tuesday, October 6, 2015
Cinematographers Guild-7755 Sunset Blvd

1. Call to order 6:36pm. 34 Stakeholder presented.

2. Approval of the minutes from June 30th meeting.
There were no copies printed by a mistake of the printer. No vote.

3. Trader Joe’s. In attendance David Weissglass representing the project.
Seeking to approve the CUP, extend hours of sale of alcohol one hour earlier to 8am when store open and sale of alcohol one hour later to 10pm. Stakeholder: can you not sell single-serving of alcohol. Condition agreed to no sale of anything under 24 ounces sale individually.
Motion by Katz, to extend hours of sale of alcohol to the same time as the store hours, 8am to 10pm. No sale of any alcoholic beverages individually under 24 ounces. second by stakeholder 20 people for, 1 against. Motion pass.

4. CVS. In attendance Ira Handelman representing the project.
Same location as burke Williams. Only 4% floor area for alcohol sale. 7am to Midnight operation. Spoken in length to LAPD and agreed to security cameras. No digital signage on the building. No single use of alcohol beverage.
Stakeholders: will you agree to the sale of alcohol as Trader Joe’s 8am to 10pm. CVS will not have more security. There are two security guards on the premise of the mall. Stakeholder: when I worked on rite aid, transients waited at the door at 6am. Motion by Stakeholder: we are welcoming CVS, no sale of alcohol on the premises. Second by a stakeholder. 18 yes, 6 no. Motions pass.

5. Pace Joint. In attendance Patrick Panzarello representing the project, Sandy Gendel.
Presentation: The location is grandfathered with no parking to be open 24 hours. No sale of beer and wine before 11am 2am and the hours of operation to 7am to 2am operation. 7am 11pm to the patio. Delivery 24 hours. Sunset is the only way in and out of the restaurant. Sound proofing will be conducted in that location. There is no parking as there is no need for it as the location is grandfathered in. Stakeholders are upset that there is no parking and none is required.

Stakeholder: where will the trash be? Next to the apartment building. Will there be any signage?
Answer: Nothing on the patio. No window on sunset. No side window take-out. Stakeholder: What kind of food will you serve?

Answer: The food will be a step down from Pace, similar but a bit cheaper and including breakfast.
Stakeholder: Combine 2 retail spaces for 2,250 square feet, with approximately 300 square feet of indoor dining area

Answer: Yes-correct
Stakeholder: Application say "Many items on the menu will be wine pairings" Answer: wine parings will be for Deli and gift and picnic baskets
Stakeholder: Where will patrons and employees park Parking: This location has zero on-site parking for patrons or employees.

Answer: Employees will car-pool, I don’t need any parking-it’s grandfathered. Would like to bring down their valet, not sure where parking could be. Bike racks will be added on Sunset Blvd.
Stakeholder comment: Sunset is narrow right there 10 foot sidewalk only Stakeholder: We would like to see no sales of single cans of beer
Answer: Agree-nothing less than 24oz
Stakeholder: Will there be a take Out Window on Sunset Blvd
Answer: No takeout window
Stakeholder: What light will be on the patio
Answer: Outdoor patio area lighting will only shine down
Stakeholder: Where is commercial restaurant trash location ?
Answer: Trash will be stored between the buildings (apartment building and restaurant
Stakeholder: Do you plan any signage on the back patio
Answer: No
Stakeholder: Signage or advertising for alcohol to seen from any part of the street or areas where public walk, park, pass etc.
Answer: There will not be signage
Stakeholder: Will cleaning of any restaurant mats, tables or another function to take place in the back patio area?
Answer: They will clean kitchen mats inside
Stakeholder: What music will be at the premises?
Answer: no entertainment or performers, there Will be music on the patio with speakers
Stakeholder: why providing 50 seats if you are saying that this will be mostly take out business? This is a residential area we do not want that many tables with no parking.
Stakeholder: what is the benefit to our community?
Answer: everyone have issues with parking in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Everyone else is suffering with noise and parking this is LA.
Stakeholders: you are not be genuine, this will degrade our quality of life. Stakeholder: this is a very contentious meeting. We as stakeholder are hungry for a good restaurant but we can not trust you as you have filed for a CEQA exemptions.

LAPD Vice officer Poole is stating that the LAPD would like 12 midnight closing, 10pm patio closing.
Many stakeholders are saying that the owner is not answering any of their concerns and all the answers coming from him

Motion: 8am to 11pm, patio closes at 10pm no more than 10 seats on the patio, no alcohol sale. Second by a stakeholders. 18 yes, 7 no.
Meeting adjourned at 8:08pm.