Meeting Date: 12/18/03 07:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: International Cinematographers Guild
7755 W Sunset Blvd (at Genesee)

Details: 7:00 PM
International Cinematographers Guild
7755 W Sunset Blvd (at Genesee)

1. Develop an Area 7 consensus on proposed parking enforcement and turning regulations for sidestreets off of Sunset, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights. Discuss blocking sidetreets with cones on these nights and instituting nightly no-turn regulation at the corner of Hayworth. Discuss possible speed bump installations. Possible vote (or votes).

2. Develop an Area 7 consensus regarding parking and traffic concerns in connection with the north side of Fountain Avenue, to be forwarded to the City of West Hollywood. In particular, No-Left-Turn signs have been suggested at each of the Genesee, Ogden, and Orange Grove intersections. Possible vote.

2. Discuss the Shelter club’s application for a dance hall permit. Possible vote.

3. Discuss the Infrastructure Committee’s proposals for modifications to Runyon Canyon Park, appended below. Possible vote (or votes).

4. General public comment.

5. Adjourn.

Infrastructure Committee’s recommendations for Runyon Canyon Park:

I. Support budget survey area concerns:
a) Trails need to be improved, the road stabilized, dog usage diffused and regulated for safety and public health issue and the water table and former streams/springs examined for possible restoration leading to
restoration of the wildlife in the Park.
b) West Ridge trail rerouted or a public right of way secured over the
present trail route. The trail network might eventually be expanded to
include Whattles, Curson and Nichols Canyons for spreading impact for
hikers. Consideration should be given to using natural barriers as
c) The EPA runoff standards should be tested and improvements made to meet healthy standards concurrent with, or before, PAB proposals. Environmental lawsuits are a consideration.
d) Signs should be posted and maintained in park citing risks and
regulations of park use especially
regarding off-leash users.

II. Support Area 6 Runyon Canyon meeting motions amended to proposal:
Motion for the irrigation at healthy standard, demonstrated by water tests in Runyon Park and surrounding areas, to include reports on any health issues. Request status on the former Consent Decree of 1996 costs and work done reporting the prior irrigation conditions and what has occurred by the Consent Decree’s mitigation through to present Runyon’s Park allocation for irrigation and restorative plant life. Request to broaden health issue concerns to ensure plant restoration and include public entities involvement. Pursue all avenues available for funding resources, starting regrowth, and how to get public entities, such as DWP involved in irrigation.

III. Support Infrastructure Committee concerns amended to proposal:
a) Add Stormwater recycling porous pavement for new constructions of
trails and, if and when approved, parking lot. Request Integrated
Resources Plan (IRP) department of DWP to assess hillsides for
stormwater techniques to supplant irrigation. Confirm catch basin
environmental analysis tests before recycling irrigable water and
treatment of water to meet healthy standards. Request more activity with community involvement within IRP for 10-year inclusion plan.
b) Include measures in recycling to properly dispose of dog waste in
designated secure containers for an approved compost/biosolids program
coordinated by DWP Sanitation, IRP and City Department of Recreation and Parks. Request plan for containers to be emptied and replaced from Runyon Canyon Park on a regular schedule reasonably similar to other public entity trash and tree trimming removal programs.

Hollywood Hills West
Neighborhood Council

Area Committee #7
Spaulding Square/ Hollywood-Sunset Flats

Meeting Minutes
December 18, 2003
Held at International Cinematographer’s Guild

In Attendance: Bob Lipton, Jim Tartan, Darren Gold, Leslie Militzok, Sumie Mishima, Joanne Steuer, Bob Wyar, Tamara Bergman, Barbara Witkin, Joyce Cash, Wendy Kneedler, Shelly Bergman

Anthony Deckoff – Sign-ins and Welcome

Summary and outcome of last board meeting Anthony attended.

I. A discussion was held of traffic issues in Area 7, specifically regarding placement of stop signs; the question of left turn pockets at intersections where no turns are posted for certain hours; whether no turn signs have reduced side-street traffic considerably. Particular discussion related to the corner of Hayworth & Sunset and the corner of Selma and Fairfax.

Bob Lipton proposed taking a vote on “no turn” sign at the north side of Sunset and Hayworth during certain hours.

A unanimous vote is passed in favor of a No Turn sign, specifying no turn onto Hayworth northbound from Sunset on Friday and Saturday nights.

Residents of Selma east of Fairfax propose the use of cones, and barricades at side street entrances on Friday and Saturday nights.
Anthony mentions that Kimberlina Whettam, from Councilman Weiss’ office, specified that traffic cops in addition to barricades would have to be paid for out of the residents’ pockets. Cheryl and other residents suggest that no traffic cops would be necessary and that resident volunteers could erect and remove such barricades on the nights in question. The committee votes unanimously in favor of pursuing the viability and legality of such an arrangement.

The times that such barricades and signs would be in effect are intended to be designed so as not to interfere with local businesses.

The Selma residents proposed the banishing full-time of turns onto Selma eastbound from Fairfax. Gang activity and parking on the side streets east of Fairfax needs to be discouraged, and accidents at this intersection are too common. Tamara pointed out that the side streets are not as well lit and so they are more attractive to undesirable elements.

The committee votes unanimously to look into closing off entirely the entrance to Selma eastbound from Fairfax with a new curb and sidewalk, turning Selma into a cul de sac, as has been done at other intersections along Fairfax south of Wilshire.

Bob Lipton brought up the question of installing speed bumps on Hayworth north of Sunset. It was agreed that such a measure could and should be pursued. Like the other measures discussed, it may involve getting a DOT petition signed by a majority of residents on the block. Bob agreed to spearhead a petition effort for this purpose.

Ogden residents voiced complaints about the inefficacy of the traffic guard posted outside of Blockbuster Video.

A vote was held on modifying parking enforcement rules in the neighborhood to allow towing of illegally parked cars on permit parking streets, primarily on Friday and Saturday nights. The vote was carried unanimously in favor.

II. A discussion was held of Fountain Avenue traffic. Jim Tartan commented that there was a meeting with West Hollywood officials recently, since West Hollywood controls Fountain Avenue. All agreed that many accidents are caused by ridiculous lane changes and unclear merges along Fountain between Crescent Heights and La Brea. The West Hollywood council has so far expressed little interest in the problem, claiming it will be addressed “eventually.” Curson & Fountain seems to be a particularly dangerous spot.

The committee voted unanimously to seek consistent and safe lane arrangements from La Brea to Crescent Heights along Fountain Avenue.

III A discussion was held on Shelter’s application for a dance hall permit. Some residents are concerned that having a dance club will attract a different and less desirable clientele than is currently the case. Others respond that dancing is not in itself a problematic activity and that it is unreasonable to expect to tone down activity on the Sunset Strip to a great degree. It is agreed to delay taking a vote on the issue until after more information is obtained, particularly from the permit hearing scheduled for January 13.

Meeting adojourned.
No date for a next meeting was set.