Meeting Date: 10/7/19 6:00 pm

Meeting Type: Regular


At the upcoming Planning & Land Use Meeting (PLUM) this Monday, October 7, 6:00 PM at the Will and Ariel Durant Library, to development projects in Area 7’s boundaries will be presented and discussed:

1426 – 1428 N. Fuller Avenue — is a site in HHWNC’s Area 7 and City Council District 4.
Currently, the site has a 100 years old duplex building, which has two dwelling units and is
less than 2,000 square feet. Please see attachments at the bottom of the page for application and design plans.

Edmund Taban and Saraly Anavim applied on behalf Capital Group Investors, LLC to the City’s
Planning Department to demolish the exiting duplex and ask for permission to build one
subterranean level of parking below a new 5-story, 15 unit apartment building.
The proposed project would be approximately 19,500 square feet. The first floor would have
two 1 bedroom units and , one 2 bedroom unit. The upper floors, which are floors 2 through
5, would each have three 2 bedroom units. Some, but not all, of the units have balconies.
The sixth floor would be an approximately 1,000 square foot roof deck for all the tenants to

Capital Group investors is electing to utilize Tier 1 Transit Oriented Corridor incentives to
obtain approval for the building to be 54’ high.

14 parking spaces for residents’ cars would be provided. No guest parking would be provided.
13 of the 15 units would be available at market rates, and two units would be set aside for
tenants who qualify as extremely low income households.
The Planning Department’s case no. is DIR 2019-4075-TOC. The CA CEQA no. is ENV

Sean Nguyen, who is with EZ Permits, LLC, is expected to lead the applicant’s presentation.


1665 La Brea Avenue– is a site in HHWNC’s Area 7 and City Council District 4.
Shin Ramen restaurant operates a 1,480 square foot Japanese noodle shop in this strip mall,
which is located at the southwest corner of La Brea Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard. The
application states that the property is owned by La Brea Hollywood Properties, which is located
at 7288 Sunset Boulevard in Unit 206.

Timothy Ratcliff, on behalf of the restaurant, has filed an application with the City’s Planning
Department to ask for a zoning variance to allow (i) for the sale of beer and win for on-site
consumption, and (ii) for the restaurant to operate from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m. on Fridays and
Saturdays, but only to 11 p.m. on Sundays and to 12 midnight on Mondays through Thursdays.

The City’s commercial corner rules would not allow for the requested hours of operation, and
would apply if a zoning variance were not to be approved.

The application also asks to provide only 12 on-site parking spaces in lieu of the otherwise
required 15 on-site parking spaces.

The site is zoned R3.

The Planning Department’s case no. is ZA-2019-4006.

Kevin Franklin is the applicant’s representative, and he is expected to lead the applicant’s

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