Meeting Date: 04/16/13 06:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Will & Ariel Durant Library, 7140 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046

Details: 1. Proposal to make a minor change to the boundary between Area 8 and Area 9 of the HHWNC so that the following locations become part of Area 9 instead of Area 8: 

 –  South Side of Willow Glen from the junction with Laurel Canyon (8100 block) to the junction with Woodstock (7800 block)

– Thames Place and Thames Street

– Leicester Drive

– Part of Woodstock Road that is East of the junction with Willow Glen Rd.

2. Discussion of the state of Laurel Canyon Blvd,  especially road surface and striping

3. Any other business

This was a regular meeting of Area 8 of the HHWNC. In attendance was Clive Whitcher, Area 8 Chair and 4 stakeholders.

The meeting was called to order at 6:08pm April 16 2013
The first agenda item 
discussed was to make a minor change to the bounday of Areas 8 & 9.  It was agreed that the following recommendation should be made at the HHWNC meeting on May 15:  That the SW boundary of Area 9 now be designated by Leicester Drive. 

On the second agenda item, the state of the road surface of Laurel Canyon, it was agreed that the Chair should contact the City and the DOT to request:
a. the resurfacing of Laurel Canyon Blvd. between Mt. Olympus Dr. and Mulholland

b. the renewal of road markings on Laurel Canyon Blvd. again between Mt. Olympus Dr. and Mulholland.  Constant traffic wear (now increased with the closure of Coldwater Cyn) has worn away markings especially on the stretch just below Mulholland and Laurel Cyn Place,  the intersection of Laurel Cyn, Laurel Cyn E, Rothdell Trail and Kirkwood.  

c. repairs to the 8100 block of Laurelmont where there road surface has heaved dramarically creating a hazard for vehicles

d. filling in the large potholes in Willow Glen near the intersection with Apollo Dr.

e. fiilling the larger potholes on Thames Place.

Other business:  
a. a stakeholder informed the meeting that the 5 houses on Woodstock Rd. west of Willow Glen are under a court order to be demolished. the meeting recommended that the foundations/footings be left intact after demolition in order to facilitate hillside stability.

b. a stakeholder informed the meeting that a house at the end of Mt. Olympus Dr. that had caused problems with troublesome occupants was likely to be soon up for auction and that a more responsible owner was interested in buying it.

c. the meeting requested that the HHWNC make a monetary donation towards the re-planting and upkeep of the median in Laurel Canyon between the intersection with Hollywood Blvd and the intersection with Mt. Olympus Dr..  The president of the Mt. Olympus Property Owners Assoc. who was present offered to request a matching contribution from the Association so that it would constitute a public/private partnership for the beautification of the median which has been neglected by the City contractors.  The amount of money requested from the HHWNC is $5000. Area 8 chair to pursue this request.

It was proposed that next meeting be a joint meeting of Area 8 and 9 to be held at the Mulholland Tennis Club.  Timing and details will be posted in due course.