Meeting Date: 09/17/03 07:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Fire Station No. 97
8021 Mulholland Drive


Meeting Minutes for Sept. 17, 2003
Fire Station No. 97, 8021 Mulholland Drive

In attendance: Joe & Lucy Perna, Wendy Dytman, Orrin Feldman, Harriet Shneidman, Meyer Kellerman, Jesse Dylan, Linda Boyd, Gail Netzler

The meeting began at 7:10 pm at the Fire Station on Mulholland Dr. Wendy Dytman announced that only a few copies of previous meeting’s minutes would be printed out for those who have no computers; everyone else is asked to download the minutes from this e-mail message.

Orrin introduced the new Fire Chief, Chief RONALD JACKSON and his assistant, KEENAN PORCHE. Chief Jackson discussed the dept.’s dispatch and response capabilities in our area. In response to a concern Gail Netzler raised, Chief Jackson promised to check with the Brush Clearance Unit regarding the failure to clear the Briar Summit tract, which the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy is acquiring.

Wendy Dytman reported on the road condition report that she and Orrin made and sent to Michelle Fleenor in Councilman Tom LaBonge’s office. Meyer Kellerman mentioned that Vista Street and another street both were repaved this year, and that our area’s streets again were passed over for any repaving. It was decided that one of the topics to bring up at the Sept. 24th meeting about the Mulholland-Laurel intersection is to inquire as to the criteria used to decide which streets get paved. We will also try to get Michelle Fleenor to come look at the potholes/problems listed on our report.

Joe Perna suggested that westbound traffic safety on Mulholland Drive could be improved by putting (i) a sign indicating a blind intersection up ahead at Briar Summit Drive, which could be placed on the south side of Mulholland, and (ii) a sign indicating to drivers that there’s a traffic light ahead at Laurel Canyon Blvd.- which could be placed just east of Fire Station No. 91. These suggested signs were brought up and discussed at a Sept. 24th meeting with Michelle Fleenor and Irwin Chodash, who is the chief engineer for the City’s Transportation Dept.’s Valley Division.

Orrin reported that, despite Renee Weitzer’s publicly made assurances at Area 9’s June 3rd meeting that our Area 9 would be able to review and be involved with the city’s review of the Bulwer Houses’ developer’s proposed road design, our Councilman’s office and the City’s agencies shut us out of the planning and review process for the Bulwer Road’s road design. It seems that the Fire Dept. also was being left out of the road review after the Fire Dept. announced its views at the June 3rd meeting. It now looks like the inadequate and potentially dangerous road design will be going forward.

Jesse Dylan, who is among the most impacted, said he was considering seeking an injunction against the builders, as the existing roadway already is actually partly on his land. Wendy suggested we have a demonstration against the builders and notify the press, in the hope that publiczing the problem will embarrass the city into demanding the builders create a road that is wide enough and has a turn around that will allow fire trucks to get across the Bulwer hillside easily if there were tp be a fire. We discussed sending City Attorney Rocky Delgadillo a letter from the community, registering our objections to the current road plan.

Officer BILL TRANZOW, from the City’s Animal Control agency, spoke to us about his department’s various units: Special Enforcement Unit: dog catchers and off-leash park enforcement; Spade and Neuter Task Force; Permits Division (wild animals); and DART (rescue). He explained the procedure for filing noise nuisance claims for excessive barking and reported that when a claim is filed the city has an 80% compliance record. He also discussed procedures to follow if you find a wounded animal and stated that anyone can call a Wildlife Officer who would come to the resident’s home and make suggestions to help prevent coyote from entering the resident’s yard. The Animal Control number is (323) 276-5024

The ongoing problems at Runyan Canyon and the various suggested solutions were discussed.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 pm. The date and time of the next meeting was left to Orrin Feldman’s discretion.