Meeting Date: 11/18/04 07:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: the Mulholland Tennis Club.
The club is located at 2555 Crest View Drive, and directions can be found on the
club’s website at .

This is a joint meeting with Area 8


Mulholland Tennis Club, 2555 Crest View Drive
7:00 to 9:00 pm
Thursday, November 18, 2004

AGENDA for the meeting of the Mt. Olympus, Laurel Canyon, Briar Summit/Mulholland/Torreyson, Woodrow Wilson and Willow Glen Communities


2. Review and approve minutes of prior meetings (vote)

3. Update and discussion on the recent traffic light and other improvements at the Laurel/Mulholland/Woodrow Wilson intersection.

4. Discussion of the DASH bus operation and route through Laurel Canyon and a
proposal for changing the bus route. (Possible vote on proposal to change the bus route).

5. Presentation of area 9’s beautification proposal for the city-owned southeast corner
lot at the Laurel/Mulholland/Woodrow intersection. Discussion of the application and proposal submitted to the city’s neighborhood matching funds program to fund the landscaping and a neighborhood identification marker designed by architect Jeff Eyster.

6. Report on a recent study/map made by a graduate student intern at the Mountains
Recreation and Conservation of what are the remaining animal wildlife corridors for wildlife to get from east to west across areas 8 and 9 and across Laurel Canyon Boulevard.

7. Report on the work of the Citizens Oversight Committee to Preserve Open Spaces in
our areas.

8. Report on and discuss recent real estate developments in our areas and adjacent areas-
such as Laurel Canyon, Stanley Hills and Nichols Canyon. Reports will include updates on the Yehuda Arviv houses on the Woodstock extension road, which is the north slope of Mt. Olympus, including Leicester and Jovenita, and on other developments regarding the Bulwer Drive hillside, Woodrow Wilson, Cardwell Place, Willow Glen, Zorada Drive and the Torreyson area.

9. Report on a proposed sewer pipe air cleaning facility for the site of the old Durant
Public Library on Gardner Street.

10. Discuss whether residents would like to hold additional joint area committee
meetings. Discussion to prioritize communities’ concerns for the next year.

11. Public comments and any business for the next meeting’s agenda.

12. Plan and set next meetings’ times and places.

13. Adjournment.

Minutes Detail
Thursday, November 18, 2004

Joint Meeting of Areas 8 and 9 Committees
Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council

The meeting began at approximately 7:10 pm.

Approximately 30 people were in attendance. Attendees present at the meeting included, Don Duckworth; Joe Leonard; Richard Klug; Ray Beccaria; Anthony Deckoff, the area 7 committee chair; Tim Lannen; Gabrielle and Klaus Brill; Russ Leland; Tom Hulce; Tony Tucci; David Tait; Harriet Matthey; Verna Cornelius and Jim Slack; Hilary DeVries and Michael Walker; Philip Stanley; Ellen Sondheim; Gail Natzler; Bobbi Stoll; Tim Braseth; William Jackson; Jeffrey Eyster; Dr. Mel Remba; Dr. John Harold; Fred Smith; Fred Fudacz and Perla Eston; Ken Jones, the area 8 committee chair; and Orrin Feldman, the area 9 committee chair.

Introductions were made, and the minutes of the prior Area 9 Committee meeting were approved.

A discussion of the improvements at the intersection of Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Mulholland Drive, and Woodrow Wilson occurred. The new left turn signal for southbound traffic on Laurel Canyon Blvd. to go east was considered to be helpful and working well. David Tait suggested that a new signal button should be installed closer to the street to enable bicycle riders to get across the intersection more quickly and without having to leave the roadway.

David also had some other suggestions for improving traffic around the Laurel Canyon market intersection(s) with Kirkwood, Laurel Canyon Road and Laurel Canyon Blvd.

The DASH bus operations were discussed. No consensus developed with regard to how the DASH bus route(s) could be revised to get the buses off of Laurel Canyon and serve a wider swath of the canyon community.

Orrin Feldman reported about an application he had submitted to the City’s neighborhood beautification program for the southeast corner of the Laurel Canyon Blvd.’s intersection with Mulholland Drive and Woodrow Wilson. The application was for a grant of city funds to be used in conjunction with a grant already appropriated from the HHWNC and funds to be privately raised in order to adopt and maintain that corner as part of the City’s “Adopt a Median” program. Jeff Eyster presented his proposed design for the corner, which included boulders, landscaping and a sign. The stakeholders present largely opposed the modern design and materials for the sign, preferring something more rustically “western” in style and without any signage welcoming visitors or identifying our community.

Orrin also reported on a Santa Monica Mountains Recreations and Conservation Agency (MRCA) report on the remaining animal wildlife corridors across Laurel Canyon. The stakeholders were able to see the MRCA’s map of the remaining wildlife corridors.

Dr. Mel Remba, as the chair of the Citizens’ Oversight Committee for the Open Spaces Benefit Assessment District, reported on the funds available for the acquisition of additional open spaces in our community and on what acquisitions had been made in our areas with the assessment funds.

Brief reports and discussions followed with regard to various real estate projects and developments in our areas, including on Laurel Canyon, Jovenita, Stanley Hills, Nichols Canyon, Vulcan, the Woodstock Road extension, the Bulwer Drive hillside, Woodrow Wilson, Cardwell Place, Willow Glen and Zorada Drive.

Richard Klug reported on a 15-acre tract of open space land near Torreyson which is up for sale.

Anthony Deckoff reported on a proposed sewer pipe air cleaning facility for the site of the old Durant Public Library on Gardner Street.

Ken Jones discussed whether the stakeholders would like to hold additional joint area committee meetings, and the stakeholders present generally were in favor of the idea.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:10 pm. The time and place of the next meetings were to be determined by the committee chairs.