Meeting Date: 01/14/04 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Gardner Street School
7450 Hawthorn Ave

JANUARY 14, 2004 6:30 PM
7450 Hawthorne Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046

1. Call to order and roll call.

2. Acceptance of nominations for vacant board/committee positions. Possible appointment of uncontested nominees (vote).

3. Secretary – Review and approve prior minutes (vote).

4. Treasurer – Review and approve treasurer’s report (vote).

5. President – Update

6. Vice President – Update

7. Discussion regarding status of city infrastructure. Renee Weitzer, Chief Planning Deputy, CD4 to provide board with historical information.

8. Discussion regarding the effects Hollywood Boulevard street closures have on our community. Coro Fellow(s) will be introduced and they will be recording our comments for inclusion in their work. The Coro Fellows are engaged for only the month of January.

9. Runyon Canyon continued items – Motions table December 18th (Discussion and possible votes) (It is likely that time pressures may force continued motions I.- II, III & IV to be continued until February.)

I. Recommendation to LA City Recreation and Parks to acquire Hanley House and land at 3003 Runyon Canyon Park (Parcel I.N. 153B181 264 & 347) and to use home as living quarters for Runyon Canyon Park ranger/caretaker. Existing owner has stated he wishes to exchange this property for like property in a more accessible location.

II. Support budget survey area concerns:
a) Trails need to be improved, the road stabilized, dog usage diffused and regulated for safety and public health issue and the water table and former streams/springs examined for possible restoration leading to restoration of the wildlife in the Park.
b) West Ridge trail needs to be rerouted or a public right of way secured over the present trail route. The trail network might eventually be expanded to include Wattles, Curson and Nichols Canyon for spreading impact for hikers. Consideration should be given to using natural barriers as boundaries.
c) The EPA runoff standards should be tested and improvements made to meet healthy standards concurrent with, or before, PAB proposals. Environmental lawsuits are a consideration.
d) Signs should be posted and maintained in park citing risks and regulations of park use especially regarding off-leash users.

III. Support Area 6 Runyon Canyon meeting motions amended to proposal:
Motion for the irrigation at healthy standard, demonstrated by water tests in Runyon Park and surrounding areas, to include reports on any health issues. Request status on the former Consent Decree of 1996 costs and work done reporting the prior irrigation conditions and what has occurred by the Consent Decree’s mitigation through to present Runyon’s Park allocation for irrigation and restorative plant life. Request to broaden health issue concerns to ensure plant restoration and include public entities involvement. Pursue all avenues available for funding resources, starting regrowth, and how to get public entities, such as DWP involved in irrigation.

IV. Support Infrastructure Committee concerns amended to proposal:
a) Add Stormwater recycling porous pavement for new constructions of trails and, if and when approved, parking lot. Request Integrated Resources Plan (IRP) department of DWP to assess hillsides for stormwater techniques to supplant irrigation. Confirm catch basin environmental analysis tests before recycling irrigable water and treatment of water to meet healthy standards. Request more activity with community involvement within IRP for 10-year inclusion plan.
b) Include measures in recycling to properly dispose of dog waste in designated secure containers for an approved compost/biosolids program
c) Coordinated by DWP Sanitation, IRP and City Department of Recreation and Parks. Request plan for containers to be emptied and replaced from Runyon Canyon Park on a regular schedule reasonably similar to other public entity trash and tree trimming removal programs.

10. General Comments – Comments from board members on non-agenda items.

11. Public Comments – Comments from the public on non-agenda items within the Board’s subject matter jurisdiction. Public comments are limited to three minutes per speaker.

12. Adjournment (9PM or earlier).

The public is requested to fill out a “Speaker Card” to address the Board on any item of the agenda prior to the Board taking action on an item. Comments from the public on Agenda items will be heard only when the respective item is being considered. Comments from the public on other matters not appearing on the Agenda that is within the Board’s subject matter jurisdiction will be heard during the Public Comment period. Public comment is limited to 3 minutes per speaker unless waived by the presiding officer of the Board. Agenda is posted for public review: Gardner Street Elementary School, Valley View Elementary School, Yucca Community Center, on bulletin boards at the top and bottom of Runyon Canyon Park, Los Angeles Library: Will and Ariel Durant Branch and electronically on the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council website As a covered entity under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Los Angeles does not discriminate on the basis of disability and upon request, will provide reasonable accommodation to ensure equal access to its programs, services, and activities. Sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices, or other auxiliary aids and/or services may be provided upon request. To ensure availability of services, please make your request at least 3 business days (72 hours) prior to the meeting you wish to attend by contacting the Neighborhood Council Project Coordinator at (323) 224-2317 or e-mail to [email protected].

PROCESS FOR RECONSIDERATION: The Board may reconsider and amend its action on items listed on the agenda if that reconsideration takes place immediately following the original action or at the next regular meeting. The Board, on either of these two days, shall: (1) Make a Motion for Reconsideration and, if approved, (2) hear the matter and Take an Action. If the motion to reconsider an action is to be scheduled at the next meeting following the original action, then two items shall be placed on the agenda for that meeting: (1) A Motion for Reconsideration on the described matter and (2) a Proposed Action should the motion to reconsider be approved. A motion for reconsideration can only be made by a Board member who has previously voted on the prevailing side of the original action taken. If a motion for reconsideration is not made on the date the action was taken, then a Board member on the prevailing side of the action must submit a memorandum to the Secretary identifying the matter to be reconsidered and a brief description of the reason(s) for requesting reconsideration at the next regular meeting. The aforesaid shall all be in compliance with the Ralph M. Brown Act.

7450 Hawthorne Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046


The meeting was called to order by Dan Bernstein, President at 6:40 p.m.- after everyone enjoyed refreshments provided by the Council.

Present: Dan Bernstein, President, Darren Gold, Vice President, Anastasia Mann, Mel Remba, Orrin Feldman, Anthony Deckoff, Ellen Sondheim, Richard MacMinn, Paul Woolsey, Conrad Schoeffter, Ossie Cohen, Brian Lubocki, Scott Meyer, Jeff Rouze and Jena Summer.

Absent: Cindy Gardner, Darryl Self, John Connolly, Bob Cook and Paul Ramsey.

Newly Elected/Seated at this meeting:
Kevin Winston, Chairperson, Issue Committee #8: Traffic, Public Transportation and Parking.
Patricia Price, Chairperson, Issue Committee #5: Housing, Social and Human Services, Religious and Charitable Organizations, Planning and Support.

Roll Call, Introductions, Areas of Concern
Anastasia: Area 5. Homeowners, Runyon Canyon, street closures, helicopter noise, traffic islands, street lighting and street repair.

Mel: Area 8. Traffic, LA Film Office and EIDC and land development. The next committee meeting is in March.

Orrin: Area 9. Redesign of the Laurel Canyon and Mulholland Drive intersection, reorganization of the Department of Transportation offices, watch dog for developers in several parts of area 9. Meeting was last Tuesday, and minutes will be on website soon.

Anthony: Area 7. Sunset Strip on the weekend and Runyon Canyon issues.

Richard: Area 2. Cahuenga Pass and Universal Studios. Developmental issues, zoning, development of the 101 corridor, Cahuenga Pass and the noise emanating from Universal Studios and City Walk. Next meeting is January 20th .

Darren: Vice President will give his remarks later on in the agenda.

Paul W: Area 3. Hollywood Blvd area. Balancing of priorities between business and Hollywood; an entertainment area vs the quality of life. Meetings are the second Tuesday of each month at Yucca Center.

Jena: Issue Committee 7. DWP, Dept of Sanitation, recycling, storm waters, Runyon Canyon Park. We meet every two months, next meeting is in February.

Conrad: Area 4. Traffic close to Hollywood bowl, street closures and crime in the neighborhood. The next meeting is the first Tuesday in February.

Ossie: Issue Committee 3. Cultural Resources and Entertainment. Looking for new ways to get involved with people to bring excitement to Hollywood; involved with Yucca Community Center, currently putting together a kids program.

Brian: Issue Committee 2. Community Development, Networking and Outreach. Marketing the council to the public. Recently supported the Hollywood New Years Eve “Turn On the Lights” and drug free New Year event.

Scott: Issue Committee 4. Emergency Service Police and Fire. Always looking for issues to discuss. Committee will meet in February.

Jeff: Issue Committee 1. Business Development. Meetings are the second Monday of each month.

2. Nominations/Appointment of Vacant Board/Committee Positions
Dan informed that the HHWNC operates with 9 regional committees by area and 9 issue committees area wide. In the By-laws a person can nominate himself or herself or be nominated. If nomination uncontested, the board can appoint that person. Two candidates tonight, the first is for Issue Committee #8: Traffic Public Transportation and Parking. Kevin Winston nominated himself; there were no other nominations.

Kevin spoke giving his reasons for wanting the seat and a brief bio.

Conrad asked if he could attend meetings regularly, and Kevin said that he could.

MOTION by Anastasia to appoint Kevin as Chairperson of Issue Committee #8 and was seconded by a stakeholder.
Vote: Unanimously passed in favor.

Dan: Announced candidate Patricia Price self-nominated for Area 5 Housing, Human Services, Planning and Support. There were no further nominations.

Patricia gave a short bio working with disabled and on social issues, and said why she wanted the position.

Upon questioning, Patricia said despite the fact that she uses a walker, and travels by bus, she is able to attend the meetings regularly, so long as the buses are running. She can hold her own committee meetings at the community room in her building. She is able to post her agendas, has knowledge of the Brown Act, and with caution, can navigate steps. Dan was very concerned that the school steps would be a challenge for her and that she has to travel by bus in the evenings. He added that the new library on Sunset is open and the senior librarian has invited the council to hold its meetings there, and it is American Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. The room holds 85 people and he is thinking about it for May.

MOTION: by Scott to accept Patricia’s nomination for chair of Issue Committee #5. Seconded by Darren.
Vote: Unanimously approved.

Dan said that Issue Committee #9, Youth Development is still vacant.

3. Secretary Report
November minutes were distributed, reviewed and corrections made in the absence of the secretary, Darryl. Two name corrections: “Jean” Summer, should be Jena and Anthony “Decker”, should be Deckoff.
Motion by Ossie to approve the minutes as corrected was seconded by Richard and unanimously passed.

December minutes were distributed, reviewed and corrections made. Item #12 the word ‘make’ by Ellen…” should be changed to “made.”
MOTION made by Richard to accept the December minutes as corrected, was seconded by Darren, and unanimously passed.

4. Treasurer’s Report
The report was distributed with minimal discussion, since the treasurer was absent. Dan answered some preliminary questions as follows: the balance can be brought forth from quarter to quarter; the council is currently funded through the end of February; there could very possibly be excess funds.

Ellen asked if meeting/rental funds not used could be diverted for signage and Orrin responded that Cindy could explain the procedure. Dan added that her suggestion sounded worthwhile, but would have to be in accordance with DONE policy. It would be best to work with Cindy if anyone wanted to suggest reallocating funds, and it could be put on the next agenda. Brian cautioned that reallocating money from one purpose to another could send the wrong message that we don’t need money for rent.

Ossie suggested that a cost saving measure would be to repair the copier rather than buy a new one.
MOTION by Ossie to repair the copy machine he owns, so it could be used as a resource for the board. It was seconded and tabled.

MOTION by Jena to purchase new dog waste containers for Runyon Canyon Park; it was tabled.

Scott reminded Ossie and Jena that motions should be in writing and put on the agenda for the next meeting.

Anastasia asked for a brief explanation of the budget, which Dan provided, and also proposed that she contact Cindy. He said that he is working on a brochure that will cost around $2,000 and the council may want to get more printed as they have not spent any advertising money. Brian added that there is outreach money left in the budget that is there for any of the members to use, and they can contact him with suggestions.

Dan: If there is something you want to see in the budget your responsibility is to send information to one of your 5 officers and tell them what you want, and they will process the request. Currently we have a store value card with about $6,000 and the balance is in a checking account with the City.

Scott asked again about the copier asking if we did fix or get a new copier, where would it be located. Brian said that he thought DONE sent an e-mail that they may have office space for the council. Dan responded that there is that possibility of leasing, but it is a long procedure with the City and DONE.

5. President’s Update
Dan talked about his past experience with standard conditions on permits and variances. He distributed a draft motion to be reviewed by the board, asked that they show it to their committee members and return to this board with comment.

There will be a meeting tomorrow sponsored by Van Tilburg, Banvard & Soderbergh, AIA architects for development of the 81 dwelling units being proposed at the Cahuenga Pass. They are proposing 74 loft units where the banana bungalows used to be and 6 to 8 homes behind it in the Mulholland Corridor. It is in a traffic-congested area and we need to assist them in putting together a reasonable plan. It is in area 5, but affects all other areas. The meeting is at 7:30 p.m. at Valley View School. Last month the developer came and spoke to the Council for about 10 minutes; this meeting will look at the details, traffic plans, etc. By show of hands Dan asked who could attend, as he was unable to; he asked Anastasia to facilitate the meeting and make arrangements to have it recorded. He would provide Anastasia with the name and phone number of someone to talk to before the meeting.

Mel asked how the Council notifies people on positions/motions that are passed. Dan responded that correspondence is sent to the person and copies are sent to the board.

6 Vice President’s Report
Darren informed that the next meeting of the traffic committee would be February 5. Also that the Coro Fellows are here and they are doing a traffic study.

Ellen asked Darren if the Nichols Canyon info on the website could be re-posted. Darren explained that the website was not really designed to maintain postings for long duration, but that he could put it on her area 6 portion of the website as part of her page if she is in agreement with that. Ellen said she was.

Jena asked for a motion that would ensure that a hard copy of any correspondence be attached to the minutes and if there is none for a particular month, then that should be noted in writing as well. Dan said that he would begin doing that.

7 Rene Weitzer – City Infrastructure
Guest speaker, Rene Weitzer is Chief Planning Deputy, Council District 4, Tom LaBonge. Rene gave her history working in three council offices, up to her current position with Councilmember LaBonge. She talked about the city infrastructure and how it handled different major city projects including The Grove, which was 13 years in the planning. She answered questions from the board, including if someone would be at the developer’s meeting tomorrow. Rene said she would see if someone from her office could attend.

Ossie asked about the Barham Bridge/Cahuenga Pass issue. Rene said that has been studied for 20 years and the bridge is on the books to be widened, but there has been objections to that because it is a historic bridge.

Mel wanted to know what happened to the money for Runyon Canyon Park. Rene replied that she has not worked on it for years, but to the best of her recollection most of it went for architects and the Master Plan.

8 Coro Fellow- Traffic Project
Coro Fellows ( a leadership training program) working in Councilmember Eric Garcetti’s office will join with the Street Closure Advisory Committee and the Hollywood Entertainment District Property Owner Association to do a Street Closures/Traffic Study during the month of January.

Dylan Kendall outlined that the fellows would be collecting anecdotes, quantitative data, interviews with residents, the Dept of Transportation, MTA and more to synthesis their view points and produce a impact study that Councilman Garcetti can act on. The project is to be done by February 5th. Dylan took many questions from the board on unplanned, unexplained street closures and traffic jams. She referred back to Councilman Garcetti’s office reminding that her group was just beginning its research. Looking at the information sheet on the Coro’s survey, Anastasia asked if some of the questions could be amended/clarified and Dylan said that it pretty much was set, but she could be contacted by either e-mail or cell phone.

9. Runyon Canyon- Hanley House/land purchase
Scott moved that the board table Agenda Item 9 Runyon Canyon (motions tabled from December 18, 2003)- and it was seconded by Darren. It will now be the first item after the President’s Report at the next meeting. Orrin informed the group that the head of Parks resigned and he is the chief decision maker for Runyon Canyon. Scott asked can we get the Runyon Master Plan and Ellen said that she and a few other people have it, but it was written in 1987 and only in hard copy. Dan suggested that an e-mail be sent to Ellen by anyone who wanted it. Additionally anyone who wants to see any documents need only send him an e-mail making the request.

MOTION: by Jena that the Runyon Canyon item be the first item before any speakers and Orrin seconded it.

Paul had a letter from Brian Dyer that he wants on the February agenda regarding preferential parking for residents in his area. Dan asked him to draft up a motion and send it to him before the February meeting.

Mel would like the treasurer’s report as item #2 on the agenda.

Ossie said that the fire department is offering a 7 week course that the council might be interested in taking covering emergency procedures. Go online to for information.

Dan said that using “talk abouts” and our network, we could develop our own offline communications across the mountains; say when land and cell phones are down. Also stakeholder Rochelle Tetrault had to leave early but left this petition regarding the noise pollution by helicopters. This is for a class action lawsuit, which the FAA says is the only way to get control of the situation and be heard.

11. Public Comment
Ramona Rhodes spoke about the trash that is in the still unfinished park situated on Cahuenga/Franklin/Wilcox streets. Dan explained that this is a project of Merle Singer, whom the council has offered to help many times. She is a private citizen involved with a community group, the Yucca Corridor Coalition. The park is unfinished because a snag has occurred with the plans. Lovell (stakeholder) added that he lives near it and he has called downtown to Mike Espinosa’s office who has quickly responded and cleaned up the trash. Dan suggested that they both talk to Merle about their concerns.

At 9:20 p.m. Scott made a motion to adjourn, it was seconded.

Respectfully submitted by

Joyce Clarke
PDQ Personnel Temp