Meeting Date: 05/05/05 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: HOLLYWOOD HERITAGE MUSEUM 2100 N. HIGHLAND AVENUE Hollywood, CA 90028 (Location across from Hollywood Bowl. Park free available. Enter parking lot at Odin or at Highland and Camrose.)

MAY 5, 2005 6:30 PM
Hollywood, CA 90028

(Location across from Hollywood Bowl. Park free available.
Enter parking lot at Odin or at Highland and Camrose.)

The public is requested to fill out a “Speaker Card” to address the Board on any item of the agenda prior to the Board taking action on an item. Comments from the public on Agenda items will be heard only when the respective item is being considered. Comments from the public on other matters not appearing on the Agenda that is within the Board’s subject matter jurisdiction will be heard during the Public Comment period. Public comment is limited to 3 minutes per speaker unless waived by the presiding officer of the Board. Agenda is posted for public review: Gardner Street Elementary School, Valley View Elementary School, Yucca Community Center, on bulletin boards at the top and bottom of Runyon Canyon Park, Los Angeles Library: Will and Ariel Durant Branch and electronically on the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council website As a covered entity under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Los Angeles does not discriminate on the basis of disability and upon request, will provide reasonable accommodation to ensure equal access to its programs, services, and activities. Sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices, or other auxiliary aids and/or services may be provided upon request. To ensure availability of services, please make your request at least 3 business days (72 hours) prior to the meeting you wish to attend by contacting the Neighborhood Council Project Coordinator at (213) 485-1588 or e-mail to [email protected].

1. Call to order and roll call.

2. President’s comments – Standing rules and review of items on agenda (15 minutes)

3. Minutes – Review and approve prior minutes (vote) (5 minutes).

4. Financial Status – Review treasurer’s report(s)- discuss the treasurer’s obstacles to facilitating the wishes of the board and any budget issues (vote) (30 minutes).

4a. MOTION: That HHWNC approves the spending of the allocated funds for the Ad Hoc Elections Committee ($18,900 for the 2006/2006 Elections). Motion by Ad Hoc Elections Committee. (vote) (15 minutes)

4b. MOTION: HHWNC to support that HHWNC hire the public relations firm of Dan Pasley and Associates for the sum of $3,000 flat rate for consulting, developing and producing outreach materials for the election, including research and design. Motion by Ad Hoc Elections Committee. (vote) (15 minutes)

4c. MOTION: That page(s) be allocated on the HHWNC web site for Election procedures and Education, and further that the board approve allocation of funds to add an additional page(s) to the web site as needed to allow for download of all related materials for outreach and election procedures in both PowerPoint and PDF format. Motion by Ad Hoc Elections Committee. (vote) (15 minutes)

5. Projects Update – Hollywood Blvd Nightclub bus system, Runyon Canyon Kiosks raising, and Runyon Canyon Volunteers (10 minutes)

6. Update on Vogue Theater March 22, 2005 appeal hearing. (5 minutes)

7. MOTION tabled March 10, 2005: HHWNC to request the City of Los Angeles establish a comprehensive law creating fines for signs which are not taken down after a defined end date, the day after an event (for which the signs were posted) upon which a fine can be levied. Motion by Environment and seconded by Area 4 (vote) (10 minutes)

8. MOTION: That HHWNC make its stakeholders aware of the Hollywood Beautification Team’s big fund-raising event at Universal Studios on May 26, 2005. Motion by President (vote) (5 minutes)

9. MOTION: That the City of Los Angeles create a Recycling Center for the use of Hollywood Apartment Dwellers. Motion by Environment (vote) (10 minutes)

10. MOTION: That the City of Los Angeles initiate a program to encourage use of addresses with cross streets. Motion by Environment (vote) (10 minutes)

11. MOTION: That the HHWNC create an instruction manual for new Board members in Portable Document Format (PDF)- as is now done in many branches of government. Motion by Environment (vote) (10 minutes)

12. MOTION: That all postings for meetings held by HHWNC which give directions for automobile transport also include directions for arriving via public transportation. Motion by Environment (vote) (10 minutes)

13. MOTION: That the Environment Committee have a program encouraging residents of Hollywood to participate in composting and instructing them in the benefits thereof. Motion by Environment (vote) (10 minutes)

14. MOTION: That the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council take a position to ask the City of Los Angeles to update the electrical power grid, and that HHWNC demand that the DWP study its delivery of power in Hollywood, particularly in Hollywood Hills, and that it substantially reduce the number of outages. Motion by Environment (vote) (10 minutes)

15. MOTION: That the Board of Directors of HHWNC suggest to the city that it manage the building permits so as to limit the number of building permits issued per year to fifteen (15) within the HHWNC district, so that the sewer system is not plugged and overloaded by runoff and residents are not unduly inconvenienced by construction activity. Motion by Environment (vote) (10 minutes)

16. MOTION: That the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council Board of Directors call for a study and survey of the erosion problem caused by extreme weather and construction, and in this year encourage people to plant ground cover on the slopes which may be affected by this erosion. Motion by Environment (vote) (10 minutes)

17. MOTION: That the Board of Directors of HHWNC oppose bringing a sewing treatment plant into any residential neighborhood, especially in buildings which have architectural and historical significance, and further that the Board of Directors of HHWNC demand an environmental impact study. Motion by Environment (vote) (10 minutes)

18. MOTION: That HHWNC support the statement “The committee unequivocally rejects the current Hollywood Community Plan with respect to any proposed density or height increases to the existing zoning regulations within Area 7 of the HHWNC.” Motion by Area 7 (vote) (10 minutes)

19. MOTION: That HHWNC support the statement “The committee unequivocally rejects the Hollywood Community Plan as a whole with respect to any density or height increases to the existing zoning in the entire Hollywood area.” Motion by Area 7 (vote) (10 minutes)

20. MOTION: That HHWNC support the statement “The committee demands that the City of Los Angeles promptly undertake thorough measures to correct the existing traffic and transportation problems in Hollywood.” Motion by Area 7 (vote) (10 minutes)

21. MOTION: That HHWNC support the statement “The committee requests that the City of West Hollywood restripe Fountain Avenue along the Los Angeles border to make it consistent with the more logical and safety-conscious striping that is currently in place on Fountain west of Crescent Heights Blvd.- i.e. permitting two lanes of traffic in either direction during rush hours, but only one eastbound lane on all blocks during non-rush-hour periods, thereby eliminating the current unsigned bottlenecks in which the street abruptly narrows to one lane from section to section in either direction.” Motion by Area 7 (vote) (10 minutes)

22. MOTION: That the HHWNC Board submit a comment on the Draft Griffith Park Master Plan requesting that additional off-leash dog walking areas be identified in the Griffith Park Master Plan. For example, the five trails/paths north of the Fern Dell could serve as a good area for off-leash dog walking/exercising because there is an existing parking lot, which could serve such users. Motion by Area 5 (vote) (10 minutes)

23. MOTION: HHWNC Board request that Council members LaBonge and Garcetti work with LADOT to reduce the impacts of Hollywood Boulevard Street Closures through better traffic management, improved advance warning of the closures and directions to alternate routes, limitation on the number and duration of closures, and reduction in number of complete street closures (just close a curb lane for limos). Efforts should be made to siphon traffic off of North-South streets so it does not all end up on Franklin and spillover into neighborhoods. Motion by Traffic and Area 5 (vote) (10 minutes)

24. MOTION: The HHWNC shall support the implementation of SB 466, to allow the placement of “neighborhood radar” speeding citation devices, where feasible, in an attempt at reducing incidents of speeding in residential neighborhoods, and that letters of support be sent to the Mayor, the Los Angeles City Department of Transportation and Los Angeles Police Department. Motion by Traffic (vote) (10 minutes)

25. Update on board request for Area 1 and 2 to determine if they wish to move the portions of their area from the Sherman Oaks, Studio City, Toluca Lake and Cahuenga Pass Community Plan Area into the Hollywood Community Plan Area (5 minutes)

26. Discussion of HHWNC election procedures and required HHWNC bylaw changes to conform with prescribe Los Angeles City requirements for certified neighborhood councils. (Possible motions and votes) (20 minutes)

27. Update on old Duran Library site purchased by LA City Dept. of Sanitation. (5 minutes)

28. Update on a 501(c)(3) foundation. (5 minutes) (Possible motion and vote)

29. General Comments – Comments from board members on non-agenda items. (10 minutes)

30. Public Comments – Comments from the public on non-agenda items within the Board’s subject matter jurisdiction. Public comments are limited to three minutes per speaker.

31. Adjournment (10PM or earlier).

PROCESS FOR RECONSIDERATION: The Board may reconsider and amend its action on items listed on the agenda if that reconsideration takes place immediately following the original action or at the next regular meeting. The Board, on either of these two days, shall: (1) Make a Motion for Reconsideration and, if approved, (2) hear the matter and Take an Action. If the motion to reconsider an action is to be scheduled at the next meeting following the original action, then two items shall be placed on the agenda for that meeting: (1) A Motion for Reconsideration on the described matter and (2) a Proposed Action should the motion to reconsider be approved. A motion for reconsideration can only be made by a Board member who has previously voted on the prevailing side of the original action taken. If a motion for reconsideration is not made on the date the action was taken, then a Board member on the prevailing side of the action must submit a memorandum to the Secretary identifying the matter to be reconsidered and a brief description of the reason(s) for requesting reconsideration at the next regular meeting. The aforesaid shall all be in compliance with the Ralph M. Brown Act.

Hollywood Heritage Museum
2100 N. Highland Ave
Hollywood, CA 90028
May 5, 2004

Dan Bernstein, President called the board meeting to order at 6:35 p.m.

Present: Dan Bernstein, President; Ossie Cohen, Vice President; Bob Cook, treasurer; John Connolly, Parliamentarian; Paul Woolsey, Orrin Feldman, Robert Gonzales, Claire Guy, Theresa Larkin, Anthony Deckoff, Paul Ramsey, Conrad Schoeffter, Vince Vitale, Wilson Bell, Jon Hartmann and Frank DeFoe.

Absent: Anastasia Mann, Steve Kifer, Michele Miyakawa, Charles Alvare, Jennifer Alwood, Secretary, Kenneth Jones, and Jeffrey Rouze.

City Representatives: Eric Sanurjo, field Deputy for Councilmember LaBonge; Christine Jerian, Project Coordinator DONE

Dan: Any objections to Vince making a digital tape recording of this meeting? John C: Don’t we have minutes? Vince: It is a back up. Dan: Who will do the transcription? John C: If recorded who holds it? Jon H: The president holds them.
VOTE: 2 opposed to recording. Dan: Please turn it off.

(a) Dan: We will go through this agenda now and decide what we want to table. I received a call from Rena and she said to table Item 24 a motion to support SB 466 placement of “neighborhood radar” speeding citation devices. Jon H: I object. I have a slight rewording we could act on and Vince has a document he has handed out that he is objecting to. Vince [distributed “Objections and Corrections to Board Minutes 3/05”] We have 3 motions by the Elections Committee that are under Item #4 on the agenda, Financial Status and they are not financial status items. We know you have conversations with Bob Cook and this taints what happens here. Some things that have gone on are highly contentious. Items 4a and b were not clear to me in what ways they do and don’t overlap. I don’t see the urgency to vote on this stuff now. It started on this stuff being placed under financial status.

(b) Paul R: I believe Item 4a, discussing Bob Cook should be discussed in Executive Committee first and Bob should be there to present his case, then brought to the board for corrective action. The last meeting was not the place to do it. A lot of allegations were thrown out. John C: I don’t know what he is talking about regarding allegations. If it has to do with the ad hoc committee under financials, is there an ad hoc committee point? As of this time the elections are scheduled for June, and only the stakeholder can change the election date, the board cannot. So until a vote to change is made they will take place in June and they better be funded, if not the City will have something to say about it and decertify us. The committee met and made recommendations; we can separate these from the financial report.

(c) Dan: Theresa gave me 4 a,b,c at a late time and I didn’t want to redo the agenda; they are not part of Item 4, it is just a numbering system. Theresa: After we had our special meeting called by Frank Defoe and because of the many items already on the agenda, Dan asked me to only bring these financial items up. I put together what we presented in a meeting and added a breakdown. I sent everything out to the adhoc committee and did not get a response. I am going off what was approved last summer and what is listed with DONE and designated as this amount. We are in a time situation,

(d) Orrin: DONE was comfortable with moving the election date they had too much going on. Vince’s letters are saying that there are some items being presented by committee that really have not been worked out. Maybe we can explore some parts of item 4. Vince: It may sound right to you that it falls under Item 4, but there are too many things that we didn’t discuss in the meeting. I laid it out in the 4 points of my handout [Ltr to Board 5/5/05]. The problem is 4a leaves a lot of redundancy, I thought $3,000 would cover everything. Theresa: The motion is the same text that was approved by the ad hoc committee, and was recommended by Christine Jerian of DONE to be spent and be approved. As chair for outreach, I waited for another month and had my budget prepared and was then told to me that it was consolidated into outreach/elections. Dan Pasley is here to make a presentation, and if you think you can do outreach for that small amount of money you are mistaken. Vince: I was shocked to see there were things in here that we did not discuss in our meetings. Anthony: I was surprised to see some of these motions as well, I missed the last meeting.

MOTION by Frank that we send these items back to the ad hoc committee to settle their differences and then bring them back to the full board.


(e) Dan: Christine said we can postpone our elections but we do not have an answer if the election budget stays with us or we have to use our next budget. Bob: I asked that question of DONE today and the same rule applies as in previous years it will roll forward. We carried forward $30,000 from the prior year. This is not in writing. Paul R: We can discuss how much we will spend on election and we can get into details rather than dealing with them now. Robert: If we do table it, will we see Dan Pasley’s presentation today, that’s part of 4b. Dan: No. Paul W: I attended all the ad hoc election meetings and there would be an initial fee of $3,000 and money to be gotten beyond that in 4a.

(f) John C: I thank Theresa in taking the lead in moving this discussion forward. I was not at the last meeting. In the last couple of years the cost has involved 3 issues: actual cost of the election (getting a hall, printing ballots, sending out circulars to our stakeholders, which DONE has helped us with). Last year we invested money with a PR firm to stir outreach and third refreshments. One of the things that has been true up to this point is that you can carry money to a new fiscal year if you encumber it; if it has not been voted on, it goes back to the City. Maybe the rules have changed, but I have not seen anything in writing to that effect. If we don’t do it tonight that’s ok, but do it before the fiscal year ends. Orrin: I thought that last summer the earmarking rule changed at DONE and we did not have to encumber. Anthony: If the ad hoc committee passed these motions, I would like to call the question.

(g) Theresa: Vince you have concerns with 4a,b, c; we voted on these at the meeting. 4a was a carry over; I was told by Christine to leave this on there. If you want to change it, please do so as a board and whoever continues with the election committee. Clair: Orrin said he thought the rule changed, and I understand Christine will be here, why can’t we wait for her? Dan: Because there is a motion on the floor. Vince: I agree they have to be voted on, but it is inappropriate to do this at this meeting; I don’t like that they are placed under financial. It was the wrong place for them to be and there are too many things we had not discussed.

VOTE: 8 – in favor to table motions 4 abc. Not to discuss tonight.

Corrections: Orrin: Motion 1 was moving for Wilson for the 1 night for $500, it was not to adopt the resolution I had not seen. Dan: Your motion was to approve the packet. I don’t agree with the correction. Orrin: I accept this but I don’t think the correction is correct. Ken Jones had the same understanding I did. Did this board vote to approve Wilson’s proposal to spend $1,000 ($500 on refreshments and discount tickets)- was that what you voted for? Wilson: Two things were discussed. The other few events were a possibility, but the minutes are correct. John C: So the minutes are correct then? Wilson: yes. Claire: I found many of my comments missing from the minutes: John C: If folks find things missing in the minutes and what was intended were germane to the discussion, please write them up and present them. Vince: That is what I did in the handouts. I delineated in print all the changes and corrections in the minutes. I was marked present and late but I was here, I handed out the flyer at 5:45 that said to boycott the meeting and then I left to boycott the meeting. Then I came in at the end of the meeting as a special appearance. Ossie: You were late. You decided to not join the meeting. John C: Can they be appended to the minutes, Mr. President? Vince: That does not necessarily place them in the minutes where they should be. I created a road map to where they should be. Dan: You could have worked with the secretary to put them in, as they are draft minutes. Vince: I will do that next time.

MOTION by Anthony that the minutes be tabled until we can see a transcript of the minutes.
SECOND: John Connolly

John C: This is not a transcript of the mines that is different. Dan: Joyce takes down what she can and Jen and I look through them. And you all did as well.

VOTE: Majority ruled in favor to table minutes.

(a) Dan: Bob, do you have a written treasurer’s report? Bob: I can give you a rough one, but not written. Dan: I included in your packets several e-mails between Bob and I about the financial information. There is nothing personal going on between Bob and I. I am speaking to him and he has certain duties and in the bylaws they include providing financial material at each meeting to the board. The last I received was at the February Executive meeting. I am asked to sign demand warrants and I need to see information so I feel comfortable in what I am doing. Paul R: At the last meeting we had a lot of discussion on this subject, which many of us felt was inappropriate in a public meeting; and felt the issue should be taken up by the Executive Committee and Bob, with him stating his case and seeking Counsel if he needs to. Then bring it to the board if you need to. Dan: I am only asking for financial reports, that’s all.

MOTION by Paul that we table the treasurer’s report and any obstacles and discussion with Bob Cook go under the Executive Committee and give Bob ample opportunity to present his case and if he wishes, to seek counsel. Then the Executive Committee is to report back to the overall board their findings.


(b) John C: Paul’s suggestion is reasonable, the problem is the Executive Committee has had a treasurer’s report on every agenda and we have attempted to discuss it. If the instruction is to put it on the agenda that is what we will do. As officers of the city we have a fiduciary responsibility to the $50,000 budget, which we are delegated to treat responsibly by the City. That is why they are required at both executive and board meetings. If you want to walk away from that you can, but I won’t. We are all volunteers but we are charged by the City. Dan: Until I have a financial report, I will not sign another demand warrant. Anthony: I thank Bob for taking steps to get me paid from last summer. Vince: Isn’t the role of the Executive Board to deal with financial issues first then bring them to the board. Ossie: At the beginning the board voted to have everything done at the board level, rather than at the executive level. Vince: I want the executive committee to deal with this.

(c) Conrad: We should ask Bob if is he able to provide the report or is he in such ill health that we need to replace him. Bob: I didn’t get the request for this financial report until Monday of this week and I admit I was distracted with a client. I was reluctant to “cobble” together a report. There were quite a few questions from the minutes that Orrin raised. I never had a good starting point from when I took over as treasurer from the last person. I asked DONE for help but was not given any. If anyone feels I have mishandled City money, if anyone feels that I am stealing city money, I invite you to tell me where or how and why it would be worth my while. The innuendos that are made here are not particularly flattering to any of us. I believe I know within $100 what is in each of the 3 accounts. I have a reasonable handle on what our obligations are and to the point Theresa was making on the $20,000 I think I have a reasonable idea on what we can spend. Give me a week or so and I can give you a to the penny budget. Dan and I are charged by the City if anything is wrong. I am happy to place a bond for the $50,000 tomorrow if that will make you happy. I offered to resign a month ago. I am happy to do anything the board wants me to do. To Dan’s point I received a couple of letters of commendation from DONE on what a good job I am doing. If I leave you have to get another treasurer and have them certified by DONE which is mostly what kept me from leaving.

(d) Dan: In the bylaws it says financials will be prepared for each board meeting. On March 17, I asked you to make corrections and get back to me. I have dealt with you with respect and have been critical of some things you have done in keeping with the wishes of he board. I just want the information you have so I can share it with this board as it should be properly done. There have been times when you have had time and have chosen not to share the information. I am looking for ways to facilitate you so we can function as a board.

VOTE: Majority ruled in favor to table the financial report.

Krista Michaels: I am here to ask for $2,000 in support of this event. You gave money last year and we did get paid. We understand that we have to give you receipts as we did last year.

MOTION by John C that we hear our stakeholder and then the board will have to determine how to handle the fiscal end of it.
SECOND: Robert

[Krista explained how the program “Planting Green Futures” works]

MOTION by John C that pending financial review of our assets, that this board move to grant the request for the $2,000
SECOND: Paul Woolsey
VOTE: Consensus

(a) Dan Pasley: I will discuss what I might be able to provide to your Council and what I can’t provide [He first talked about how budget items were handled at San Pedro NC]. We will not dictate what your public relations will be, we will communicate your vision. What do you want to bring in to your election; I would say draw more people to it. My $3,000 includes up to 25 hours of mandatory public meeting time. Over that I am on the clock. I can’t come to all the meetings and stay with you to figure things out. When you figure it out, then I can do it: i.e. advertising, mailing lists, etc. The $3,000 does not include printing, postage, media space, it is my time/labor. Frank: What other NCs have you done. Pasley: None. I write articles for City Watch and do consulting for them. Paul R We talked about $3,000 consulting what about other costs or is this it. Pasley: That is just my fee; media is extra you pay for it.

(b) Theresa: There is a breakdown of his proposal in the packet. Dan: Last year we used Fontaine Group are you acquainted with Cynthia? Pasley: No. Conrad: It sounds good, but we are tabling things, so is there still time to do these things? Pasley: Yes, I think there is an election in Sept and 1’ve worked with DONE regularly. Dan: Christine (DONE)- we tabled 4 a,b,c; can we afford to table this? The consensus on the board was we could but we just want to make sure. Christine: There is time for the request for allocation of funds, so I don’t see an issue in tabling that. Paul R: Dan said the stakeholders have to move the election date and at the last meeting I didn’t think there was a problem with that. Dan: We have to do it by June according to our Bylaws or be in breach of it. We have to post that change sometime in May and we are trying to get the 14th or 16th of June. Christine: I don’t see where the bylaws have to be voted on by the stakeholder (looking at bylaws). It doesn’t say the stakeholders’ vote. I see that it is done at the annual stakeholders meeting. Dan: It does require the stakeholders’ vote.

(c) Ossie: Tell us if we decided to make our own decision as a board in terms of making the election happen and ignore the bylaws, what will be the outcome? Christine: You could have challenges filed against you and the election would be moot because you are not following the bylaws. Right now if you use the new procedures that were approved by City Council, you would not be able to hold an election by the way your Bylaws state it. Bob: I think you said we need to re-authorize as a board the $20,000 that we budgeted for outreach in the election. Christine: We will still do the 2 mailings. You can rely on the initial $20,000 but there was confusion as to whether it was for outreach or the elections. So I said put it back on the agenda, review it and vote on it again. When I looked at it, it said outreach, so it was meant to be a clarifying motion and not a new motion.

(a) Hollywood Blvd Nightclub Bus System: Ossie: Nothing to report

(b) Runyon Canyon: Dan: The pads are in place and weather permitting we can go as a group and raise these kiosks. I asked CD 4 and Councilmember Tom LaBonge to take part. I ask that we use the $1,000 credit we have with the Fontaine Group for outreach for this. We don’t have a date yet. Do you want to all take part in this? Look at your calendars and e-mail me your weekend dates you can do it, starting with weekends between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We have 8 volunteers who have finished training and they are walking the Canyon in the red caps we brought them. They are being recognized and being friendly and positive to everyone. One thing being considered is having a graduation party. We have $200 in the budget for doing things at the community center. I will put it off since we have tabled financial matters.

(c) Vogue Theatre: Paul W: We don’t have a date on the Vogue Theatre appeal hearing yet.


1) MOTION by Environment Committee to request the City of Los Angeles to establish a comprehensive law creating fines for signs, which are not taken down after a defined end date (excerpt of full motion).
Vince: Please table this. Conrad: This law already exists (he read it) You can call the Bureau of Street Services. Eric Sanurjo, Deputy: We spent time on this in the Public Works Committee. Vince have you used the Council File index on the City’s home page and its archives of all the motions passed since 1970? Type in keyword “handbill” or “signs.” Gary Harris of Street Maintenance came up with a new plan and more robust fines. The record companies have been posting a lot, knowing that the fine is so small they are willing to pay it. It is illegal to post, this is a blanket prohibition. We are going after the big guys on this.

SECOND: Frank: Vince’s motion to table.
VOTE: Consensus in favor of tabling this item.

Krista Michaels (stakeholder) In Cahuenga Pass we take them right down, our board knows to just do this.

2) MOTION by Dan: that HHWNC make its stakeholders aware of the Hollywood Beautification Team’s big fundraising event at universal Studios May 26, 2005.

Dan: We want to take the written text of her event and send it to our stakeholders announcing the Hollywood event.


Orrin: I want to ensure that e-mail addresses are not being given out. Dan: No they are not.

VOTE: Consensus in favor of this motion.

3) Ossie: Based on our 20 motions left, it is 8:30 p.m. is anyone leaving soon, that will make us loose quorum? [Wilson, Frank, Jon H.- Claire and Orrin raised their hands] So this meeting will be over at 9 p.m.

4) MOTION by Environment Committee that the City of LA create a recycling center for the use of Hollywood apartment dwellers.

SECOND: Paul (W or R???)

4-A) Vince: The city is going to set them up for apartment dwellers, but don’t know when they will start. Eric, Field Deputy: The city is now starting to discuss and go into apartment building and start recycling; they will try to create recycling in each apartment and it may start this year. Robert: Apartment dwellers don’t have waste management contracts. Dan: The management company will do it if the tenants are willing to pay for it through higher rents.

4-b) FRIENDLY AMENDMENT by Anthony that we support the City and its endeavor to institute apartment recycling in the near future.
VOTE: Consensus in favor of this motion.

5) MOTION by Environment Committee that the City of LA initiates a program to encourage use of addresses with cross streets.

Vince: It would look like 123 Oak Street and then name the cross street. There is no financial impact.
No second on the motion

6) MOTION by Environment Committee that the HHWNC create an instruction manual for new board members in a portable document format (PDF) as is now done in many branches of government.


VOTE: Consensus in favor of this motion.

Dan: Who will do it? Ossie: It will happen as time goes on. Orrin: It goes into that standard procedure thing that Dan is talking about with the new board.

7) MOTION by Environment Committee that all postings for meetings held by HHWNC which give driving directions also include directions for arriving via public transportation.

Vince : We should not discriminate against pedestrians.

FRIENDLY AMENDMENT by Ossie that Vince provides the information to our secretary and we post it.

Vince: When someone has a meeting it is his or her responsibility to get the route to the secretary. Ossie: Then I withdraw my amendment. Anthony: For the most part we just give addresses. Most notices I receive don’t have a map. Vince: We should give directions by car and public transit.

VOTE: 4 in favor. 4 opposed. Dan tie breaker – in favor – motion passes

8) MOTON by the Environment Committee to have a program encouraging residents of Hollywood to participate in compost and instructing them in the benefits thereof.

Vince: We should create materials about compost. Christine: I think the city has a program, maybe they have materials that could be at the meetings and they can do events and seminars around it. Ossie: The committee uses that knowledge to bring that information to the board through speakers. We don’t need a vote on something that already exists.

9) MOTION by the Environment Committee that HHWNC take a position to ask the City of LA to update the electrical power grid and demand that DWP study its delivery of power (excerpt of motion).


Eric, field Deputy: You should never use “demand” in a motion, use the word “request” on all motions. Hollywood Hills is very generic. If you have a particular neighborhood you might be specific and let us know. Paul R: In my neighborhood we had lots of outages, but we had a meeting with Councilmember LaBonge and Eric and I think they are moving ahead with the program. We have an old system. Ossie: If anyone else has issues like Paul’s bring your information to the next board meeting.

10) MOTION by Anthony to table.
VOTE: Consensus in favor of tabling this item.

11) MOTION by Environment Committee that the HHWNC suggest to the city that it manage the building permits so as to limit the number of permits issued per year to 15 within the HHWN district, so that the sewer system is not plugged (excerpt of motion).

Paul R: The Number of building permits is a lot more than 15 and it is not legal. Jon H: I agree. Orrin: I agree. Eric: Santa Barbara has a limit of 300 a year. This may not go very far in the City. Robert Nudelman (stakeholder): Maybe limit the number of variances, as that is unplanned changed. Bob: The issue is over development in some of the hillside neighborhoods. That is what’s causing residents grief. When it rains it puts a lot of soil runoff in the sewers and deserves some study.

VOTE: Majority opposes – motion fails

Theresa [distributed bylaw changes] The Ad Hoc Elections Committee is submitting these tentative motions for bylaw changes. Ossie: The elections committee did meet and approve these, so we have taken the time to review them for you. I am asking all of you to accept these as is, if not you are going against what we are trying to accomplish as a committee. Dan: We don’t have to vote on them, we have to accept them.

13) MOTION 1: To move the June 2005 election to October 2005.
14) MOTION 3: Current Board positions be extended through the annual elections and challenge period.

Robert: So this is not law until we have it before stakeholders? Dan: Right.

15) MOTION by Paul W that we accept as is Motions 1, 3, 4 (extend Board Chair position to 10/05)- and 7 (create new category heading “Elections Day”).

Christine: My understanding is you will post this packet. Dan: May I suggest that the officers’ terms be 1 year and the committee have 2 year terms for staggering.

VOTE: Consensus in favor of 1, 3, 4 and 7.

Vince: Why are we calling it Election Day and not Elections? It’s not all on one day. Theresa: This came at the request of DONE through Christina. Christine: It should all be on one day.

16) MOTION 2 that all board terms will be 2 year staggered terms, beginning with the October 2005 election.

FRIENDLY AMENDMENT by Orrin: I recommend 1 year officers and 2 year committee terms.

Claire: this came up before and people put forth reasons for both sides. I don’t think we have time to go through them so I don’t want to deal with motion 2 at this point. Dan: A lot of people who were there then are here now, so we could vote now. Paul R: Anyone on the election committee can’t run again, so there is no pool. They must resign during the process to run again. Dan: When you have officer elections every year you have more people coming out; they can rerun if they want to with our bylaws.

VOTE: Majority in favor the officers’ terms be 1 year and the committee have 2 year terms for staggering.
I opposed Bob.

17) MOTION 5. that all area committee chair positions be elected at the 2005 annual election for a period of one year to initiate the staggering structure.

Christine: Motion 5 clarifies the staggering. Dan: There are 3 options; the highest vote count takes a 2 year term or we have committee chairs or issue chairs. Christine: The highest from all areas and all issue committees. Vince: The highest vote getter is too complex. Christine: Whoever wins the top 5 seats will run every year, that is the fairest way of doing it. People who get the most votes have the longest term. Bob: Probably more power resides with area chairs than issue chairs. And therefore, giving them a 2 year term initially during a building period may turn out to be wise. Paul R: At the last meeting the election was skewed towards the location of the election site; that is more people came out who lived closer to the polling place.

17-A) VOTE: Area chairs be the first 2 terms and Issue chairs get 1 year. 11 in favor.
17-B) VOTE: Issue chairs get 2 terms and areas chairs get 1 year. 3 in favor
17-C) VOTE: Highest vote getters – 0 in favor

18) MOTION 18: A calendar of meetings and deadlines be coordinated and agreed upon by the board (elections time table).
Christine DONE: I don’t recommend you do that yet. I want to separate what goes into the bylaws and your election procedures. Once the bylaws are changed, then do the calendar.

19) MOTION 6: Page 6, paragraph 3 removed and replaced with following : (excerpt regarding filling vacant seats)
Dan: DONE put this in. Bob: There was some discussion and we should have some period during which the board could not fill a seat. Anthony: We suggested 60 days. Paul R: Maybe 45 days. Christine: I don’t remember seeing this in the DONE information. So whatever you choose is ok. Ossie: Do you accept this motion? Christine: If you get to an issue of quorum because you lose someone, then do it.

VOTE: Consensus in favor.

20) MOTION by Ossie that the board accepts the rest of the motions as they are in this packet as put forth by the Ad Hoc Committee.


Orrin: This is not acceptable. Anthony: Maybe we can get through them quickly now. Paul W: Why have delays on the little stuff, since we got through the big ones? Dan: Motion 5 seems like a duplicate of Motion 2. Christine: 5 clarifies 2.

VOTE: Consensus oppose motion.

Meeting adjourned at 9 p.m.

Respectfully submitted-

Jennifer Alwood, HHWNC Secretary