Meeting Date: 11/17/04 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

6671 Yucca Street
Hollywood, CA 90028


1. Call to order and roll call.

2. Secretary – Review and approve prior minutes (vote).

3. Treasurer – Review and approve treasurer’s report and any budget issues (vote).

4. President – Update

5. Vice President – Update

6. Report and possible action vote on LA City Cable TV Franchise renewal negotiations. Public input outreach is now under way discussing all aspects of proposed contracts with Adelphia, Charter, etc.
MOTION: To create an Ad Hoc Committee to investigate and report to HHWNC Board on renegotiation of LA city Cable TV Franchise Contracts. President Bernstein appoints Parliamentarian John Connolly as Ad Hoc Committee Chair. (10 minutes)

7. The City of LA is in the process of updating the Hollywood Community Plan, the plan which regulates land use in Hollywood. Mary Richardson and Jose Carlos Romero-Navarro from the Community Planning Bureau will present a brief overview of proposed changes and solicit your input. (30 minutes)

8. Discussion of proposed inclusionary zoning ordinance for the City of Los Angeles. (Possible motion and vote) (5 minutes).

9. Presentation by Elizabeth Peterson of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce taskforce on parking in Hollywood. (10 minutes)

10. Discussion of Gaucho Grill application CASE NO. ZA 2004-4547 for 6679-89 Hollywood Blvd. MOTION submitted by Area 3 Committee: HHWNC supports application subject to 40 conditions offer and 1 condition modified (#39). (Vote) (10 minutes).

11. Discussion of old Duran Library site purchased by LA City Dept. of Sanitation. (10 minutes)

12. Discussion of a Theater Night proposed by Culture resources, entertainment and public events committee. (10 minutes) (Possible vote)

13. Discussion of benefits of a 501(c)(3) foundation. (5 minutes) (Possible motion and vote)

14. Update on beautification project being proposed at intersection of Laurel Canyon, Mulholland, and Woodrow Wilson. (5 minutes)

15. General Comments – Comments from board members on non-agenda items.

16. Public Comments – Comments from the public on non-agenda items within the Board’s subject matter jurisdiction. Public comments are limited to three minutes per speaker.

17. Adjournment (9PM or earlier).

The public is requested to fill out a “Speaker Card” to address the Board on any item of the agenda prior to the Board taking action on an item. Comments from the public on Agenda items will be heard only when the respective item is being considered. Comments from the public on other matters not appearing on the Agenda that is within the Board’s subject matter jurisdiction will be heard during the Public Comment period. Public comment is limited to 3 minutes per speaker unless waived by the presiding officer of the Board. Agenda is posted for public review: Gardner Street Elementary School, Valley View Elementary School, Yucca Community Center, on bulletin boards at the top and bottom of Runyon Canyon Park, Los Angeles Library: Will and Ariel Durant Branch and electronically on the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council website As a covered entity under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the City of Los Angeles does not discriminate on the basis of disability and upon request, will provide reasonable accommodation to ensure equal access to its programs, services, and activities. Sign language interpreters, assistive listening devices, or other auxiliary aids and/or services may be provided upon request. To ensure availability of services, please make your request at least 3 business days (72 hours) prior to the meeting you wish to attend by contacting the Neighborhood Council Project Coordinator at (213) 485-1588 or e-mail to [email protected]

PROCESS FOR RECONSIDERATION: The Board may reconsider and amend its action on items listed on the agenda if that reconsideration takes place immediately following the original action or at the next regular meeting. The Board, on either of these two days, shall: (1) Make a Motion for Reconsideration and, if approved, (2) hear the matter and Take an Action. If the motion to reconsider an action is to be scheduled at the next meeting following the original action, then two items shall be placed on the agenda for that meeting: (1) A Motion for Reconsideration on the described matter and (2) a Proposed Action should the motion to reconsider be approved. A motion for reconsideration can only be made by a Board member who has previously voted on the prevailing side of the original action taken. If a motion for reconsideration is not made on the date the action was taken, then a Board member on the prevailing side of the action must submit a memorandum to the Secretary identifying the matter to be reconsidered and a brief description of the reason(s) for requesting reconsideration at the next regular meeting. The aforesaid shall all be in compliance with the Ralph M. Brown Act.

Yucca Community Center
6671 Yucca St
Los Angeles, CA 90028
November 17, 2004

Dan Bernstein, President called the board meeting to order at 6:50 p.m.

Present: Dan Bernstein, President; Jennifer Alwood, Secretary; Bob Cook, Treasurer; John Connolly, Parliamentarian; Charles Alvare, Paul Woolsey, Anastasia Mann– Kenneth Jones, Orrin Feldman, Jeffrey Rouze, Wilson Bell, Robert Gonzales, Vince Vitale, Claire Guy, Jon Hartmann, Theresa Larkin, Anthony Deckoff and Frank DeFoe.

Absent: Ossie Cohen, Vice President, Paul Ramsey and Steve Kifer

Excused Absences: Michele Miyakawa and Conrad Schoeffter

City Representatives Present: Erik Sanjurjo, Field Deputy Council District 4 Tom LaBonge

Dan welcomed everyone and asked each board member to introduce himself or herself and the area or issue they represent.

Jennifer Alwood, Secretary advised for the record that no October meeting was held, then called for corrections or approval of the September minutes.
MOTION By Bob to approve the minutes with no corrections
VOTE: unanimous – motion passes

Bob: There is approximately $13,000 on the debit card; $9,000 in expenditures and most of them are from last year’s budget. We can only be reimbursed by DONE up to $6,500 on the card and $6,500 on the demand warrants. DONE will only give a portion of that to refill funding. There are $1,000 in receipts outstanding, which I need immediately. You can only be reimbursed from original receipts. If we don’t spend the money we will have a budget carry over.

Dan: [Following along in the numbered packet]a) Mayor’s Budget Survey results: This includes regional rankings by area surveys, ranking of households and HHWNC’s results.

b) Rangers: Councilmember LaBonge wants a ranger in Runyon Park permanently and has put forth the attached motion. Our NC has not taken a position on it, but we would support it.

c) Kiosks: They are being designed and as soon as they are ready to be shipped we will make an announcement to the community and we will take a trip down there to bolt them down.

d) Volunteers: We had 40 people sign up to volunteer in Runyon Canyon Park. Their day of training is December 1, 2004 from 7 -9 p.m. at Yucca Community Center.

e) Community Congress: Councilmember LaBonge is holding this event on Nov. 18 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at Barnsdall Art Park Theatre.

f) Letter from Councilmember LaBonge: All committees are to read this letter and take up these issues then bring back to this board their position so we can respond to the Councilmember (IZ, sidewalk repair costs, pool bond).

g) Surveillance Cameras: When you get a chance read this newspaper article about cameras as a means of crime prevention in the business district.

h) Transfer of Highland: This article is about a State bill that transfers control of Highland Avenue between 101 and Santa Monica Blvd from the State to the City.

i) 6725 Yucca Street: Here is a rendering of the proposed site on Yucca Street. If you committee is interested in this development, let me know.

j) Long Drugs: They are requesting a CUP to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. at their soon to open facility located in the Hollywood Galaxy building at 7021 Hollywood Blvd. If your committee is interested in this, let me know.

This will be tabled until John Connolly arrives

Dan: The City of L.A. is in the process of updating the Hollywood Community Plan, which regulates land use in Hollywood. Mary Richardson and Jose Romero-Navarro from the Community Planning Bureau will present a brief overview of proposed changes.

Mary: [showed large land map of Hollywood] This is an update that is going out to all the NCs. By color code, it shows the distribution of land use (single-family homes, commercial, industrial, public and open space). The zones will tell you the size of the lot and dwelling units and height district. The changes we are proposing are in the commercial areas. The most extensive is to restore the height districts to what they are in the rest of the city: a 1.5:1. The last update was in 1988. Jose: CRA will maintain the same height district. Most of the changes are on major boulevards like Santa Monica and Western.

[Open discussion on height of various buildings in this area and what the ratios mean. Jose spoke about height limitations the different categories of the City and their height limitations.] Mary: There are certain incentives for building around transit corridors but now developers can’t access those incentives because of restricted heights. We also want to try and drive residential development into some commercial areas using mixed used development and bonus incentives. You can see some of this on our website at, click on Planning Department, then Plans. [Mary passed out area maps and asked people to note down their concerns and send them back to her at 200 N. Spring Street; she can also be reached at 213-978-1205.]

Orrin: Any changes planned for single-family units in their height and/or floor size. And is the slope density of 15% going to remain the same? Mary: No to both questions. Bob: Can we get an assurance that property taxes will remain here with increased density? I know this is not your department, but I don’t want to support your plan if we bear the inconvenience. Mary: You will benefit from increased property values. Michael Meyer (stakeholder): Is it possible to add some restrictions on maximum size to the R1 areas, to prevent an oversized house? Mary: That can be considered. Jose: We may have a policy statement that can be applied to single families. It would be up to the NC on how big, or the size of the building you want to see on a lot. One of the elements of the plan is to preserve the area. This could be addressed by the Big House policy. Dan: Frank and his housing committee could discuss this further and get Mary and Jose involved. Right now this is strictly information.

Robert Nudelman (stakeholder): Will this be tied to CRA? Jose: We will try to make CRA and the Planning Department consistent. Robert: If you triple the densities there needs to be some kind of explanation of how you are going to do it. The Fire Department and the schools are looking for more space, so what impact will this have on them and others? Jose: All impacts will be done through EIR, it will tell us how it will impact the FAR. Dan: Is there a timetable? Mary: In January/Feb we will come back, but we will be in the informal information state and we will have maps, then the formal process of workshops in maybe March/April. Dan: Then you file an EIR report? Does this go to the City Council and the Mayor? Mary: Yes, it goes through an approximate 2 year process. Jose: There is a time frame for the EIR; it will go to community for input then the regular process. Bob: I suggest we put together an adhoc committee to gather community concerns and then we bring them to you. Dan: Let housing work with this first and the other departments will want to take a look at. We have to lead them to the areas for increased density that will have the least impact on our lives. Orrin: CRA told us that parking is not one of their criteria; they said this in a meeting about 19 months ago. I am asking you to focus on parking.

Eric Sanjurjo: The news rack law passed today. The City Council voted that there will be one uniform color of army green for all racks. This will go into effect next year. The business tax was passed. We had a Hollywood gateway ceremony a week or so ago. It is not finished but we wanted to celebrate; Jeff Rouze was a part of this. The Hollywood Christmas Parade is next Sunday. Supervisor Zev Yaroslavasky supported our subway motion, which was Councilmember LaBonge’s motion to allow the County and City in the future to choose heavy rail. Last week the City Council cancelled the auction and agreed to sell the Durant Library to the Dept of Sanitation. The Library will receive fair market value. The Sanitation Dept will come back to the Council on how they will use the site and prior to that we will meet out there and find out how they want to use the site. The conservancy wants us to maintain it. That may or may not happen. There are some construction challenges to deal with like the sewer line, air conditioning, but no odor. We will do a green space park, but we don’t know if we will keep the library building or not. Dan: If you want to be involved, e-mail Eric. Bob: Is it a done deal that this odorless sewer plant be under the library or could community action stop it? Eric: We brought the property but haven’t settle usage; but we could always sell it if necessary. Dan: Claire, will your committee look into this?.

Roz Brown, Yucca Community Center Director: Thanks for helping with our Halloween party. On Friday, December 17 from 5 to 9 p.m. will be our Christmas party. We could use volunteers for Santa’s workshop, refreshments, etc. I will leave the sign up sheet here.

Dan: I have not heard any new updates.

MOTION by Bob to move to retable.
VOTE: Unanimous – motion passes.

Elizabeth Peterson, Vice-Chair, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. I am also a member of the Hollywood parking taskforce. The restaurants and nightclubs are impacting residential parking. Councilmember Garcetti’s office got involved and they are doing a parking overlay starting with certain areas. In April we will start with 3 trolleys running about every 14 minutes from 8 p.m. until 4:30 a.m. The goal is to get people moving on the street not in their cars. We got some restaurants and others to partner with the Cinedome public lot. The goal is to get restaurant and nightclub entitlements into 5 lots with valet parking. Club owners would pay a fee, based on square footage, etc. We are putting together the money to start with a usage study. The Chamber will handle finances and route them to DOT. In order to develop it we have to start with parking. Right now it is a complex mess.

Dan: From the lots you are choosing, some are next to residential areas. Elizabeth: We met with the City of Pasadena, who has built lots with bond money. We want to use lots without disobeying the mode and character of the area. Cherokee is a city lot run by DOT and 3 clubs have access. There are 5 city lots, with about 6,000 parking spaces. DOT through CRA is trying to acquire properties. Ken: Is the trolley free? Elizabeth: We are working on that, it may cost $1.00. Ken: Have they considered the gang issue? Elizabeth: There will be security. [Open discussion on current parking lot at Musso & Franks, Cherokee; asking businesses to help pay for the trolley, a right turn signal on Highland; insurance handler will be DOT] Bob: How can we support you? Elizabeth: Captain Downing will be with me on my next visit and I will also have a formula on how you can help us. Dan: I know that this group and Hollywood United NC have talked about it; I recommend that you utilize whatever lobbying skills we possess, as we have all been talking about a matrix.

Elizabeth Peterson (E.P. Group): [She talked about the addresses and changes in the locations of the following restaurants: Gaucho Grill, Bar Deluxe, Fried Bananas and Los Cocos at 6679-89 Hollywood Blvd.]Condition #39. The owners will not be able to provide 24/7 security as the NC has requested. But we have a security guard on the lot from 11 p.m. until.5 hour after closing. Then a Westec-type patrol company will drive by every 45 minutes. Charles: What happened to the pizza parlor? Elizabeth: It will be relocated. Bob: Is round the clock security a deal breaker? Elizabeth: Captain Downing has a problem with armed security. We can’t have a person sit in the lot because it costs $4,000 a week and the owners can’t do that. Paul W: When I read that condition, it looked like a person comes back every 45 minutes. Elizabeth: A person will be there full time. Dan: There is a condition in here that there will be security all the time. Elizabeth: Condition 39 says we will have a security person in a patrol car from 11 p.m. to 4:30 a.m.

Dan: The wording on some of these conditions is confusing; there is confusion between a present petitioner and a future petitioner. Also the Las Palmas address is missing. Elizabeth: I can clear that up and ask the ZA to add the Las Palmas address. All the addresses from the original CUP must be the same. All of these properties are already entitled; these conditions are voluntary. Dan: You can only put so many conditions on an existing piece of property as a city administration. If the owner wants more conditions to affect himself that’s ok, but you can’t put conditions on future owners. So this person is promising to do certain things and putting them in writing. Elizabeth: If he sells the property that person will be committed to the same requirements. Or else they have to go back for a new CUP. The owner was here and he volunteered – he doesn’t have to do any of this.

Stakeholder: I want the word “present” taken out of petitioner sentences in some cases. Elizabeth: I can ask the owners if they can do this. Dan: We are an advisory board. Elizabeth has come to us with conditions she has obtained in hopes of getting our support. But we don’t determine that final permit, the ZA does that. Orrin: I suggest a letter from the current owner to help bridge this issue. Her problem is with the current landowner and operator. Dan: What happens if we put a person’s name in those conditions instead of saying “present petitioner.” Orrin: Condition our vote of acceptance on the current operators providing a list. Peter D’Alessio (stakeholder): I work near there. There are a lot of conditions and I was at the meeting that voted to support this. This business make Hollywood a “happening area” again, we should support it. Robert Nudelman (stakeholder): Given some of the changes that could be made and that these are not clubs, I support it. Stakeholder: Can it be changed 4 or 5 years from now? Elizabeth: These conditions run with the land. They go the length of the grant, which is now 7 years. There will be a 6 month or 1 year review by the NC.

MOTION: submitted by Area 3 Committee that HHWNC supports the application subject to 40 conditions offered and 1 condition modified (#39)
SECOND: Wilson
VOTE: Unanimous – motion carries

FRIENDLY AMENDMENT By Anastasia to change one condition (#39) to 2 conditions adding, “and the current operators will also agree to this list in writing.”
VOTE: Motion passes – 1 opposed (Jeff)

DAN: John wants to form an ad hoc committee for the LA City Cable TV franchise renewal negotiations.
MOTION by Dan for this council to be involved with the City on the cable TV franchise renewal negotiations and for John Connolly to chair the ad hoc committee.

John: Every 10 years cable companies have to re-negotiate for renewal of their contract to do business. These negotiations started 2 years ago. There is an attempt to organize a city wide discussion headed by Councilmember Weiss. We will join with other NCs around the city to assure citizen input. There are a number of issues involved in this. We are not voting on the sample resolution in your packet, it is just informational. The ad hoc committee will discuss this and get with other colleagues around the city. Claire: Has there ever been a discussion about monopolies? John: It is not feasible now, because someone has to lay the cable that goes into the home and someone has to take that responsibility. Now there are additional pressures on satellite providers, which makes this issue more valuable. Orrin: Now Microsoft is partnering with SBC for a 3rd delivery service. I suggest that Claire and John’s committee get together. Charles: I would like to join the ad hoc committee.

VOTE: Unanimous – motion carries

Wilson: We would sponsor a theatre night at one of the 99 seat theatres as a way of getting more people involved in the NC. Our tentative date may now be too close to move forward with, but the Ford Theater has a show on Dec.4 and 5. Right now I am requesting a motion to have the event and our NC pay for the reception. Orrin: How much do you need? Ramona Rhodes (cultural committee member): It will be a dessert reception with coffee. Wilson: A few hundred dollars.

MOTION by Wilson that we accept the proposal for a theatre night with a dessert reception and approve a budget of $200 to pay for the reception.

Vince: I like the idea but am concerned about the Ford theatre. It doesn’t need our patronage, they are big, let’s keep it in a community theatre. Dan: Right now we are discussing the concept not sites. Anastasia: I like the concept as well, but $200 is not enough money. Maybe at least $1500. Your most important event is your first one. Ken: I agree with Anastasia; we are still talking about a dessert reception, right? And 99 seats? We can’t consider anything under $1,000. Ramona: I chose the Ford because it is in our area and there is a community production running. John: I’d like to hear a specific proposal from the committee and vote on the financial component, no necessarily critique the committee’s work. The committee should have come in with a concept and a budget figure. Peter D’Alessio (Stakeholder): I am a former theatre producer and I suggest you create a night, find out all the shows going on and approach them. Then people can go to any play they want to and then come together with the NC for a reception. Dan: By show of hands, who would attend a theatre night? (All raised hands). Paul: Do you in your plans see approaching restaurants and nightclubs to participate by having them provide dinner before and after, like they do in New York? Wilson: I am most concerned now with getting approval from the board to accept the budget. I am hedging on the budget because being local theatre I am not sure how many people will attend.

MOTION by Dan that we approve up to $1,000 for the dessert and coffee reception.
VOTE: Motion passes. 2 opposed – Orrin and Vince.

Orrin: The beautification project (Laurel Canyon/Mulholland/Woodrow Wilson) also goes with our next agenda item, benefits of a 501(c)3 foundation, on how to fund these projects. This project was a vacant lot made possible by a $1,750 allocation, the support of the Councilmember’s office that adopted a median program, neighborhood matching funds program and an architect who is donating his services. The design has the NC’s logo and it welcomes people to the Hollywood Hills and Mulholland Corridor. As for the 501(c)3, we could not hold grant money but the state agency could do that for us (under the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy). We created a reserve fund to do the maintenance work; we brought together a state agency with the NC for this. Claire: Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority is the operating authority of sister SMMC. It is a joint venture under the state and takes care of all the overlooks on all scenic corners. I submitted a proposal for the matching fund grant.

DAN: Several other NCs have a “Friends of NC” so that when they want to give money to some institution they can raise money and donate it to the agency through the “Friends of “group. It would cost $300 – $500 to set up the foundation. John: Bob has done some preliminary work on putting this together. DONE announced that one of the initiatives they are undertaking is a procedure to allow NCs to receive donations and to make donations.

Theresa passed out a group of motions from the Community Relations /Outreach Committee. Anthony: Some people are having difficulty contacting other members through e-mail. Dan: We have to pick up e-mails and delete them to keep server space open. Robert: There is a construction project planned for Sunset off La Cienega. It will affect the flow of traffic. I also sent a brief e-mail to Frank that Bob mentioned some terrible things that have happened to people in the hills. Homeless people have to go the bathroom in the street. I would propose a portapotty – a real building where they could bathe and use the restroom. Mary (stakeholder): At the next meeting can we discuss the purchase of a coffee pot for outreach and when we go out? John: Patricia said I may have a conflict of interest with my job. It would be hard to find many Angelinos not involved in the entertainment industry. If the board thinks I should step down, I would be happy to do so. She also mentioned Adelphia; I think they are the provider for this city.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted-

Joyce Clarke, PDQ Careers.