Meeting Date: 02/03/11 06:30 PM

Location: Will & Ariel Durant Library 7140 W. Sunset Blvd. LA, 90046


1) Introduction & Review HHWNC Committee Chairs

HHWNC is made up of 9 Issue Committees and 9 Geographic areas.

Each of the 9 Issues Committees address major issues of the general HHWNC membership.

Each of the 9 Areas Committee represent their geographic area within HHWNC boundaries.

2) Roundtable of HHWNC 9 Issues Committees


~ Hear related Issues these Committees addressHHWNC Committee Chair forum and discussion ~ Idea exchange, working with committees and stakeholders


Chair and stakeholder suggestions may be voted on to be brought before the HHWNC BOD

*This meeting is a roundtable / forum style meeting. There will be no individual committees motions to be voted on.

All stakeholders are welcome and invited to attend and give input under public comment

3. Public Comment/Adjournment