Meeting Date: 02/05/15 07:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Cinematographers Guild 7755 W. Sunset Blvd


1.   Call to order.
2.   Approval of January 15, 2015 minutes.
3.   Updates and announcements.
4.   Mobile Station – 7865 W. Sunset Blvd. Corner of Sunset and Fairfax
Discussion and motion
Applicant seeks to demolish existing market and mechanics building and construct a new 2,140 sq. ft. market with a car wash in conjunction with the existing gas station at the corner of Sunset & Fairfax, with 24-hour operation of mini mart and gas. They also seek a permit to sell beer and wine for offsite consumption. 
Planning Dept case number: ZA 2014-3316
5.   LA – Marathon March 15, 2015
Discussion and motion
Cheering section in Area 7.  Purchasing water, cheering supplies and snacks for the section.  Amount not to exceed $300.00.
6.   Public comment.
7.   Meeting adjourned.

Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council
Business – Area 7 joint meeting
February 5th, 2015 minutes
Cinematographers Guild
7755 West Sunset Blvd.
1. Call to order at 7:03pm
Present: area 7 chair, business chair, and 31 stakeholders.
2. January 5th minutes were read, no corrections were made. Katz made a motion to approve the minutes as written, second by a stakeholder, 3 yay, 0 nay, 0 abstained.
3. Barbara mentions that next Wednesday 2/11 there will be a HHWNC PLUM meeting at the library. agenda will be determined later and posted on
4. Witkin is proposing a spending of up to $300 for the Los Angeles marathon as the route will be going through our neighborhood and we will have a refreshment station for the participants of the marathon. Katz make a motion to approve the spending of up to $300 to buy drinks and snacks for a refreshment station at our neighborhood for the Los Angeles marathon. Second by a stake holder. 19 yay, 0 nay, 0 abstained.
5. Mobile Station, Fred Cohen representing the gas station owners. He brought drawing of the proposed new gas station and car wash.
Cohen: The existing building will be demolished, replaced by a car wash and a mini mart. Witkin says that the corner of Sunset and Fairfax is over saturated with beer and wine license, and that as the neighborhood representatives we do not support the alcohol sale. Witkin also asking Mr. Cohen if he asked CD4 for the beer and wine license, since they have not supported a beer and wine license within gas stations in 14 years.
Stakeholder: why do I need beer and wine license. Cohen: the beer and wine is for off site consumption. Katz: would you consider removing the request for beer and wine sale? Owner of the property (present at the meeting): Yes, I am willing to pull the request of the beer and wine. Witkin: Thank you.
Stakeholder: did you have any tests for the noise level coming from the proposed car wash machinery? Cohen: the car wash will be under regulations that are allowable by law and the range of noise allowable is between 48 to 56 decibels, we will construct a new wall on the North side of our property next to the home owners and it will be 16 feet tall. We also want hours of operation: 8am to 6pm. We want you all to know that the owners want to be good to the neighborhood. I think that there is another gas station with the same car wash machinery in the corner of moorpark and olsen in case you want to go a hear the noise levels by youselves. Witkin: Yes, we do want to go and hear the noise levels.
Witkin: How many people work at that location currently? Cohen: 2 employees who park on site. Katz: How many cars projected per day that will use the car wash? Cohen: our estimate is between 50 to 70 per day.
Stakeholder: Will there be any more traffic at that location? Cohen: I have assurance from the department of transportation that traffic actually will be reduced. Stakeholders (approximately 17): we find this hard to believe. Katz: everyone please, Mr. Cohen is only repeating what the department of transportation allegedly told him in writing. (Mr Cohen did not provide a copy of a letter from the department of transportation.)
Stakeholder: Can you move the car wash away from the residence on Fairfax? Cohen: No, this is impossible as the opening of the car wash cannot be pointed at a residence. We have to put the car wash in the back of our lot, which is less beneficial for the owners who wanted it next to the liquor store for visibility from the street. But because of regulation that the opening of the car wash cannot be pointed at the residence we have to put it in the back away from the street.
Stakeholder: I appreciate that you have designed the new project that is in tune with the look and feel of the neighborhood. Can you put doors at the entrance of the car wash? Cohen: no doors, we will have special noise reduction equipment. Stakeholder: how many cars are coming to pump gas and use the mart per day? Owner of the gas station: 450 to 500 per day. Will there be more traffic? No, same traffic is projected. Stakeholder: the vacuum will be used? Cohen: One vacuum station will be at the gas station for the customer to use. Name of the vacuum manufacturer is Vaccutech, and we have no knowledge of the noise level for the vaccum. Stakeholder: will there be a noise study to alleviate our fears that noise from the car wash will be excessive? Cohen: per regulation we have to conduct a noise study for the site and factor the noise of the proposed car wash.
Katz: Will you please meet with us after the completion of this noise report? Cohen: Yes I will. Witkin: Will you please provide us with a location of the same car wash equipment so that we can go and hear the noise levels for ourselves? Cohen: Yes. I will look for one that is the same to the one we propose to construct and will contact you with the address.
Witkin: will there be any billboard style illuminated signs on the property? Cohen: No lighted billboard style signs will be on the property.
8:13pm. Meeting adjourn.