Meeting Date: 05/09/13 05:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Five0Four Hollywood

MAY 9, 2013

6541 Hollywood Blvd. #102
Los Angeles, CA 90028

1.     Introduction
2.     Discussion of possible HHWNC assistance in the rebuilding of the Errol Flynn Tennis Court located within Runyon Canyon. Assistance would include organizing and principally funding the project. HHWNC has roughly $10,000 left in this year’s fiscal budget that it could invest in getting this project started. First steps include bringing architects and construction companies that specialize in tennis courts out to bid on the project and bidding out a company to maintain the courts once they have been built. (Possible motion and vote.)
3.      Public Discussion of non-agenda items.
4.      Schedule next meeting and adjourn.

HHWNC Business Development Committee
& Housing Services Committee Joint Meeting
Thursday, May 9, 2013
Meeting Minutes

1) Introductions. 

2) A proposal was made by Business Chair Joshua Kopel that council funds paired with contributions from local businesses be used to renovate the tennis court and the area surrounding the tennis court in Runyon Canyon. 

3) Public comment: Jeff Zarrinnam proposed we involve the USTA explaining they will match us dollar for dollar up to $250k to renovate the tennis courts. Stacy Sillins of the Upper Nichols Canyon Neighborhood association suggested that the tennis courts also be used as a common area for people to do yoga, Pilates, etc. More research will be done on how to create a scheduling system to reserve the proposed court. Jarone Johnson Jr. proposed including public restroom and water fountains. 

After much discussion, everyone in attendance agreed on a proposal to have an architect create a master plan for the area that would include trail markers,  a tennis court/community area, water fountains, permanent restrooms, and a playground for children. Also included in the plan would be an infrastructure for maintaining all improvements to the canyon without any additional cost to any government agency. The proposed plan will work in tandem with the existing planned renovations implemented by Parks and Recreation. This plan would work to "fill in the gaps".
4) Motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed.