Meeting Date: 06/24/15 06:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Will and Ariel Durant Library 7140 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, Ca. 90046

Details: 1. Announcements

Approve minutes for May 27, 2015 meeting. 

3. 7850 W Sunset Blvd, The Villa Rosa Apartment
Jerry Ambrose will be
VerizoWireless who are proposing a roof mounted wireless telecommunications facility consisting of 12 panel antennas and RRU's, arranged in three (3) sectors of four (4) antennas each (all screened), and ancillary equipment cabinets within a basement leased enclosure. Case Number: ZA-2015-1394-ZV. Possible motion and vote

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4. Pace Joint, 7860-7862 W Sunset Blvd. Patrick Panzarello is representing the owner Sandford Gendel who is requesting to expand an existing 1,400 square foot restaurant by 850 square feet to include a market which will provide 13 seats indoor and 37 seats on an outdoor patio. The owner wants to add the sale of beer and wine for on-site and off-site consumption. The hours of operation request are 24 hours with beer and wine being sold between the hours of 6:00am to 2:00am. Case Number: ZA 2015-1542 Possible motion and vote. 


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Present: Oren Katz – Business Chair, Cyd Zeigler Vice President, 17 stakeholders.

Meeting start at 6:01pm.
No announcements.
Item #2 of the agenda:
7850 West Sunset Blvd. 
Jerry Ambrose a representative of the project is giving a presentation. Says that the city encourages communication companies to add cell phone towers on properties that already have them on their properties. The owner of the building wants the project to move forward. He says that according to the FCC there are no health issues from cell phone towers, and that the FCC is thinking to ignore in the future all discussions about health concerns.
Stakeholders concerns: It is an older 1924 building. Has AT&T towers on the apartment building already. Stakeholder against more cell phone towers radiation in her apartment. No access to the roof since the AT&T towers, an access that was granted for the residents prior to the cell phone towers. The reasons are that there are signs warning of health issues being to near the cell phone towers on the roof.
Residents have found out about the new cell phone towers only 24 hours prior to this meeting.
Stakeholders are saying that the building is poorly managed and maintained, especially since that building was sold two years ago.
In favor of recommending the approval of the project. Yes: 0. No: 10, Abstention: 0
Item #3 of the agenda:
Patrick E. Panzarello representing the Pace Joint. Patio in the back will be closed after 12 midnight. No live dancing, no live entertainment. No fire pit in the back patio. Acknowledge that since they are not required to provide parking by the city, they are not planning on it. Acknowledge that they will ask for convert one meter parking space in front of the proposed business to loading only space, further decreasing parking on Sunset Blvd.
Stakeholders concerns: The neighborhood wants the business to have parking 24 hours a day, or at least for the duration when the business is open. The proposed business has no parking at all. The neighborhood is concerned with long hours of operations. Oversaturation of alcohol licenses, in the corner of Fairfax and sunset, as there are 7 businesses who sell alcohol within 2 blocks of the proposed business. People parking at Bristol Farms next to a stakeholder home at 2am, it will operate as a bar proposed in this location, he is concerned about noise pollution. The hours of operation asked do not match this neighborhood, as the neighborhood would like to see 10pm closing time Sunday to Thursday, 11pm Friday and Saturday. Trash location next to an apartment building, will add to noise pollution and odor for the residents of the apartment building.
A question was asked if anyone is in favor of recommending the approval of the project as presented. No one is in favor of this.
Adjournment at 7:26pm