Meeting Date: 06/30/15 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Cinematographers Guild 7755 Sunset Blvd (corner Genesee Los Angeles, Ca. 90046


1.) 1410-1416 N. Stanley Ave
 Project representative Jennifer Chirco-Coker will present updates and changes for a new proposed small lot subdivision consisting of 8 single family homes and 16 parking spaces for 1410-1416 N. Stanley Ave. Additionally, the applicant is requesting a variance to increase the height over the 30 foot maximum allowed height limit and reduce required setbacks. Possible motion and vote.


Planning Dept Case Number: ZA-2015-1239-ZAA

The proposed plans, renderings and application information is posted for your review. 1400-1416 N. Stanley Ave 
2.) 7865 W. Sunset Blvd  Mobile Station-Corner of Sunset and Fairfax
Fred Cohen, the applicants representative will make a brief presentation and discuss proposed operations and any changes to the proposed project.  The applicant seeks to demolish existing market and mechanics building and construct a new 2,140 sq. ft. market with addition of a new car wash on site in conjunction with the existing gas station at the corner of Sunset & Fairfax, with 24-hour operation of mini mart and gas. They also seek a permit to sell beer and wine for offsite consumption.
Possible motion and vote.
Planning Dept case number: ZA 2014-3316
The proposed plans, application and partial rendering and application information is posted for your review. 7865 W. Sunset Blvd. LINK:
NOTE: Notice of Public Hearing: Hearing date for this project is scheduled for Tuesday, July 14, 2015 7865 W. Sunset Blvd.
All stakeholders are encouraged to attend. If you are unable to attend, you may submit comments or concerns to the zoning administrator contact person in advance of the scheduled hearing. Luciralia Ibarra Phone: (213) 978-1378 
E-mail: [email protected]
3.) Public comment for items not on the agenda
Meeting Minutes
Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council
Area 7/ Housing/ Business
June 30th 2015

In attendance, Housing chair JoAnn Koplin, business chair Oren Katz, 38 stakeholders
Meeting called to order at 6:35pm
The Stanley subdivision representatives are running late, item #2 on the agenda will present and be discussed first:
Fred Cohen, representative of Mobil gas station made a second presentation to Area  7, reporting on the noise study mandated by the city indicating that the ambient noise levels would not exceed existing conditions.  He also indicated that the traffic study results indicated no impact on the Fairfax/Sunset intersection.
Stakeholders concerns:
1.     Stakeholder opposed the alcohol sales and Mr. Cohen responded that they would not be pursuing the alcohol license.
2.     The impact on traffic was challenged by a concern that cars entering and exiting the property at a busy intersection would surely increase.
3.     Stakeholder indicated existing problems with cars making a u-turn in front of their residence after exiting the gas station is already a huge problem and would surely increase. “Adding one car is a big deal for us.”
4.     The time of operation from 7 am to 7 pm was suggested could be shorter with a specific request for the car wash hour reduction.
5.     Recommendations included: maintaining a mechanic, smog check, adding bicycle service, and something more “high end” than a mini mart.
6.     A full Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was suggested.
7.     Signage should be appropriate to the neighborhood.  Signs at Arco identified as what not to do.  A pleasing entrance to our neighborhood: gateway to Hollywood.
8.     Design presented is not reflective of the neighborhood.  Residents indicated they would prefer a “cleaned up version” of what is already there.
9.     The hearing is scheduled for the 13th of July with a proposed construction start in January 2016.
A vote was taken (in favor of recommending the approval of the project as presented by the representatives):
Yes: 0 No: 28 Abstentions: 0
Peter Lauener and Jennifer Chirco-Coker presents the Stanley subdivision project:
Stakeholders concerns:
1.     On the north side is a condo building whose view will now be blocked.
2.     Parking is already a problem on this narrow street.
3.     Concerns about placement of AC units and noise to the surrounding properties.
4.     100% opposed to an increase in the height limit
5.     This is not the type of project for this neighborhood.
6.     The open railing on the rooftop deck is a concern.
7.     The adjacent property will see its value declining.
8.     Utility pole location: one is on the proposed driveway and will be relocated within the property.
9.     Impact on infrastructure.
10. Fire trucks access in this narrow street.
11. Would like to see the number of units from 8 to 6.
Home owner association to limit roof deck usage. Stakeholder: Our views will be blocked from the North side of the property to  – Mr. Lauener: can not look no more into neighbors yards. Developer is unable to lower the height of the building as was requested in the prior meeting by the stakeholders. AC noise – now there will be screens to minimize the noise. The neighbors are oppose to the height variance. Stakeholder: It is not in the advantage of the neighborhood to give variances to developers, as they ask for more and more variances which degrade the neighborhood. This street (Stanley) is too narrow for a big project like this. There are no significant changes after the last meeting especially the height limit that we are oppose to any variance of height. There is no parking at all at this location for blocks in these neighborhood.
A vote was taken (in favor of recommending the approval of the project as presented by the representatives):
Yes: 0 No: 19 Abstentions: 2
Meeting adjourned at 7:51pm