Meeting Date: 10/06/15 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Cinematographers Guild 7755 Sunset Blvd (corner Genesee Los Angeles, Ca. 90046

Details: 1.) Call to order.

2.) Approve minutes from June 30th meeting.

3.) Trader Joe's – 8000 W. Sunset seeking renewal of existing Conditional Use Permit # 2007- 5840 (CUB) to allow the continued sale of a full-line of alcoholic beverages for off-site consumption in conjunction with Trader Joe's market. Hours of operation and alcohol sales will be between 8:00am and 10:00pm daily. Contact: David Weissglass, 626- 683-9777 Case number: ZA-2007-5840-CUB. Possible motion and vote.

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4.) CVS – 8000 W. Sunset Blvd. is seeking a Conditional Use Permit for the sale of a full line of alcoholic beverages for off-site consumption in conjunction with the operation of a 15,541 square foot

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pharmacy/drug store that will be a 24 hour operation 7days a week. The hours of alcohol sales from 6:00am-2:00am 7 days a week. Contact:
Ira Handelman, 818-990-0559. Possible motion and vote. Case number:ZA-2015-2106-

5.) Pace Joint – 7860-7862 W Sunset Blvd. Patrick Panzarello is representing the owner Sandford Gendel who is requesting to expand an existing 1,400 square foot restaurant by 850 square feet to include a market which will provide 13 seats indoor and 37 seats on an outdoor patio. The owner wants to add the sale of beer and wine for on-site and off-site

consumption. The hours of operation request are 24 hours with beer and wine being sold between the hours of 6:00am to 2:00am. Case Number: ZA 2015- 1542 Possible motion and vote.

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6.) 7611 W. Sunset Blvd. Alex Kaglanaris will be presenting the proposed concept for a new Ceviche restaurant with alcohol parings.
The applicant would be requesting a change of use from a rug store to a restaurant / bar, a conditional use to permit to serve a full line of alcohol (Type 47) in conjunction with a 1050 sq. ft. with 49 seats, 37 inside and 12 seats outside. Hours of operation; 11am-11pm Sunday to Thursday and 11am-Midnight on Friday and Saturday. Parking will be valet. Note applicant has not filed an application. . Possible motion and vote.

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7.) Announcements
8.) Public comment for items not on the agenda. 9.) Adjourn