Meeting Date: 04/25/07 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Hollywood and Highland Conference Rooms located at Hollywood and Highland. Validated parking will be provided. Directions = Across from Starbucks and CPK – take elevator down to level 1 Management Office. If lost please call 323 206-2794.

Details: To discuss Outreach committee projects including Splash Bash 2 – June 21, 2007. Additional topics include Outreach eforts to increase membership and participation.

April 25, 2007

Outreach Committee Meeting Minutes
Location- Hollywood & Highland
Attendees: Terry Migliaccio, Outreach Chair
Valorie Keegan
Barbara Witkin
Claire Guy

6:30pm Call To Order

Government leaders contacted

I: Splash Bash– Please email
-MC- TBD Sent request to TV Guide Channel, Bob Barker, etc.
-Band/ Dance Contest- To be repeated
-Restaurant- All five from last year to participate

Invitation > Done-will they mail for us?
-No Envelope

Food Stations -To avoid line, try food stations spread thru out event
Bar- more drinks tickets- beer/ wine only
Ambassadors- to work sign in table
Application Only
Fountain- not focal point but on during event

*Area to fill out
-Hollywood Bowl tickets as giveaways?
-Sign up new people
-Go Green

Valerie/ Barbara:Check for giveaways
-Disaster Prep
-Light Bulbs- DWP/ Tom LeBonge’s office
-Slide Show on arch?
-Pencils as giveaway
– Web Site up-to-date (Talk to Anastasia)

Whole Foods/ Trader Joes Canvas Bags? Or giveaway?

Follow up:
-Other Neighborhood Councils- Central, Studio, East
-Banner- (Anastasia) for table?

-Tickets/ Wristbands
-*Board member table for registration Sign up

II: Duties > Encourage people to bring people
-What do you want to see from NC questionnaire?

III: Email Blast > Thank you for attending after event
-Community Event Updates- quarterly or monthly as follow-up to event

IV: Traffic Warnings
-Big Sunday

Next meeting schedule after event

8:45pm Meeting Adjourned