Meeting Date: 10/03/04 07:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: 6715 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 202
Hollywood, CA 90028

Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council
Committee #2 Community Development, Networking and Outreach.

Sunday, Oct 3, 2004
7:00 – 8:30 pm
(90 minutes)

6715 Hollywood Blvd, Suite 202
Hollywood, CA 90028

1.0 Call to Order (1 min)
2.0 Approval of Agenda (4 min)
3.0 Minutes (Draft) (5 min)
4.0 Announcements: Hollywood Expo (5 min)
5.0 Business (65 min)
5.1 Welcome (1 min)
5.2 Opening Remarks from Chair (4 min)
5.3 Calendar of Events for Committee #2 (25 min)
5.4 HHWNC PowerPoints / Motions / Recommendations to Board (10 min)
5.5 Strategic Partner Mailings (10 min)
5.6 Public Relations (10 min)
5.7 Debrief (5 min)
6.0 New Business (5 min)
7.0 Next Meeting – TBA (4 min)
8.0 Adjournment (1 min)

HHWNC – Outreach 10/3/04
“Unapproved” Minutes

Theresa Larkin, Chair, Vince Vitale, Lynn Hendel, Erik Lords, Mary Prange, Dan Bernstein, President/Visitor.

1.0. 7:20 PM Meeting called to order by Theresa, second by Lynn, all agreed.
2.0. Peter motion to approve agenda, Erik second, motion carries.
3.0. Peter motion to approve minutes, Erik second, motion carries.
4.0. Announcements. Hollywood Expo: Theresa, Vince, Ossie, Erik, Marcie, Mary, Lynn (arrived early) all attended and volunteered. Great event. Peter has collected business cards. He will get them to Theresa. Water and brochures were passed out. Business cards will be used to invite them to join and to come to meetings.
5.0 Business.
5.1 Welcome – TL welcomed our President, Dan. TL wants us to look at calendar and set items in motion. Dan will update us on 10/16.
DB – remarks w/ LA Recreation & Parks – a stand around outreach for Runyon Canyon Volunteers (Volunteer Kickoff Celebration). 10/16/04, 3:30p-6:30pm. Enter at Fuller Gate, go up steps, event will be right there. Event will include a singer, storyteller, sax player, pet fashion show, and then pledge breaks to become involve din Volunteer patrol. HHWNC will man booth for Runyon Canyon Volunteers and possibly to register some new HHWNC members. Many VIP’s may attend. Lynn and Mary can be involved. Theresa may or may not attend. DB will contact Area 6.
TL to DB – Motion will be sent to Executive Board regarding the creation of instructional PowerPoints to aid in successful transitioning for new board members and stakeholders. Next Board Meeting will be in November at which time our motions will be submitted (tentatively 11/18).
DB – explained motion. As soon as committee takes a position, send it to Dan and he will send it out to each chair to share with their committees immediately so people can discuss it.
VV – RE: A reminder that each line item on the agenda needs to identify clearly and in single order any agenda items that are going to be discussed and voted.
DB – Brown Act – we are a public meeting. Anyone who wants to speak to the board should be able to do so and know that it because it is clearly listed on an agenda. Chair is commander in chief of agenda.
MP – Can stakeholders be notified via email when a meeting is scheduled?
DB – Yes, reminders will be sent from the website and available to the chair of each committee.
MP – offered her services to assist with website.
DB – People should enter email, etc on HHWNC website. Chairs should remind people that if they aren’t receiving emails then they are considered inactive if they haven’t confirmed their subscription.
5.2 – TL
Tonight is a planning meeting.

5.3 Calendar of Events for Committee # 2

a.) Hollywood Walking Stroll:
VV – Did TL receive proposal?
TL – Haven’t received but she does support the project.
VV – Suggests a stroll around the center of Hollywood/Highland, which will be free to the public, and will serve as an excellent outreach for HHWNC. An economic incentive could be added. It’s all in proposal.
TL – How do we let people now?
LH – LA Weekly list events.
PD – Recalls Ossie D at Executive Board meeting will send press releases.
VV – Casual event, enjoying the company; Sunday is a more relaxed day.
MP – Venice Art Walk is a great example.
VV – It can link to Restaurants/Shops in the center of Hollywood. Start with zero financial impact. There is a suggested pathway that can be taken by the strollers.
PD – We will absolutely support it as an activity of the committee.
EL – It’s a great sense of community.
TL – We will need a docent. What type of frequency? One time event then move forward?
PD – Could future walks be themed?
DB – HHWNC sponsors Hollywood event at Yucca and Los Pasados event also at Yucca. Several area committees have discussed having block parties. Could Outreach create a template for a turnkey block party?
LH – Is it against the rules to do an event in another NC?
DB – People would be upset from another NC’s.
TL – We can partner with other NC’s.
DB – The Chamber also willing to work with us. Hollywood/Highland and bringing people down from the hills would be great backing. LA Times and media seem most interested in conflict.
VV – Will they at least come out and take photos?
EL – RE: No Press from LA Times and Daily News but alternative newspapers will, especially if we wrote it up for them.
Block Parties:
VV – Block party once a year.
DB – 9 areas would keep us busy throughout the year.
TL – Does DB have list of what needs to be done to start an event?
DB – Contact CD4 regarding how to have a block party. Eric – 323-857-6334
TL – All agree that it’s a good idea

Holiday Party at a historic Hollywood location:
TL – Nice upscale holiday party at a historic location.
PD – Needs to approve ASAP because many locations are already booked.
VV – Can turn into an expensive alcohol outing.
TL – To DB – can we use HHWNC funds for a party?
DB – Doesn’t think so. Re: parties in general. We should have elections take place in the span of a day. In June. That would be an outgoing board/incoming board event.
EL – Clarify.
DB – We have a polling place open all day over a weekend. Saturday night we count votes and on Sunday afternoon/evening we have a party. Honor the old/ In with the new.
VV – Returning to Holiday Party. Let’s do it in January.
TL – A 12th Night Party?
VV – Yes!
PD – Likes DB/OD’s event
TL – Can we have a no host bar?
DB – We can not spend city money at an event that serves alcohol.
TL – So 12th Night Party is okay with a virgin bar and we all agree?

Meet & Greets:
TL – An After 5 gathering that will not be paid for by the City. Networking for people in Hollywood?
DB – Check with Hollywood United who has already done them.
TL – People want to know what is going on and seem receptive to meeting people.
DB – When the Chamber has events, we can become connected. Bring City Hall to people not professionals together.
VV – A regular get together networking at a specified bar.
PD – Young people get excited about fun stuff.
MP – Chamber can get involved with us and we can be involved with them.
They have monthly mixers. Hollywood Chamber is very active. Hollywood is a brand.
PD – Agreed, we are a brand.
TL – This may be PR, what we are doing, can we have a regular presence (electronic boards at John Anson and Hollywood/Highland).
DB – HHWNC is a member of the Hollywood Chamber.
MP – Chamber events are not free.
TL – We can arrange a meet and greet at the Renaissance. No host bar. A gathering.
DB – CIM is the new owner of Hollywood/Highland. They have spoken at the Outpost and want to do some outreach, Maybe do something with them? We possess something that they want – contact.
LH – A pool party at Hollywood Renaissance would be fun.
TL – We all agree that a pool party at the Renaissance would be great.
PD – Have speakers speak to organizations/clubs.
TL – Can HHWNC have a laptop/LCD presentation purchased?
VV – Digital projectors?
MP – Think about renting.
DB – Neighborhood Congress. Next Saturday 10/9/04. He suggests we attend.
MP – will compile list of groups and organizations.

Day Conferences:
Conference at the Hollywood Renaissance.

Wine Tasting at Hollywood Heritage Museum:
86’d based on the alcohol rule.

Theater Field Trips:
TL – Theater field trips. Group rates are available for groups of 15 or more.
PD – List events on the website.
TL – Have a HHWNC membership card for a 10% discount with neighborhood businesses.
PD – Theater groups need exposure.
TL – Create a link with the arts events and create a membership committee?
TL – What about adding a Music Club Tour? Should we hand out info at the Farmer’s Market? – Yes
EL – Secular events are fine.
PD – we need to watch the landmines of religion and non religion>

Float: Easter Parade? – No.
Easter is a religious holiday. Let’s avoid any mixing of church and state.
Culture Committee with a UN Based Organization is planning to create a quilt:
PD – Thinks if Entertainment/Culture committee approves something, we should support it.
VV – Would prefer clear lines defined as far as which committee creates something and other committees supporting it.
TL – Made it clear to culture/entertainment committee that we will support.

TL – Recapping:
Lynn Hendel made a motion to approve the events of the Hollywood Stroll, Theater, Film & Music Field Trips, Hollywood Blenders (Networking and Mixers)- Neighborhood Speaking Events to Groups and Organizations, Farmer’s Market Outreach, a 12th Night Party and to seek approval to have electronic signage at Hollywood/Highland, John Anson Ford Theatre and The Hollywood Bowl.

Mary Prane seconded the motion
Motion carries.

5.4 No motions have been carried to the Executive Board. They now will be.
That will be 11/18 but TL will email them to him in advance.

MP – Rent equipment so it’s not outdated.
VV – Most have laptops and it is a core PC/Mac Technology.
TL – Often does presentations and a large screen is important. PowerPoint can also be on the website. We need equipment, an office, a contact phone.

5.5 Strategic Partner Mailings –
TL: How can we get our brochures out for free with other publications?
MP: Also link with businesses online

5.6 Public Relations
We should have a press releases go out. PD nominated EL to write Press Releases for this committee. MP seconded. Motion approved.

5.7 Debrief
PD – We shouldn’t take on too much. People must commit to whatever they are going to do.
EL – Work backwards with the end in mind.
TL – Do we want to calendarize?
PD – We should have next meeting to calendar and schedule events?

6.0 No new business
Heads of Events:
VV: Hollywood Stroll.
TL: Theater, Film, & Music Field Trips, Hollywood Blenders.
PD: Neighborhood Speaking Engagements.
LH: Farmer’s Market, Communications.
EL: Media/Press.
Committee: 12th Night Party in January.
MP: Swing as needed.

PD made a motion for the above people to head up what he has listed in the minutes. EL seconded. Motion passes.

7.0 11/7/04 is the date for the next meeting: 7pm Miceli’s – Studio City. TL: [Arrive at 6:00 for dinner. Meeting begin promptly at 7:00pm.]

PD Made a motion to adjourn. 2nd by EL. Motion carries.
9:38 pm.