Meeting Date: 07/28/15 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Will and Ariel Durant Library, 7140 Sunset Blvd, LA, Ca. 90046

Details: 1. Meeting called to order

2. Announcements

3. Discussion of current cultural, entertainment and public events in HHWNC areas. Feedback from Stakeholders about these events, continued interest, support from HHWNC impact on communities, etc. How HHWNC can contribute and promote existing events.

4. New events.  Suggestions from stakeholders about events that they would like to see initiated in HHWNC areas.  These may include but not limited to Music, Dance, Theater, Lectures, Library and School events, Art, Food, etc.

5. New Committee members.  HHWNC welcomes and encourages stakeholders to join the Cultural Resources Committee.  We're looking for members who will help us preserve and support the Hollywood Hills Cultural traditions we love and to bring some fresh ideas and new insights to our committee.

6. Public Comment

7. Meeting adjourned 



IN ATTENDANCE:  Sunta Izzicupo/ Cultural chair, HHWNC, John Frank, Committee member and Head Librarian, Durant Library, Grant Wallensky, Area 6 Committee Chair, HHWNC

Intro and review:  Sunta introduced the idea of expanding and adding to the exisiting programs at our library.  John Frank was prepared with several suggestions as follows:

Possiblitiy of staging a DRAMATIC READING of ARE YOU NOW OR HAVE YOU EVER BEEN, a play by Eric Bentley about the Black List authors to  commemorate BANNED BOOKS WEEK.
suggestions of getting known actors to read.  HHWNC to help with promotion and publicity.

HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL- John Frank is interested in exploring an event in the library in conjunction with Hollywood Fringe Theater Festival.  He will provide more info.

 Possiblitiy of utilitizing the library meeting room as a "GALLERY" for local artists. Perhaps a contest, judged by local artists and critics and a dedicated space for locals to exhibit.
Sharon Rudahl and Terry Robbins local, professional artists to assist.

MOVIE SERIES at the Library- the meeting room can accomodate 60-70 guests.  Suggested an expansion of normal movie schedule for a themed series we promote–Independent Film Series, Documentary Series, Holiday series.  Professional screenwriters, Directors, Directors of Photography, Editors- could enhance the experience with mini-reception after films, talking about their work and fielding questions.   HHWNC to assist with publicity, promotion, perhaps additonal security to keep library open in evening.  Discussed idea of minimum honorarium for professional speakers. will explore HHWNC policies.

UNDERGROUND CARTOONIST OF THE 60'S.- John has contacts to make this possible. would requiring insuring the artwork, preparing and hanging the art and additonal security.

Grant suggested speaking with other NC's for bigger projects- Joshua Paget with New Urbanization Movement and local businesses, i.e. the Sundance Theater for sponsorship.

John will work on budgets for each of these proposed events and submit them.

We will review and discuss at next Committee meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm.