Meeting Date: 08/17/04 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: St Thomas Church Parish Hall
7501 Hollywood Blvd

Details: AGENDA:

Review of Board Meeting Minutes
Budget Survey Results
Opening Remarks from Chair
Overview of committee’s mission
Review Past Activities/Needs
Open Discussion of Proposed Activities
Next Meeting

Minutes of the meeting of the Cultural Committee on 17 August 2004:

Chair Wilson Bell brought the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. Vince
Vitale took the minutes of the meeting.

Present: Teresa Larkin, Wilson Bell, Vince Vitale, Lynn Hendell,
Amata Rose, Paul Kimmell, Jane Neilson, and Eve Rappaport.

Each person in attendance introduced him/herself. Chair emphasized the importance of the committee’s involvement in the community, as well as the strength of the committee members as creative resources.

Vince Vitale stressed the importance of meeting attendance and giving input by using the suggestion forms available online at the HHWNC site.

Chair read the existing Mission Statement, suggested revising it to meet committee’s purpose.

Teresa and Jane were nominated to draft a new mission statement and
send it to Wilson for comments before presenting back to the
committee. Jane and Teresa will have a mission statement to present at next meeting, September 15.

Wilson asked for idea on how to achieve the goals in the mission
statement, such as awareness in the community.

During open discussion, the committee identified ways to publicize and direct attention to various centers in Hollywood.
Vince suggested directing attention to places that are underutilized as well as centers that receive public money. Others agreed.

Suggestions/ideas that come out of meetings that do not pertain to the Cultural committee will be given to the appropriate committee for their consideration. Develop connectivity and connections.

Past Events: No committee member in attendance had any knowledge of past events produced by the Cultural committee.

Liz mentioned the idea of having brainstorming workshops to gather information from others. Tentatively named, “Working Group,” could contain social and cultural aspects as well as have redeeming value.

10 Minute Open Discussion on the Mission Statement:
1. Real-city aspects of Hollywood, as well as the obvious Hollywood stuff
2. It was suggested we call the “Cultural Resources, Entertainment and Public Events Committee” simply “The Cultural Committee”
3. We should include the word “Hollywood” into the mission statement;
4. Celebration, cultural diversity, unity should be major elements of the mission statement
5. Giving voice to people in the local neighborhood council,
grassroots and empowerment
6. Cultural Diversity
7. Involvement and bringing together people
8. Stewardship is a caretaker, nurturer because you care about
something for the future; Jews, Muslims and Christians all have this
element in their religions; it is a gift that you have to be
responsible for
9. Creation of public events or initiate celebration of Hollywood
10. The culture of transience is one of the elements in Hollywood which is often ignored

Chair the Outreach Committee’s new mission statement to compare to Cultural committee’s mission statement. A distinction
between the two committees – Cultural and Outreach – Cultural is more focused on entertainment and creative implementation while Outreach is more focused on education and overall “outreach”. Outreach can use Cultural to get people to come out.

Teresa: In her experience nothing happens in a committee when their goals are not listed in the mission statement.

Vince expressed concern about a “cold invitation” from organizations. This might make people feel isolated or unwelcome without a personal outreach.

Jane suggested having a slogan for the Cultural committee.

Wilson asked for two concrete ideas that the committee can focus on this year.

Ideas for the committee projects:
1. Wilson would like to do something with young people, and involve cultural ethnicity in the Hollywood community.
2. Cultural project as a compendium of cultural and religious
3. A big potluck with ethnic food, tables with different types of food, arranged in a park with entertainment.
4. Pedestrian Hollywood, a cultural tour or series of tours.
5. Holiday party, like the one on the 22nd of September, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce in the Annex.
6. Theater Nights highlighting some of the smaller theaters in
7. Culture of Peace. Based on the International Year of Peace, a UN Unesco Culture of Peace 2000. This started as something for children.
8. Art Wall for displaying artwork from citizens. Although it is difficult to do this sort of thing generally, we could do it as a
council activity.
9. Quilting Project with sewing or with bags.
10. Winter Holiday Party.
11. Awards for teens, neighborhoods, (the “Hollys.”)
By the next election, we have to have two events. Budget is $20,000.

Teresa talked about venting tensions because nothing happened last year.
She emphasized focusing on what we really want to do. We are the
ones who are going to make it happen. She recommended setting
up a youth talent event, a food fair, a weekly presence at the Farmer’s

Next Meeting: Sept 22 at 6:30pm.

Projected Events:
1) Pedestrian Hollywood (Walking Cultural Tour) or
Night out @ the Theater – Mid October Timeframe
2) Hollywood Community Quilt – March
3) Youth Peach Project (UN Unesco Culture of Peace Project) – April
4) Awards Presentations (TBD / named “Hollies”).

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 p.m.