Meeting Date: 10/27/04 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: 1817 Fuller Ave #204


Wednesday, October 27, 2004 6:30-8:30pm

1817 Fuller Ave #204


1) Call To Order
2) Review / Acceptance of minutes
3) Discussion of Objectives
4)Review proposed activities/schedule plan
a)Pedestrian Hollywood (Walking Cultural Tour) or
Night out @ the Theater – Mid October Timeframe
b) Hollywood Community Quilt – March
c) Youth Outreach Project (UN Unesco Culture of Peace Project) – April
d) Awards Presentations (TBD / named “Hollies”).


Cultural Committee Meeting
October 28, 2004

7pm – Call to order


Paul Kimmel,Ramona Rhoades, Lynne Hendel, Claire Guy, Wilson Bell

Jane’s version of the mission statement was read. It was agreed to be a good starting point for revisions.

Discussion of Cultural Committee activities:

Claire suggested investigating Cinegrill at Roosevelt Hotel. At this point we don’t have a lot of detailed information regarding this, and also a concern for the expense of the usage of this space was expressed.

Reviewed proposed activities for Hollywood Stroll and Theater Night events.

First – Hollywood Stroll proposal from Vince Vitale was read.

Second – Overview of Theater Night proposed by Ramona Rhoades was read.

We took a vote on which to pursue and decided on the Theater Night by unanimous decision.

We set a date for the event:

December 4, Saturday Night, and December 5 as alternative

Ramona will investigate what theaters are open during those dates and what shows are on if any.

She will also see if they have space for a reception after the show. The reception will give people an opportunity to meet, mingle, get to know each other, etc.

Ramona will report via email to Wilson this information by next Wednesday, November 3.

Ramona will also check into Fast Pass – Season Tix with West Coast Ensemble to use for multiple guest.

Discussion – The quilt project – will have to contact Eve Rappaport.

Culture of Peace/UN/UNESCO –
Promotes Non-Violence.
Paul will send out line of project to Wilson by November 3 and he will begin
to gather contacts and information to get project together.

Wilson will speak with Dan about procedure to make a motion regarding the Theater Night.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:40p.m.