Meeting Date: 08/15/06 06:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

1 block west of La Brea.- southwest corner of Sunset & Detroit St.
Free parking available behind library-enter on Detroit St.
ADA Compliant

MEETING DATE: Tuesday, AUGUST 15th, 2006
TIME: 6:00PM-7:50PM
(1 block west of La Brea.- southwest corner of Sunset & Detroit St.)
Free parking available behind library-enter on Detroit St.
ADA Compliant


1. Call to order, welcome & introductions by EMS committee chair, Rena Dheming. Introduction of Stacy Marble, newly appointed Deputy Field Representative for Council District 4 from Councilmember Tom LaBonge.

2. Chair’s updates, reports and important announcements-including upcoming disaster preparedness CERT ( Community Emergency Response Team ) , 7-week training program to begin Wednesday, August 23rd, from 7pm-9:30pm. Registration, location and RSVP contact info will be made available at meeting. Also, current update on Los Angeles Fire Department’s Ordinance, RED FLAG/NO PARKING DAY summer hillside enforcement program, and on recent RED FLAG DAY motion presented by EMS committee to HHWNC Board at May 25th, 2006 Board meeting, requesting that HHWNC recommend to affected hillside residents co-operation with Los Angeles Fire Department’s requirements on RED FLAG DAYS, “for the sake of protecting life and property”- and to prevent vehicle towing. Motion passed. Brief discussion & possible motion and vote.

2. Presentation by LAPD Communications Division representative and 911 Unit Dispatcher, Marcos Mendoza, with Q & A, regarding the detailed process and procedures of a 911 call from start to finish. Also, information on upcoming educational tours ( time & date TBA ) , given by Mr. Mendoza, of actual 911 Dispatch Center in Los Angeles area.

3.Presentation by Trisha LaBelle, founder of The Hospitality Association, a nightclub owners association dedicated to attempting to create unity and formidable communications between the nightclub operators and the community. Q & A, discussion and possible motion and vote.

4. Brief announcement and report on recent motion made on July 19th, by EMS committee to support previously voted on and passed motion by Area 3, to aid in mitigating ongoing major traffic, and late night calls to police and disturbing the peace activities regarding nightclub and late-night restaurant patrons in between Highland Ave. and Cahuenga Ave.. Motion was presented to HHWNC Board at July 26th Board meeting by EMS committee. Board denied support of motion. EMS chair & committee members raised issues regarding questionable circumstances surrounding decision. Brief discussion & possible motion and vote.

5. Comments and possible discussion on any pending or unfinished business within EMS committee. Possible motion and vote.

6. Public comment on non-agenda items.

7. Final comments by Chair and scheduling of next meeting.

8. Adjournment

Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council
EMS Police & Fire Issue Committee Meeting
DATE: AUGUST 15TH, 2006, 6PM
Will & Ariel Durant Branch Library
7140 N. Sunset Blvd. Holllywood, CA.
Committee Chair: Rena Dheming


At approximately 6PM, meeting was called to order
by HHWNC EMS Police & Fire committee chair, Rena
Rena introduced, Stacy Marble, the recently
appointed Deputy Field representative for Council
District 4, from Councilmember Tom LaBonge’s office.
Stacy explained a motion District 4 Councilman Tom
LaBonge, had recently presented to the City Council-
proposing the revival of “First Fridays”- an
emergency/disaster preparedness movement, based on
honoring every first Friday of the month, as a day to
practice safety drills and emergency preparedness
awareness for unexpected emergencies such as
earthquakes, fires, terrorist attacks, and such, and
to take a step towards raising the awareness of such
disaster preparedness imlementations, to the general
communities. HHWNC EMS Police & Fire chair, Rena
Dheming, made a motion that:
” In the interests of promoting emergency disaster
safety planning in homes, schools and communities-and
towards the goal of raising the public’s awareness
regarding the importance of emergency disaster
preparation and planning, The Hollywood Hills West
Neighborhood Council EMS Police & Fire committee-
votes to support Councilmember Tom LaBonge’s proposal
to the City Council, regarding the re-instatement of
‘First Fridays’.”
Motion was then seconded and passed unanimously-
with 5 in favor of the motion, 0 against and no
EMS Chair’s updates: Rena announced that
registration was still open to those interested in
signing up for the upcoming CERT ( Community Emergency
Response Team ) volunteer 7-week training program-
taught by a highly experienced firefighter/CERT
instructor. Classes will be held every consecutive
Wednesday, from 7pm to 9:30pm, starting on August
23rd 2006.She provided registration and RSVP info.
Curriculum will include triage techniques-
search-and-rescue and others.
Chair reported that a recent motion made by the
EMS committee, regarding promoting the outreach
efforts of the HHWNC to the hillside areas affected by
the RED FLAG/NO PARKING ordinance implemented by the
LA Fire Department and Department of transportation-
was presented to the HHWNC Board, and passed at the
May 25th HHWNC Board meeting.
Next on the agenda, was a presentation by LAPD
Communications Division representative and 911 Unit
Dispatcher, Marcos Mendoza. Mr. Mendoza gave an
excellent and detailed explanation on what the general
steps and procedures are by 911 operators and
dispatchers, during actual 911 calls. He also answered
questions, and gave a brief update on current
opportunities available for anyone interested in
becoming a 911 operator. He also stated that he was
available to give tours of the 911 Dispatch Center, in
the Downtown area.
Next on the agenda was Tricia LaBelle, owner of a
bar & restaurant venue located on Cherokee Ave.- in
the Hollywood area, and who is also a co-founder of
the Hollywood Hospitality Association , a
nightclub/restaurant/bar owners association, dedicated
to to attempting to create unity and formidable
communications between the nightclub operators, and
and the Hollywood area community, while working to
support local LAPD. Tricia stated the observations-
from a venue operator’s perspective, regarding the
problematic traffic congestion and nuisance issues in
the area of Hollywood Blvd.- especially between Vine
and La Brea Aves. She presented a moratorium proposal-
drafted by her and her association, requesting that LA
Zoning and Planning, as well as local neighborhood
councils, support the moratorium requesting that no
new dance hall permits be supported, in the Hollywood
Blvd. area between La Brea and Vine Ave.She elaborated
on the conditions and reasons. After group discussion
and dialogue, motion was made to support the Hollywood
Hospitality Association’s request to support the
proposed moratorium. Motion passed, with 5 in support
of the motion, 0 against and 0 abstentions.
Lastly, Rena reported that at the July 26th-
2006 HHWNC Board meeting, the HHWNC Board had not
supported the prior motion made by Area 3 stakeholder-
Bill Becker, passed at an HHWNC area 3 meeting last
year, and then re-presented at the EMS committee
meeting held on July 19th, proposing that the HHWNC
Area 3’s passed motion to not support anymore new
nightclub/restaurant applications, that would require
a parking variance.
After final comments by chair and stakeholders-
meeting was adjourned at 7:50pm.