Meeting Date: 02/03/11 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Special

Location: Will & Ariel Durant Library 7140 W. Sunset Blvd. LA, 90046


                     Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council
                HHWNC Joint Committee Chairs Roundtable & Forum



1) Introduction & Review HHWNC Committee Chairs
HHWNC is made up of 9 Issue Committees and 9 Geographic areas.
Each of the 9 Issues Committees address major issues of the general HHWNC membership.
Each of the 9 Areas Committee represent their geographic area within HHWNC boundaries.
Please see attending Committee Chairs below
2) Roundtable of HHWNC 9 Issues Committees ~ Hear related Issues these Committees address
     a. HHWNC Committee Chair forum and discussion ~ Idea exchange, working with committees and stakeholders
     b. MOTIONS AND VOTES.  Chair and stakeholder suggestions may be voted on to be brought before the HHWNC BOD  
     c. Steven Shmerler – Website 
     *This meeting is a roundtable / forum  style meeting.  There will be no individual committees motions to be voted on.
All stakeholders are welcome and invited to attend and give input under public comment
3) Public Comment

HHWNC Committee Chairs   

*Confirmed Attending Chairs

Issue Committee 1  Traffic, public transportation and parking ~ Chair: Seat Open
Issue Committee 2  Youth development, education and recreational resources ~ Chair:  Brian Johnson *
Issue Committee 3  Business development, planning and support resources ~ Chair:  Terry Migliaccio *
Issue Committee 4  Infrastructure, public and regulated resources and services ~ Chair: Maria Rychliki *
Issue Committee 5  Housing, Social and Human Services, Religious and Charitable Organizations, planning and support ~ Chair: Marcello Robinson *
Issue Committee 6  Emergency services, police and fire ~ Chair: Valorie Keegan *
Issue Committee 7  Environment, beautification, preservation and aesthetics ~ Chair: Alison Connell *
Issue Committee 8  Cultural resources, entertainment and public events ~ Chair: Barbara Witkin *
Issue Committee 9  Community development, networking and outreach ~ Chair: Chris Kaufman
Area Committee 1 ~ Chair: Daniel Savage *
Area Committee 2 ~ Chair: Bryce Lowrey *
Area Committee 3 ~ Chair: Robin Moreno
Area Committee 4 ~ Chair: Joyce Dyrector *
Area Committee 5 ~ Chair: Jarone Johnson
Area Committee 6 ~ Chair: Dietrich Nelson *
Area Committee 7 ~ Chair: Rebecca Arce *
Area Committee 8 ~ Chair: Don Ryan *
Area Committee 9 ~ Chair: Jon Sweet


Issue Committees

The Issue Committees have been formed to address major issues of the general membership. As those issues are resolved, Issue Committees may change their focus with the approval of the stakeholders by majority vote.  Each of the nine (9) Issue Committees will be open to all stakeholders regardless of area.  A Stakeholder may be a member of each Issue Committee.

The Issue Committees are as follows: (1) Traffic, public transportation and parking; (2) Youth development, education and recreational resources; (3) Business development, planning and support resources; (4) Infrastructure, public and regulated resources and services; (5) Housing, Social and Human Services, Religious and Charitable Organizations, planning and support; (6) Emergency services, police and fire; (7) Environment, beautification, preservation and aesthetics; (8) Cultural resources, entertainment and public events; and (9) Community development, networking and outreach.


Area Committees

Each of the nine (9) Area Committees will open to all stakeholders within its respective borders.

Area Committees of (1) Hollywood Knolls/Manor/Lake Hollywood/Forest Lawn, (2) Cahuenga Pass/Universal City, (3) Yucca Corridor/Whitley Heights/Cahuenga East, (4) Hollywood Heights/Hollywood Blvd, (5) Outpost/ Cahuenga West, (6) Nichols Canyon/Runyon Canyon/Wattles Park, (7) Spaulding Square/Hollywood-Sunset Flats, (8) Mt. Olympus/Laurel Canyon Road, (9) Briar Summit/Woodrow Wilson/Mulholland Drive.



Draft Minutes

Thursday, February 3, 2011  "Special"  HHWNC Committee Chairs Roundtable & Forum

Call to order:  6:34 PM  "Special "    Acting Chair for Roundtable Forum:  Valorie Keegan 

HHWNC Committee Chairs in attendance included: Issue Committee 2 Youth development, education and recreational resources ~ Chair: Brian Johnson – Issue Committee 3 Business development, planning and support resources ~ Chair: Terry Migliaccio – Issue Committee 4 Infrastructure, public and regulated resources and services ~ Chair: Maria Rychliki – Issue Committee 5 Housing, Social and Human Services, Religious and Charitable Organizations, planning and support ~ Chair Marcello Robinson  – Issue Committee 6 Emergency services, police and fire ~ Chair: Valorie Keegan  – Issue Committee 7 Environment, beautification, preservation and aesthetics ~ Chair: Alison Connell – Issue Committee 8 Cultural resources, entertainment and public events ~ Chair: Barbara Witkin – Area Committee 2 ~ Chair: Bryce Lowrey – Area Committee 4 ~ Chair: Joyce Dyrector –Area Committee 6 ~ Chair: Dietrich Nelson   

Public Comment:
Nicole Carcel representing State Assembly Member Mike Feuer (42nd District ) Ms. Carcel stated she and the Assemblymember are looking forward to attending our HHWNC Board meeting.

1.) Introduction and Review:
Chair (acting) began with a review for committee chairs basic procedure; agendas, meetings and follow up from meetings.
Comments / Suggestion:  A handout  or some "how to" type printed or booklet / manual containing basic procedure for Committee Chairs would be very helpful for new board members. 

2.)Issue Committee Chair Roundtable: Seven attending Issue Committee Chairs and Three Area Chairs.
a.)Each Issue Committee read current committee’s description.

3.)Forum and discussion; Forum and discussion of how we can be more effective and better work together and for our stakeholders.
Comments / Suggestions and Ideas discussed were: 
a.) Many Issue Committee Chairs expressed a desire for a more clearly defined committee description, function, focus and roles of each Issue Committee Chair.
b.) A need for better and enhanced outreach to stakeholders.  
c.) Create outreach materials for NC awareness and direction to NC web-site. 
d.) Possible Newsletter. 
e.) Possible use of social media  
f.) More and enhanced communication between board members.  
g) Suggestion of possibly combining Issue Committees to be more effective and reduce committee cross over, confusion and overlap.

4.)Stakeholder comment:  Important Issues were public safety, cleaner streets and parks.

5.)Agenda Item 2.c. not heard. Steven Shmerler did not attend due to meeting time constraints.

Adjourned:  "special"    7:58 PM 

NOTE: This was a first meeting of Committee Chairs.  There were no prior minutes, items, reports or unfinished business.