Meeting Date: 12/16/11 06:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: 2101 Highland Avenue 90068


Environment, Preservation Committee
DATE:  Friday December 16, 2011
LOCATION: Camrose Bungalows 2101 Highland Avenue – Corner of Highland and Camrose/Milner
TIME:  6 PM – 7 PM
I.) Call to Order
II.) Committee Announcements
III.) Hollywood Gateway sign:
Discussion of Hollywood Gateway located in the traffic trinagle at Wilcox/Franklin/Cahuenga regarding repair, replacement and other maintance. Merle Singer will provide more details.
Possible Motion and Vote to fund $4000 to replace one letter of the sign.

VII.) Public Comment



HHWNC Environment/Beautification Committee Meeting

12-16-11 Camrose Bungalows

Attended by Cynthia Martinez, Jody Dowden, Merle Singer, Nyla Arslanian and Alison Connell (HHWNC Chair)

Call to order at 6:07 PM

Agenda Item

Hollywood Gateway

Merle Singer has an interest in completing the Hollywood Gateway area and sign. For 10 years the sign has not been lit, she would like to ask the neighborhood council for $4000 to repair one of the letters of the "Hollywood" sign. The letters are laminated glass panes and cost approximately $4000 per letter.

Merle is asking the adjacent neighborhood councils and the business improvement developments groups for funding for the remaining 3 letters that need to be repaired dues to vandalism/cracks in the letters.

Currently there is no additional funding.

Currently there is no ongoing maintenance or repair fund for the area. Merle would like to have an annual fundraising event to cover these costs.

Currently Merle has a ‘’ website asking for an $500k endowment to fund all current and future requirements for the ‘Gateway’. This is against current NC guidelines as NC’s cannot fund areas/items that have corporate or some other type of sponsorship.

The sign is currently set up to have a rainbow of colors through fiber optics that randomly change at a set interval.

There was no quorum at the meeting so no vote for a motion was available.
Public comment was the this is a very important project to the area and that they would support the NC in doing good work such as this and would love to see it happen {lighting of the sign}.

Meeting adjourned at 6:35PM