Meeting Date: 04/03/11 05:30 PM

Meeting Type: Special

Location: The Grill Restaurant at Hollywood & Highland Complex; 4th floor; Highland and Hollywood Blvds. Hollywood, CA 90068 323-856 5530


1.       Meeting call to order by president

1.       Meeting call to order by president
2.      Executive Committee Roll Call by Secretary or Parliamentarian
3.      Presentation of Grant Application for Emergency Preparedness for HHWNC by City of LA for vote
4.      Discussion
5.      VOTE to Approve filing of Grant Application to submit to City by Wednesday, April 6, 2011 (extended deadline)
6.      Meeting adjournment
April 3, 2011
The Grill @ Hollywood & Highland
6801 Hollywood Blvd # 407
Los Angeles, CA 90028-6145
1. Call to Order by President Anastasia Mann:  5:30 pm
2. Roll Call by Parliamentarian, Aaron Rogers.  Officers present:  Anastasia Mann, Orrin Feldman, Michael Meyer and Aaron Rogers.  Officer absent:  Khaled Kaawar.  Other HHWNC board members present:  Valorie Keegan, Barbara Witkin, Dietrich Nelson.
3. EMD Grant Proposal– Valorie explained that the City of Los Angeles, Emergency Management Department (EMD) has been awarded a grant to develop an emergency preparedness neighborhood plan template which can be used by all of the NC’s in the City.  EMD will be selecting a contractor to develop the template.  Once developed, EMD will select one NC to partner with as a pilot neighborhood to create a personalized community plan. 
Once the community emergency plan is drafted, the EMD will then "test" components of the plan as part of an exercise based around the 2011 ShakeOut exercise in October.  Only 5 NCs were selected to submit applications and HHWNC was one.  The special meeting was called to complete the application in time for the City’s deadline. The City was late in notifying HHWNC.
Michael moved that the HHWNC submit the required documentation to say we are interested in being the NC that participates in developing the customized template and that we are enthusiastic about participating in the October drill.  Orrin seconded.  Valorie proposed an application draft.  Minor revisions were made.  The vote approving the application was unanimous.  
Michael moved that Anastasia be authorized to write an appropriate cover letter.  Orrin seconded.  The vote approving the authorization was unanimous.
The meeting adjourned at 6:00 pm.

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