Meeting Date: 09/27/07 04:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Renaissance Hollywood Hotel
Private Dining Room in Twist Restaurant
1755 N. Highland Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028

Details: Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council

1. Call to Order by President Anastasia Mann at 4:06 pm

2. Roll Call by Secretary Bruce Gorelick. The following members were present:
a. William Bell
b. Orrin Feldman
c. Jennifer Fitzgerald
d. Bruce Gorelick
e. Anastasia Mann

3. Executive Committee Comment
a. Anastasia Mann – The purpose of this meeting is to discuss ongoing complaints regarding a board member. There have been several complaints about the board member’s conduct at meetings, conduct with regard to persons working with the HHWNC and the ad hoc committee, agitation, disharmony in the meetings and a number of other issues.

b. Bruce Gorelick (comment) – We become more irrelevant when the meeting is poor in conduct; it is up to us to be professional; personal attacks are embarrassing.

c. Orrin Feldman (comment) – several people have raised similar issues; everyone has raised the same concern(s); the person with whom they are having their difficulties and concerns is with one board member.

d. Jennifer Fitzgerald (comment) there has also even been some safety concerns.

e. Anastasia Mann (comment) – One particular stakeholder felt physically threatened and others have complained. I have discussed the issues with the City Attorneys Office.

Agenda Item 3 is read by Anastasia Mann which states updated report from individual members of the Executive Committee regarding their activities, including a meeting with representatives of NBC Universal Vision Plan and the Thomas Properties Group projects and discussion of concerns expressed by NBC Universal and Thomas Properties Group representatives regarding the rather hostile method of communication by a board member.

4. Public Comment: Renee Schillaci, Vice. President, Planning. &. Development, NBC Universal – Our goal is to continue to work with your Neighborhood Council; this is about being civil and respectful; members of our team are frightened and uncomfortable

a. Anastasia Mann makes an apology to NBC Universal on behalf of the entire board about the behavior and will work to resolve the issues.

5. Agenda Item 4 & 5 are read by Anastasia Mann which read — (#4) executive Committee recommending the President and/or Board provide a response to the representatives of NBC Universal and Thomas Properties Group and other prior complainants regarding the involved board member and a report to the full board. Discussion regarding the appropriate response, including discussion of requirements of reporting grievances including the allowable procedure for removal of a board member under the bylaws. — (#5) to the Board from the Executive Committee on amending the bylaws to include an alternative removal procedures for board members beyond the current requirement that requires a stakeholder petition.

a. Anastasia Mann — responds that the current bylaws provide that removal of a board member requires 50 stakeholders signatures along with 2/3 vote of the board. A petition was started about 7 months ago; some stakeholders were concerned and/or frightened about using their address so they did not submit it. Another method of removal would be a bylaw amendment; which would require a special meeting announcement posted 30 days in advance stating what the meeting is about to include a method of removal. A 3rd suggestion would be to speak with the board member to explain the numerous grievances and ask if she would consider stepping down from the board to avoid this situation.

b. The election procedures have not been accepted as of yet. If the dates are not accepted it could keep the election procedures from being on time. If the dates are not accepted we will have to move the election to January.

c. Discussion is open to talk about alternatives.

d. (A phone call is placed to the City Attorney’s office for clarification; the conversation is not recorded)

e. (A call is received from the City Attorney’s office, the conversation is not recorded)

f. William Bell suggests that a resolution by the board is made. Recommends a summation we will precede with the removal process without regard to the type process it will be.

g. On September 27, 2007, the Executive Committee met to discuss the numerous complaints made to Executive Committee members by stakeholders, including residents, businesses, board members, public officials and other members of the community regarding the conduct of a certain board member. After lengthy discussion, the Executive Committee voted unanimously to advise the complainants that their remedy is to pursue the removal process as outlined in Article VII of the HHWNC bylaws.

i. Anastasia Mann makes a motion that all those in favor of the resolution as stated please raise your hand.
VOTE: unanimous

6. The agenda will be posted on Friday for Monday’s meeting.

7. The time for comments will be limited to 1 minute.

8. Anastasia Mann will make a clarification regarding the counting of abstentions.
Abstentions count as a yes vote by the city ordinance for the City Council and the City Commissions. Roberts Rules of order considers an abstention a No vote.

9. An advance email will be sent to the board member in question by Anastasia Mann regarding the upcoming meeting agenda item followed by an email to the full board.

10. Due to the grievances and the concerns regarding suggestions of possible conflict of interest of certain Ad Hoc committee members resulting from the complaints filed-and with consultation of the City Attorney’s office, the Ad Hoc Committee will be disbanded at least temporarily by Anastasia Mann at the October 1st board meeting. The executive committee voted unanimous support for this decision.

11. Meeting adjourned 6:31 pm by Anastasia Mann.