The HHWNC ad hoc committee on the Hollywood Community Plan Update 2 has written a proposed response to The Plan, which will be considered at the February 21 HHWNC Board Meeting. The response letter, along with supplemental materials (meeting minutes, stakeholder feedback, letters from community groups and HOAs) can be downloaded through the links below. Also included are links to the various HCPU2 documents.

Response Documents

Proposed Response Letter

Supplemental Materials (Addendum)

Briar Summit Ownership Email

Briar Summit Open Space Preserve

Alexander Totz Letter

Hollywood Community Plan Update 2 Documents

Download the full text of the HCPU2 here

Proposed Land Use Map – map of all proposed zone changes, labeled with a subarea number

Land Use & Zone Change Matrix – details on each subarea’s proposed zone changes

Q & D Matrix – additional details on height/density conditions for the proposed subarea zone changes