Below are links to LAPD programs focused on Accountability and Community Outreach. Many of these programs and reports are under reported and not generally known. Please share them with your neighbors.

Information on the Use of Force:

LAPD 2019 Report on the Use of Force (with easy to follow graphics)

Use of Force Investigations

2019 Investigations (some with very descriptive videos including body cams)

How to File a Complaint :

This can be done many ways, including just going to to the closest police station.

Form to File a Complaint

Information on the Police Complaints and Board of Rights Panel

A civilian panel which determines the facts in a complaint case.

Application to be a civilan member of the Board of Rights Panel

Leading Edge Community Focused Programs

LAPD Partnership with the Museum of Tolerance for training on racial bias:

LAPD partnership with the Museum of Tolerance – Tools for Tolerance® for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

Community Policing Projects


UCLA study finds strong support for LAPD’s community policing program