TheĀ CPABĀ Mission
Community-Police Advisory Boards (CPAB) were created to provide community members with an opportunity to provide information and advice to their respective Area and to take information from the Police Department back to the community.

To sign up to join the meeting, please email: Hollywood CPAB Secretary <[email protected]>

Conducted via zoom meeting by Captain Steve Lurie.

General Notes. Please verify accuracy.

-Car theft and small spike in office burglaries
-Runyon open with reduced hours ā€“ LAPD will patrol (by horse back and air).
-Not writing citations for masks or distancing, just reminding and providing information

4th of July:
-all officers on duty
-When you see an ignition source (fireworks) ā€“ call 911

Police Funding
-They are working for CPAB to be at the table when discussing. ā€“ counsel to mayor and police dept. ā€“ Ferris Wehbe is leading this.
-How do we envision police delivery

During the Protests
-The National Guard was not here to do arrests. They were only here for the most serious incidents. The general in charge of the National Guard works for the governor (not LAPD). They were not here to police, just to protect life and be visual deterrent. This is why they stood by during some of the looting.
-37 business locations suffered some damage from the looting

Public Prosecutor Report (Ethan WeaverĀ [email protected]Ā )
-More party houses with bars and clubs closed
-They are overwhelmed with party house calls

Process to report party houses. Information needed:

-party house address number
-video tape what is happening
-email Ethan and report to senior lead officer