These are notes from Zoom meetings lead by Steve Lurie, the Commanding Officer LAPD Hollywood Area. Follow him on Twitter @LAPDLurie.  Please verify all items independently for accuracy.


-The Sunday protest was about 50k people, an unbroken change from Hollywood to Orange – no issues
-During the protests about 1k total arrested. 56 for felonies.
-Officers have ha no days off since state of emergency (protests) – 12hr on and 12 off
-There have been threats to the police station – currently surrounded like a fortress
-National guard are mostly 18-23 years olds – They will be leaving now.
-LAPD budget in some years can be close to 1/2 of the city’s budget
-LAFD fire has brush controls out now on patrol to spot fires in case they come up – over the next 48 to 72 hours.

-If you would like to make donations to the police department- Hollywood Police Support Assocation – hpsa

-Pride/BLM march is scheduled for – June 14
-On Monday the 15th things will be back to normal if nothing changes.

-Mental health services are overburdened
-Right now they can only handle emergency calls for service – they don’t respond to general items. Mental health issues not followed up on.

Compared to other police departments LAPD is at front of the line for significant reforms.

-Consent decree

-They use body cams

-The choke hold was already banned for LAPD.

Protesters often spent six hours in police custody to be booked. Violating curfew is like a speeding ticket, so the six hours  is more than they would have if they would have gotten normally.


-They lost 21 police cars or trucks – 3 are permanent. That is a lot for them.
-Their walls are plastered with notes from children. People are stepping up to say thank you and this is very appreciated. Please thank police officers when you see them.

-they do not use tear gas. They do not use against protesters. Hasn’t happened, not even in the 92 riots.

-Only one personal complaint at this time which was wrong.

-On a regular day they have 20 to 40 officers in the field – lately it has been 100s and dozens of national guard.

-He finds out about protests by searching Google:  protest today Hollywood

– Protest permits allow them to plan. They don’t need a permit, no penalty or consequence. It is a convenience for them.

-National guard: they protect people and protect structures. They have not fired any item.

-LAPD don’t use the pepper ball system.

-A list of vandalized business is coming so people can help.

-W. Hollywood & Beverly Hills are blocking their cities each night.