Meeting Date: 01/13/11 07:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Women’s Club of Hollywood


  1. Call to Order


  1. Introduction of Agenda


  1. The New Hollywood Community Plan:
    1. Distribution of updates and/or changes to the Hollywood Community Plan.
    2. Possible discussion, vote and motion to support updates and/or changes to the plan.


  1. Housing Issues:
    1. Renters: Bedbug Outbreak – Discussion of partnering with Volunteer Center of Los Angeles to canvass community in order to bring awareness to the issue.


    1. Renters: Discussion: Vendor Parking – Due to the lack of street parking, vendors are being ticketed and some refuse to service apartment buildings that do not provide parking. Discussion of possible solutions and suggestions to remedy the lack of day time and emergency parking necessary for residential building maintenance providers.


  1. Human & Social Services Issues:
    1. Job Fair: Possible discussion, motion and vote to support organizing a job fair within our boundaries. Job fair would be held mid or late summer 2011.


    1. Treasure Box: Discussion of utilizing services from The Treasure Box for HHWNC community and stakeholders: Possible motion and vote to support hosting the Treasure Box food program in our community.,


                                                              i.      The Treasure Box provides families and individuals with a substantial box of grocery store quality food retailing between $60-$85 for just $32 each. The Treasure Box cultivates relationships with more than 500 major food manufacturers across the country to purchase and provide top quality, nutritious food at sizeable volume discounts to the general public.


  1. Guest Speaker: Rebecca Lobl , President of LA Coalition for Neighborhoods
    1. LA Coalition for Neighborhoods is a non profit organization dedicated to supporting and strengthening the City Planning Department’s Proposed Ordinance regulating community care facilities and boarding homes in order to maintain the City’s low density residential neighborhoods.  For more information regarding the Proposed Ordinance please visit our website at
    2. Discussion, motion and vote to support proposed ordinance


7.  Public Comments

8.  Adjournment

Housing Chair Marcello Robinson called the meeting to order at 7:16 pm with an introduction of his committee and its agenda. 

The first item on the agenda was the Hollywood Community Plan.  Chair provided a questionnaire from LA City Planning for stakeholders to fill out and mail in.
Questionnaire posted on HHWNC web-site – Housing Committee.   LA City Planning hope to present the New Hollywood Community Plan to Neighborhood Councils in the near future.
Chair introduced next agenda item:  The issue of bed bugs in the City.  Suggestion were to create an information and awareness brochure to be distributed throughout the community, working with the Volunteer Center.  Bed bug eradication information is available on the Housing Committee page of  
Chair introduced next item; Lack of vendor parking in apartment building areas. This has become a major problem in high density areas of our neighborhood council.  Suggestions from committee members were:  Work with HHWNC Traffic / Parking committee and LADOT to find solutions.  Possibly some kind of exempt parking pass while they are servicing these buildings. Possible use of 15 minute parking space that would allow for service vehicles such as plumbers, gas co. etc. Check into how other cities handle this situation and what remedies have worked.
The topic of a hosting a job fair was presented to the stakeholders.  Committee discussion on event date, participants and location. Possible, suggested dates for the job fair were the first week in September.  Possible event location Yucca Recreation Center.  Participants,  about 20 companies ranging from fast-food to Fortune 500 companies.    A motion was made to hold a job fair the first week in September by the Chair.  The motion was seconded and passed with no opposition.
The Chair presented information on The Treasure Box which provides families and individuals with substantial boxes of groceries at tremendous discounts.  This program needs volunteers to help.  Yucca Recreation Center and Hollywood United Methodist Church were mentioned as possible distribution locations.  The Chair tabled further discussion until the next meeting.

Guest speaker was Rebecca Lobl, president of the L.A. Coalition for Neighborhoods, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and strengthening the City Planning Department’s proposed ordinance regulating density residential neighborhoods

Ms. Lobl handed out information to the stakeholders of recent changes by the City Council.  Boarding Houses are a major issue throughout our city.  Ms. Lobl requested stakeholders go to the website, [email protected]  for more information and to fill out the comment form which will be included in their presentation to the City Council.  A stakeholder made a motion that Ms. Lobl make her presentation to the HHWNC January 19 Board meeting.

Public comments:.  Stakeholder requested information on pothole repair and was told details are available website. 
A motion was made for adjournment, seconded and the meeting ended at 8:14 p.m.