Meeting Date: 01/25/16 06:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Las Palmas Senior Center, 1820 N Las Palmas Ave, 90028


I.          Call to order

II.         Approval of September 21, 2015 Area 3 Committee meeting minutes

III.        Area 4 Planning and Land Use

  1. 1914 N. Highland – Planning Department case number: ENV-2015-2674-EAF. Proposed creation of first-floor cafe and market, and second-floor commercial space (commercial office, dental office, beauty salon) with reduced parking, in the [q]r4-1vl zone. Representative from Urban Planning Studios to present. Possible motion and vote.
  2. 1837 N. Highland – Owner of vacant lot would like to build a parking lot on property. The site is zoned R4 requiring a Conditional Use permit for the project. Representative from Segal + Rey architecture will present. Possible motion and vote.

IV.       Area 3 Planning and Land Use: 6611 W Hollywood Blvd 

Planning Department case number CPC-2014-2398-ZC-HD-CU-ZAA-SPR. Construction, use, and maintenance of a new hotel with 167-rooms/suites and 19,900 square feet of commercial space, 150 bicycle parking spaces, and a subterranean parking garage with 87 automobile parking spaces. The hotel includes a 1,634 square feet community/art space pool deck, meeting rooms, fitness center, business center, and lobby. The project includes the demolition of the existing on-site buildings. Representative from Michael Gonzalez Law Group to present. Possible motion and vote.
V.        Area 3 and Area 4 Affordable Housing Discussion
Representatives from the Los Angeles Housing & Community Investment Department Rent Stabilization Division and the Los Angeles Tenants Union have been contacted to participate.
VI.      Public Comments
Comments from the public on agenda items and non-agenda items within the Committee’s subject matter jurisdiction.
VII.       Decision on next meeting date(s)
VIII.      Adjournment