Meeting Date: 04/10/07 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Hollywood Hills Neighborhood Council
Area Committee 3/Business Development, Planning & Support/
Housing & Human Services Issue Committees Joint Meeting

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Yucca Community Center
6671 Yucca Street
Hollywood, CA

Details: Hollywood Hills Neighborhood Council
Area Committee 3/Business Development, Planning & Support/
Housing & Human Services Issue Committees Joint Meeting

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Yucca Community Center
6671 Yucca Street
Hollywood, CA


1) Introduction and acceptance of minutes from previous meetings.

2) Presentation by Elizabeth Peterson on Tesco Market project for the Galaxy Complex
on Hollywood Blvd. in Area 4. Possible motion and vote.

3) Discussion with Council Office and ABC on report to Chair that alcoholic beverage conditions in a CUP may no longer be enforceable unless they are stated in ABC license. Possible motion and vote.

4) Discussion with Planning Department on creation of HHWNC Development Design Standards in the following categories. Possible motion(s) and vote(s).
a) Proper sequential processing of applications and requirements for submittals
especially as regards to placing of Tract Map Hearings and scheduling of hearing
dates to better facilitate NC involvement vis-a-vis by-law and Brown Act specs.
b) Historic Preservation Standards especially in regards to degree of significance.
c) Architectural guidelines for height, floor area ratios, massing, articulations, and
Setbacks including three dimensional especially at boundaries of area/zone
d) Encouragement of “Old Hollywood” design elements.
e) Attention to pedestrian considerations regarding building/street scale.
f) Parking issues for both onsite and offsite including valet guidelines, truthful posting
of pricing info for parking, location, activities related to adjacent uses.
g) Streetscaping including plantings, etc.
h) Traffic issues including consideration of relevance of parking study examples to
actual proposed uses.
i) Transitions between Zoning Use Areas.
j) The ways in which an HHWNC Design Standard Review Process would work.
The ways in which such a process would integrate with other city agencies
in regards to Tract Maps, Variances, CUP’s, and development within CRA and
Hollywood Chamber areas and creating viable relationships with HHWNC.
k) The construction of such a standard including studies of areas, data basing-
use of info from other agencies, and funding for such a study including use
of HHWNC website for public access to it.
5) Discussion with representatives of Community Re-Development Agency on Strategic
Re-Investment Plan for Hollywood and how we as a Neighborhood Council can improve
our level of participation in this plan. Possible motion and vote.

6) Update on Hollywood Chamber of Commerce efforts to save our Christmas Parade
including suggestions for finding sponsorship. Possible motion and vote.

7) Update on preferential parking efforts. Possible motion and vote.

8) Public comment on non-agenda items.

9) Schedule next meeting and adjourn.

April 10th Area 3, Business, Housing Approved minutes.

1) Minutes from March 2007 need to re-write.

2) Conducted by Thor Lee Business Committee Chair. Tesco’s market project at Galaxy

theater complex presented by Brandon Finch from EPG. Disussed and looked at

plans for what is now called Fresh & Easy Gourmet market but will offer no deli services

as far as pre-ordered sandwiches more like a Trader Joe’s. Complex will also contain

some sort of restaurant. Proposed hours of operations 9 AM to 4 AM.

Vote to support project 8 for, 0 against, 0 abstentions.

3) Discussed our concerns on inter-action between ABC and CUP conditions. Items

tabled in lieu of Friday night meeting meeting with Officer Mick Rose on 04/20.

4) Motion for city of Los Angeles to increase ABC budget for enforcement by LAPD also

for State Of California to increase ABC funding for same as suitable for licenses

in effect and pending. Vot to support 9 for, 0 against, 0 abstention.

5) Kip Rudd, Planning Director C.R.A. explained 5 year Limitation Plan and activities

done in implementing same and monies available for activities. The area covered

is East to Western, South to Santa Monica and includes such items as affordable

housing, pocket parks, Civic Center development on Fountain Avenue between

Cole and Cahuenga. Mr. Rudd stated opinion that Christmas Parade was outside

of traditional CRA legerdomain in response to Chair Paul Woolsey’s inquiry.

Much discussion was made concerning inter-face between CRA and HHWNC on

Hollywood and Frankiln Studies which are due in 18 months time and willingness

displayed all-around on ability to do this. Discussion shifted to Design Standards

in Areas 3,4, and 7 co-ordinating with Planning Department due to greater

residential/business combinations with Chair Woolsey stating opinion that all Areas

would have to be included. But motion to begin work on this limited to 3,4, and 7

made by Housing Chair Paul Ramsey made, seconed and passed 8 for, 0 against-

0 abstentions. Next motion made to support HHWNC participation in CRA studies

in 4 major areas including density, building height, and pedestrian scaling made and

passed 8 for, 0 against, 0 abstentions. Next motion made by Paul to create an

HHWNC Planning tool inluding use of the website to co-ordinate community/city/

developer inter-face with 2,000 $ from outreach budget for maps, printing etc.

made and passed 8 for, 0 against, 0 abstentions. All parties voiced optimism that a

great leap forwrard has been made and this will be the start of something impressive.

6) Discussion of Splash-Bash to raise support. awareness, and funding for restoring

Hollywood Christmas Lane Parade in partnership with the other Neighborhood

Councils in Hollywood and to keep this in the Summer time slot to have time for this.

Motion to support this designation for Spalsh-Bash made and passed 8 for, 0 against-

and 0 abstentions.

7) Brian Dyer un-able to attend meeting, parking motion tabled.

8) Presentation by Area 3 Stakeholder Greg Durfee on his efforts to save Christmas

Parade, he stated importamnce of parade to our communities image and his

eagerness to participate in Splash-Bash idea.

9) Next meeting scheduled for Tuesday, May 8th.

10) Adjournment