Meeting Date: 07/24/14 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Las Palmas Senior Citizen Center, 1820 Las Palmas Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90028


Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council
Joint Committee Meeting 

Area 3 / Area 4 / Housing /
Outreach / Cultural



All items on the agenda are subject to committee action, motion and vote
I.      Call to order

II.     Approval of minutes
III.    Cultural Resources
Presentation by Christine McAvoy, Hollywood Heritage on Historic buildings and cultural preservation in Area 3 / Area 4.
         BIntroduction to the Cultural Resources Committee Chairperson and possibilities for Area 3 / Area 4.

IV.    Outreach
          A. Discussion on outreach.
          B. update.

V.     Planning and Land Use Management 
         A. The committee will follow up on results of housing poll and continuation of polling with new members.
         B. The committee will be notified of any recent decisions on projects in Area 3/
Area 4 or projects to come before the HHWNC PLUM Committee and/or City Planning, including but not exclusive to:
            i. 1751 Las Palmas Ave.; Planning Dept. case number: ZA 2014-1813.
Ariel Gutierrez, representative from project will present../files/Documents/PDFs/1751%20N.%20Las%20Palmas%20.pdf
            ii. 6603 W. Hollywood Blvd.; Planning Dept case number: ZA 2014-0765(CUB), Ariel Gutierrez, representative from project will present./files/Documents/PDFs/6603%20Hollywood%20Blvd.pdf.pdf
            iii. 6523-6529 W. Hollywood Blvd.; Planning Dept case number: ZA-2011-0164. Michael Gonzalez, representatvie from project will present../files/Documents/PDFs/6523-6529%20HOLLYWOOD%20BLVD.pdf

VI.    Follow-up on agenda items from last meeting:
         A. Dog control – pickup.: 
Follow up on dog defecation issues in the neighborhood.
         B. Street Vendors: pending City Council Motion (CF 13-1493) to permit the sale of food and merchandise by street vendors on City sidewalks and parkways. As well as other follow-up possible.

VII.   Public Comments: comments from the public on agenda items and non-agenda items within the Committees' subject matter jurisdiction.

VIII.  Decision on next meeting date

IX.    Adjournment

Agenda Subject to Change 72 hours prior to meeting

. Meeting called to order: 6:40


II. Approval of Minutes

A. Motion by Jeff

B. Ammendment to correct spelling on Dan Holden’s name

C. Second by Carl

D. Vote 8 approved

E. Abstained 8 (didn’t attend last meeting)

III. Cultural Resources:

A. Presentation by Christine McAvoy, Chair: Hollywood Heritage and John Girodo, co-chair Hollywood Heritage and Area 3 three stakeholders. Ms. McAvoy is a long time resident of the Hollywood Knolls neighborhood.

B. Purpose of Hollywood Heritage is to Protect Hollywood’s historic resources and to run a little museum called the Barn in the Hollywood Bowl parking lot.

C. Christine reported that Hollywood Heritage they Keep track of projects that will destroy historic buildings with a “ watch list”. About 100 addresses are on the list with a smaller “truly endangered” that she will provide for our use. Information provided by HH included:

i. Try to educate the public re: renovation of historic buildings

ii. Economics show that properly renovated buildings will increase property values

iii. If we loose buildings, we run the risk of loosing the national historic registry designation

iv. Hope to collaborate on Land Use issues that come before the NC

v. There are 3 architects on the HH board, a planner, researchers

vi. They have the ability to research if we need information on a specific project

vii. Types of projects on the Watch list include:

a. Hotel projects that plan to renovate or new construction

b. Area 3/Area 4 “Historic Apartment neighborhood.” Trying to get the City to do something to protect them.

c. Big effort to protect Hollywod Blvd. 106 historic buildings with a National level of significance yet we have no land use protection.

d. Renovation of several apt buildings

e. Watching Champion- 1717 Cherokee

f. 1700 Hudson is a contributing resource

g. Warner Brothers theater building

h. Lawsuit filed with CRA, settlement agreement

i. Peterson building 7001 Hollywood- signage issue

j. Christian science church

k. Hollywood womens club – getting an organization to preserve the building

l. The Ford Theater

vii. Next meetingis July 30th at the Barn

ix. They need more residents on their board if anyone is interested

x. Website:

D. Questions:

i. very concerned about Warner Pacific Theater. Hope to prevent demo and support from city council

Response: The “Great Streets Program” identified Hollywood Blvd.Survey LA has found contributers in Area 3 & 4. Study to be released by December. People in Sunset Square did outreach and have contracted with Hollywood Heritage and can be replicated in other neighborhoods.

ii. 17 properties to be demolished along Fountain.

Response: Doyou know where it is? HH will look into it.

IV. LAPD Report: Officer Maggie: Senior lead officer for this area

Maggie Dillard, Senior Lead Officer, LAPD Hollywood
1358 N. Wilcox Ave, LA CA 90028
Desk: 213 485-4316
Cell: 213 793-0710
[email protected]

Danny Pesqueira, Senior Lead Officer
LAPD Hollywood
1358 N. Wilcox Ave, LA CA 90028
Desk: 213 485-4316
Cell: 213 793-0702
[email protected]

A. Area: everything east of Highland to _______ LAPD online has map to show areas

B. What happens on Hollywood Blvd Impacts the whole neighborhood.

i. Trying to focus foot beat officers more inward from the Blvd.

ii. Email: information is needed to respond. Request for information to be sent to:

a. Hollywood Narcotics- 213 485-4318

b. Gang Detectives: Lance Jurado- 213 972-2921

c. Officer that Deals with 18th St Gang: Matt Delao email: 34449

C. Question about noise:

i. Loud parties at Associaton of Cinematograpers Area 4. Is it illegal to have huge loud parties?

LAPD Response: When in doubt: call 311 if not police related

IV. Planning and Land Use Management

A. JoAnn Koplin handed out a revised version of the poll and described the purpose of getting stakeholder input (see previous meeting minutes for a full description). A number of stakeholders at this meeting submitted their information to the committee chair.

B. Brian covered the purpose of the PLUM

C. Project: 1751 Las Palmas:

1. site has not been worked on or improved for over three years.

2. originally proposing to add 24 units, a variance application never followed through,and cannot present the project. Currently under revision.

D. Project: 6603 W. Hollywood Blvd- existing restaurant

1. Applicant applying for beer and wine since their entitlement was not renewed, so they have to start over.

2. Owner: Mettie Mehdahul

3. No physical improvements done to date

4. Request for hours: 8:30am to 1:30pm

5. Are there any concerns from this group? No Concerns from LAPD

6. Concerns included:

a. Concern that issues with other restaurants owned by this person will carry over to this location.

b. Looking at the building- it is a historic building and Hollywood Heritage would look at this.

c. They can start serving alchohol at 10am.

d. Concern that it is across the street from a check cashing place.

E. Project: 6523 Hudson

a. Mark Leven: represented the owner and presented two floor plans. Existing is: Two buildings, three separate units (vintage clothing shop, book store), second building is an old garage.

b. Entitled 2011 for 2nd story office and 4 story parking lot, but do not plan to move forward with that. Building will be kept intact.

c. Facade on Hollywood Blvd will stay intact as well as a mural.

d. Reason developer is presenting is due to a tehcnicality. New CUP filed for greater than 20% growth. New proposal includes 4 restaurants and a bar:

1. Bar 48- 148 seats split 50/50 with live entertainment and an outdoor patio

2. Farmers House- CA cuisine-, 83 indoor seats, 84 outdoor seats,

3. (Outdoor seats are completely enclosed by walls)

4. Pizza Rosa: Made to order individual slices-

5. Siam: Thai restaurant 1903 sf 78 total seats, 16 outdoor

6. Mexacallia: same vein as El Cholo- 3020f 136 total seats, 28 outdoor

7. Parking: valet parking with Car Lot 150-200 car capacity

f. Questions:

Q:Stakeholder – Concern about Bar and driveway- noise to adjacent houses
A: Wall will screen the noise and view but is open air

Q. Three bars along Hollywood Blvd with open air at front. 60 people drinking all day on the sidewalk. What is the attraction?
A: There is a separation per regulations and an overhang.

Q: Christine: Are you retaining the historic façade along the Blvd
A: Not entirely sure, but there is an awning.

Q: Annie:- An awful lot of people along the Blvd, turning into a low class boardwalk. A food court on Hollywood Blvd!

Q: Brian: – Concern with club in the back. The open air has not worked in this neighborhood. You can hear the sound two blocks up. Rental properties cannot retain people. Hudson being 25 ft will be craziness. We are loosing any reason to walk to the Blvd because all there is, is fast food restaurants and bars.

Q. who owns all these restaurants?
A: Hudson Hospitality and Hollywood Dreams. They also own the Janes House properties

Q. Nothing new being brought into the community. Used to be a glamorous street.

Q. Joyce: would have been nice to bring pictures of what it will look like.
A: Will send them

V. Outreach

A. Robin: Hollywood Hills does not exist for most residents. My job will be to reach out to get more people involved.

i. Suggestion for an outreach table to be placed at the Thursday evening: Yamashiro Farmers market

Q. Mark: Are you focused more on business or residents?

A. Both

iii. Robin passed out information on Passing around Next door sign up if you want to get involved.

iv. Newsletter coming soon both email and hardcopy.

VI. VI. Follow-up on Agenda items:

A. Dog control pick up:

i. Need to put together a motion to request more dog bins in the area.

ii. Brian did call County and they are understaffed, but if you take a photo or a video they will send back a $20 fine.

B. Street Venders:

i. The NC voted not to support the motion to support the legalization of the street venders for this area.

ii. We can also on our own write letters.

iii. Two weeks ago there was a sweep: 15 arrests on HB and over 800 lbs of meat was confiscated.

iv. The Bowl is on top of it and does try to get the police to come out.

VII. Public Comments:

Q: Mark – Is there a hearing yet for our Project.
A: There will be a ZA hearing, but it’s not scheduled yet

Q: Shelley- What’s going on with permit parking?
A: Brian- Trying to get permit parking and apartment building residents are hard to get – 2/3 of the occupied units are required. Not people, just units. City knows number of units.

Demographic change: “I won a building at 1831 Whitley with only 31 units. Seeing a positive change. With increased rents, residenst are more stable and have jobs. New residents seem to care more about the community.”

VIII. Next meeting Third Thursday of August – 21

IX. Meeting Adjourned at: 8:07 PM