Meeting Date: 04/29/15 06:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Will & Ariel Durant Library, 7140 Sunset Blvd.


Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council
Infrastructure Committee
Wednesday, April 29, 6:00 pm
Location: Will & Ariel Durant Public Library, 7140 Sunset Blvd.
The Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council invites you to learn more about how the Department of Water and Power is maintaining and upgrading our water infrastructure.  There will be a brief presentation by DWP personnel, followed by a question and answer period.
The quorum for Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council Planning, Land Use & Management Committee is three. Public comments on agenda items will be heard when the item is considered. Public comments on other matters within the committee's jurisdiction may be made during the Public Comment period. Public comments are limited to two minutes per speaker; That limit may be modified at the discretion of the committee. Speakers are requested to sign in at the meeting. Action may be taken on any agenda item except Public Comment, announcements and reports. You may request a copy of printed materials that are distributed at the meeting. You may record the meeting by audio, video or photographic means as long as it is not disruptive. Meeting notices and agendas are posted at the William and Ariel Durant Public Library and at the Fuller Ave. entrance to Runyon Canyon. If you need translation or accommodation for a disability, please call the city Department of Neighborhood Empowerment at least three business days in advance (213-978-1551, or toll-free 3-1-1). The city is a covered entity under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you believe the council is not following the law or its own rules you may file a grievance in writing with copies to both the Chair and the Secretary. The HHWNC bylaws can be found at Please be respectful of others, even when you differ with them.
Presentation on Water Infrastructure in HHWNC Area by DWP Staff

Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council
Infrastructure Committee Meeting
Wednesday, April 29, 6:00 pm
The meeting was held at the Will & Ariel Durant Public Library, 7140 Sunset Blvd..
Casey Maddren, HHWNC Infrastructure Chair calls Meeting to Order 6:05PM
Opening Remarks by Infrastructure Chair Casey Maddren.
Tonight we will discuss the Drought and DWP staff will offer updates on water, water infrastructure and answer questions.  The Colorado River is down, can’t depend on LA Aqueduct, wells in San Fernando Valley shut down.  Can the DWP address water infrastructure unless water without raising rates?  The DWP cannot maintain/upgrade water ifrastructure with the current money allocated.
Introductions of DWP Guest Presenters:
Steven Cole
Water System
Manager of Water Utility Engineering
Eric Shavely
Western District
Water Utility Superintendent
Alvin Bautista
Water System
Manager of Distribution Engineering
Elia Sun..attending for
Jesus Gonzalez
Western District Engineer
DWP Guests Presentation:
1) Water System Overview….
       Nation's Largest Municipal Utility
       Supply Water to 3.8 million residents
       Water system is large and complex:
            7,200 miles of pipe
            144 tanks and reservoirs
             465 sq. miles
        Budget of 1.5 billion in FY13-14
2) Water Supply
      Key Points:
         90% Reliant on Imported Water
         Water Supply Changes
         Water supply:Colorado River ..
           Lion share of Colorado River Aqueduct water goes to Agriculture.
           Water Supply usually was 70% from the state..30% from Colorado River..
           Colorado River is Federal. Farmers draw alot of water from Shasta..
          Feds set it up for  Farmers.
          Now it's  50-50%. Depends on Snow Melt.
          Colorado in a 10 year drought.
           Increased demands from the other states is making supply decrease.
          Offer incentives, rain barrels to capture water.
          Offer incentives to change to artificial turf.
3) Water System Within HHWNC…Water Infrastructure HHWNC
       Key Points:
           Multiple Water Facilities
           Redundant Water Distribution System
           High Quality Water
            Supply Facilities: L.A. Reservoir (HHWNC), Upper Stone Canyon Reservoir,
            Lower Stone Canyon Reservoir, Franklin Reservoir, North Hollywood Reservoir,
           Eagle Rock Reservoir.
4) Impacts to Water System Resulting From Recent Residential & Commercial Developments.
         Performed Comprehensive Assessment to Evaluate Impacts:
             Cumulative Impacts – 2010 Urban Water Management Plan.
             Project Specific Impacts – Water Supply Assessment .
         Evaluations Concluded:
              Confirmed Availability of Water Supply.
               Water System Improvements are Necessary at Some Locations to
              Support Developments.
               Improvements Include: Upsize Pipelines, Additional Fire Protection, etc.
              Improvements will be Paid by Developers
        Angelenos have done a good job conserving water.
         Concerns about over development in HHWNC area and water supply…..
        DWP can't control development or population increase.
         In new multi-family developments, individual meters will have to be installed.   Currently water costs are built into rent for apartment buildings, and units are not individually monitored.
         Going slowly due to technology, newer technology is evolving.
        Good technology won't impact ratepayers.
        Cumulative impacts are considered. Long term planning.
         Anticipated growth so there is enough water for L.A. as it grows.
    Alternative Ideas
         Making better use of water run off.
         Increase permeable surfaces.
         State water pumped into our aqueduct.
          Desalination was being explored a few years ago. DWP governing body stopped the  exploration.  Heal the Bay, etc. was against it. Rates would be higher.
         Metropolitan water is cheaper than desal.
5) Water System – Condition of Water Infrastructure in HHWNC
          120 miles of Pipeline in HHWNC.
          Average age of Pipeline is 70 years old.
          10% of Pipe has a "High Likelihood of Failure"
           Aging Water Infrastructure is a Concern and DWP is taking Action to Correct & Improve.
6) Water System Improvement Program – Pipeline Replacement Projects in HHWNC (next 5 years)
7) How Can DWP Further Help HHWNC
            Improve Lines of Communication.
            Notify NC of Upcoming DWP Projects.
            Monitor Large Residential & Commercial Developments.
             Continue with Upgrades to the Existing Water System Infrastructure.
            DWP Programs and Rebates.
            (Water Conservation, Water Recycling, etc.)
Infrastructure Chair thanks DWP Guests and Stakeholders….
Meeting Adjourned 7:40 PM