Below is a link to the Magazine:

This quarter they share and discuss Christmas Tree Recycling, the Omicron Variant, Debris Flow, OWB Partnerā€™s Pages featuring LAPD Leadership, Is Fire
Season Over, Situational Awareness, OWB Calendar, Los Angeles World Airport, LAX Rapid Covid Testing, West Bureau Council Districts, West Express Hyperlinks, OWB in Action and our back page that recognizes promotions and transfers into OWB.

Some highlights: an excellent one page bio on Hollywood Community Police Station Commanding Officer Brent McGuyre (pg. 6), situational awareness terms and tips (pg 9), how to test for COVID at LAX (pg 10).


“California experiences two distinct fire seasons: a heat-driven one in the summer that primarily affects inland areas, and a wind-driven one that begins in the fall, hits coastalĀ  urban areas harder and has the potential to inflict far more damage because of how quickly the flames move.”