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LAPD Alert – Scams

City Attorney


Your government issued Economic Impact Payment, known as a ‚Äústimulus check‚ÄĚ, is not a typical check. Payment is made by direct deposit, from the IRS, into a known checking account. You do NOT have to fill out any forms or pay anything up front to get your stimulus check, and there will be no fees or charges. The IRS will simply deposit the money into your account. You won’t be asked to give your Social Security number, bank account information or credit card number to anyone. Anyone calling or doorknocking regarding your stimulus check is likely a criminal.

There are currently no commercially available in-home tests for COVID-19 that consumers can purchase. Please do not trust anyone who contacts you to offer to test you in your house, or to sell you an in-home test.

There are no approved products to treat or cure the COVID-19 virus. There is no current vaccine for the coronavirus. Anyone attempting to sell you a cure, treatment, or vaccine is attempting to scam you out of your money.

Be particularly aware of e-mails, texts and calls claiming to be from health or government officials. These calls may be an attempt to sell you a bogus treatment, deceptive safety product, a fake cure, or a false test. They may also be attempting to obtain your credit or personal information. E-mails may tempt consumers to click on links to receive information or updates that will install malware of various kinds on your computer.

The best way to deal with COVID-19 is prevention. Please follow guidelines to remain at home, wash your hands, and engage in social distancing. Be aware of anyone attempting to sell you cures, treatments, tests, or vaccines. Please do not give anyone your personal information, and avoid any suspicious COVID-19 e-mail or text links. Your Economic Impact Payment is your money. Your health is your priority.