LAPD has four bureaus: Central, South, Valley, and West. We are West Bureau to Mulholland and Valley Bureau (North Hollywood division) on the Valley side of Mullholland. West Bureau has 5 areas (divisions) from near downtown all the way to Venice Beach and the Airport. Hollywood Area, Olympic Area, Pacific Area, West Los Angeles Area, Wilshire Area. 100 square miles in this bureau.

  • Crime is down except for theft. Mobile phones were stolen out of people’s hands as they are distracted or fixed to reading them.
  • Don’t leave anything in sight in your vehicle. We saw a great video have how fast a thief can shatter your tempered window and reach in to steal an item. They can be walking away before the broken glass hits the pavement. Don’t take your shopping bags back to your car and go off again, e.g. for lunch (even if it is covered), they see that and see it as free stuff to grab. A common problem in shopping areas.
  • The best way to get information is through LAPD twitter –
  • Many basic crimes can be reported online:
  • Hollywood has about 400 sworn officers.
  • They receive about 40,000 calls a year in Hollywood. Traffic stopping them from responding quickly is their biggest problem.
  • Call times average: 13 minutes urgent, 45 minutes for nonurgent
  • 39 traffic deaths this year, more than half in crosswalks. Often people looking at their phones.
  • Hollywood area 2 percent reduction in violent crimes. This is the same number as in the 1940s and 1950s (great progress recently).
  • Police are often a “one-stop shop” for all types of problems. They are called for basic disputes and have to be a negotiator, have to play social worker, along with fighting crime.
  • There many thefts at LAX. Watch your bags and stay alert (things get stolen when you get distracted).
  • The ring app for your doorbell is a good idea.
  • Homeless tents can stay up up during the day under certain extreme temperature conditions.
  • LAPD has a great volunteer program. They will put you at something you love to do: – ask for Maggie Dillard.
  • LAFD Cheif Hogan also spoke and invited everyone to stop by their local fire station for coffee at any time. Tell them Chief Hogan sent you. Up to date information: – Happening Now – Alerts.
  • Police and firemen are service focused and forget what they are doing has value to us. Tell them thanks, it helps a lot.
  • As a community, we hang together or hang separately (good quote from the meeting).