Meeting Date: 1/5/17 6:00 pm

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Will and Ariel Durant Library Branch 7140 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046




  1. Welcome and general comments.


  1. Consider approving minutes of prior committee meeting held on December 8, 2016.


  1. Discuss the possibility of switching the committee’s meeting scheduled for March 7, 2016, inasmuch as that day also is the City’s Election Day.


  1. PLUM Committee chair report/update on (i) recent planning cases, and (ii) what occurred at the Mulholland Design Review Board’s latest meetings.


  1. 1770 North Highland – which is in HHWNC’s area 3 and City Council District 13.


7-Eleven has met with both HHWNC’s area 3 Committee and the PLUM Committee, but is returning for a discussion of the proposed 7-Eleven store because the store operator’s request to operate the store/market at this site on a 24/7 basis has raised concerns. LAPD has invited (and agreed tentatively) to attend and join in this discussion.


At both committees’ meetings, the committee chairs asked 7-Eleven to reach out to the managers and residents at The Jefferson and other adjacent/nearby apartment buildings to make them aware of the proposed 7-Eleven and the concerns which have been raised.


The City Planning Department’s case no is ZA 2016-3719-CU.


The Planning Department will hold a hearing on 7-Eleven’s application on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 at LA City Hall at 10:30 a.m. in room 1020.


  1. 7445 Sunset Boulevard – which is in HHWNC’s area 7 and City Council District 4.


Ira Handleman will provide a report/update about the proposed Gelson’s supermarket for this site. The proposed Gelson’s supermarket has been discussed at meetings of both the Area 7 Committee and the PLUM Committee. The most recent discussion at the PLUM Committee was at a meeting on November 10, 2016.



  1. 1915-21 North Wilcox – which is in HHWNC’s area 3 and City Council District 4.


Ira Handelman will provide a report/update about the proposed hotel at this site.


The PLUM Committee discussed the proposed hotel at a meeting on July 13, 2016.


  1. Public comments on non-agendized items.


  1. Adjournment. The next scheduled committee meeting is set for February 2, 2017.