Meeting Date: 05/13/14 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Elderberries

Details: All items before the PLUM Committee on this agenda are subject to a motion and a vote.

1.  Welcome, introductions and general comments by the committee's chairperson. Other members of the committee welcome to share thoughts on the year ahead and our first meeting of the 2014-16 PLUM committee.

2.  Review the draft minutes of the committee's last meeting on January 8, 2014.  The draft minutes are posted here.

3.  Discuss committee organization and vote on committee Vice-chair.

4. 1349 Gardner – Proposed small lot subdivision

We will discuss the proposed small lot subdivision. Regina Minor will be representing her client. Read more information here.
5. 7181 Sunset Blvd. – Bossa Nova

Restaurant is seeking a renewal of their CUB for full-line alcohol service from 9am-2am. They have 12 indoor seats and 70 outdoor seats. Lee Rabun will be representing his clients. Read more information here.

6. 7950 Sunset Blvd., Unit E-105 – 9021Pho

Restuarant is seeking a CUB for full-line alcohol service from 11am-2am. They have 35 indoor seats and six outdoor seats. Their application claims they are not requesting alcohol service on the patio. Read more information here.

7.  6627-6631 Hollywood Blvd. – Loteria

Restaurant requests renewal of CUB to sell full line of alcohol. Also included is a request to increase the live Mariachi quartet to a sextet. Kiran Rishi will represent his client. Read more information here.

8.  Public comments on any non-agendized items.

9.  Adjournment.  

The next Plum committee meeting will be scheduled for June.


LOCATION: Elderberries 7564 W. Sunset Blvd. PLUM COMMITTEE ATTENDEES:

Cyd Zeigler, PLUM Chair
JoAnn Koplin, Housing Chair
Oren Katz, Business Chair
Jim Geoghan, Traffic/Parking Chair
Barbara Witkin, Area 7 Chair
Brian Dyer, Area 3 Chair

There was a quorum of the committee’s voting members present when the meeting was called to order at 6:30pm. Approximately 12 stakeholders where present.

1. Welcome

Meeting Chair Cyd Zeigler asked for introductions from the committee and indicated that the agenda and meeting minutes will be posted on the HHWNC’s website. This was the 13th meeting of the HHWNC’s PLUM Committee.

  1. Review and approval of meeting minutes dated January 8, 2014

    ACTION: Unanimously approved

  2. Committee organization and vote on committee vice chair

    ACTION: JoAnn Koplin agreed to serve as vice chair, Oren Katz seconded and motion was unanimously approved

  3. 1349 Gardner- Proposed small lot subdivision

    1. Amit Apel Design presented proposed elevations and floor plans for the project

    2. The project includes four separate four-story units, approximately 2,000 sf each

      with two-car garages on the ground level, living room & kitchen on the second level, 3 bedrooms on third and fourth floors and a roof deck with access from

stair and elevators from each unit.
c. Proposed setbacks are: Front 10 ft Side 3 ft Rear 15 ft

Required: 15 ft Required: 5 ft Required: 15 ft

  1. Proposed Driveway to be 10 ft wide with building walls on both edges.

  2. Zone: R3-1

  3. Building height at top of elevator & stair tower: 49.83 ft and 44.94ft at top of

    railing (noted that buildings on both sides are two stories in height)


  • No contact with City Council representative for this area to date.

  • No requirement for guest parking provided.

  • Issue voiced re: Modern design not a good fit for neighborhood character

  • Concern with setback request for reductions

  • Concern with Lack of landscape elements.

  • Concern with Garbage cans (3 per house) at curbside on pick up days. Suggestion to

    provide trash service for residents behind building

  • 10 ft driveway too narrow. Suggestion to increase width and add landscape

  • Concern with Height of building re: context along the street

  • Balconies reduce privacy for neighbors: Suggestion to recess the balconies

  • Security concerns: will property be gated? Suggestion to include gates in design

  • Small lot subdivision purpose is to provide “Fee Simple Homes”; How does this apply?


    The design team was asked to return to the PLUM committee or Area 7 committee with response to concerns listed above.

5. 7181 Sunset Blvd. Bossa Nova

Restaurant is seeking a renewal of their Conditional Use Permit Case No. ZA 2014-1395 (CUB) filed on April 24, 2014. Three changes are requested per the new CUB.

  1. Operating Hours from 11:30 am-4am daily to 24 hours per day

  2. Happy Hour to be added from 3pm to 7pm

  3. Seating to be increased from 55 with 36 conditional to 82 permitted

It was explained that the purpose of the extended hours was to add breakfast service. A new breakfast menu was submitted as an example of what would be served. The addition of Happy Hour was to address the slow time during the day with the hope of bringing more clients in during those hours. The seating is what is now provided, but removes the “conditional” seats.


  • Concern was voiced re the 24 hour schedule: Suggestion 7am to 4am (same hours as Aroma Café)

  • Happy Hour raised a number of concerns including the length of time from 3-7pm. Suggestion to decrease it to 5-7 or eliminate the request.

  • Happy Hour concern with increased noise. Suggestion that a condition include no TV’s or live music.


    Bossa Nova was asked to present their requests to the Area 7 meeting to get neighborhood feedback on the changes requested.

6. 7950 Sunset Blvd., Unit E-105 -9021Pho

The French Vietnamese restaurant, 9021Pho is seeking a CUB for full-line alcohol service from 11am-2am. They have 35 indoor seats and would like to increase to 8 outdoor seats. Their architect is still working on the seating layout, but has indicated that all the seats will be able to fit within the property.


  • Hours for a small restaurant. Suggestion 11am-12am

  • Full-line alcohol will remain with the property and could become a bar. Suggestion Beer

    and wine service only

  • The adjacent restaurants don’t serve alcohol, so this may create a negative president for

    the area

    It was explained that this is one of a number of 9021Pho restaurants and all of them provide the same service and include full alcohol service.


    9021Pho will return when their plans are completed and present to the Area 7 committee if their schedule doesn’t allow them to wait for the next PLUM meeting.

7. 6627-6631 Hollywood Blvd. – Loteria

Loteria is requesting renewal of an existing CUB with two changes.

  1. To add full alcohol service

  2. To increase the live Mariachi band from four to six members


Concern was raised about potential increase in noise to the neighborhood with a larger Mariachi band. Suggestion was made to allow a maximum of 20 times per year for the increased 6 person Mariachi band.


A motion was made by Cyd Zeigler and seconded by Oren Katz to support their renewal request with the condition to allow a maximum of 20 times per year for use of the Mariachi band. The motion passed with unanimous approval.


    Annie congratulated the new board members and welcomed them to the PLUM committee.

  2. The meeting was adjourned at 8:24pm