Meeting Date: 08/04/14 06:30 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: William & Ariel Durant Public Library


All items before the PLUM Committee on this agenda are subject to a motion and a vote.
1. Call to order.
2. Review the draft minutes of the committee's last meeting on June 19, 2014.
3. Bossa Nova CUP – Area 7 chair Barbara Witkin introducing
Bossa Nova seeks renewed liquor license and adjustment in hours. Lee Rabun will be presenting.
4. 1722 N. Las Palmas, Hollywood Cherokee Apartments – Area 3 chair Brian Dyer introducing
Construction of a 224-unit residential building including a subterranean parking lot and a maximum height of 71 feet. Ira Handelman will be presenting.
5. Wildlife Corridor – Chairman Cyd Zeigler introducing
Hollywood Hills residents are seeking support for a city ordinance that would require consideration of wildlife corridors when approving any construction in the hills. Tony Tucci from Laurel Canyon will be presenting.
6. Making PLUM proactive – Chairman Cyd Zeigler introducing
Discussion about taking proactive steps to set development agenda in the neighborhood instead of being reactive. Also overview of processes to handle single-family dwellings and signs.

7. Public comments on any non-agendized items.
8. Adjournment.
The next Plum committee meeting will be Sept. 10.

Plum meeting 8/4/14
PLUM committee attendees
Cyd Zeigler, Chairman
Oren Katz, Business
Jim Geoghan, Traffic
Brian Dyer, Area 3
Barbara Watkins, Area 7
Jim, Oren, Cyd and Barbara agree to adopt the July PLUM meeting minutes.
7181 Sunset Blvd., Bossa Nova CUP
Owner and consultant Lee Rabun present.
24-hour-operation request has been amended to 6am to 4am – also, the request for a “happy hour” has been removed.
LAPD officer Poole is present to give LAPD perspective. Generally good business, not many calls coming for this specific restaurant. LAPD want all restaurants to close around midnight if possible. They request hours of operation for Bossa Nova be either 10am-4am or 6am-2am.
Bossa Nova has been operating with seating for 82 – they are requesting their licensed seating be raised to match that.
They request to change start of sale of alcohol from 11:30am to 11am.
They have 6 on site parking with valet 5 off site as well
Security on Friday and Saturday by off time LAPD officers
Rabun says the 4am closing time is of paramount importance for Bossa Nova.
Motion by Witkin: 8am to 4am, no second for the motion
Motion by Katz: 7am to 4am, no second to this motion
Motion by Witkin: 8am to 4am, second by Katz. Motion passes, 3-0-1.
1722 N. Las Palmas, Hollywood Cherokee Apartments
Ira Handleman and Co. in attendance
A presentation Power Point is given
Affordable housing 24 units (11%) for 30 years on site of the total to get incentive for variances.
50% studios of total 224 units, 28 two-bedroom units, the rest are one-bedroom units. Roughly 58 parking spots for the general public.
One parking spot per one bedroom.
They will have many bike racks.
Roof pool on the 4th level with some BBQ’s and yoga zone.
No motion is proposed and no action is taken.
CLAW – Wildlife Corridor
Tony Tucci of Laurel Canyon presents on Paul Koretz’s wildlife corridor
Oren Katz makes a motion to support the Paul Koretz corridor motion letter, Jim Geoghan seconds. The motion passes 3-0-0
Being proactive
A general discussion about how the PLUM committee can be more proactive and set the agenda instead of reacting to the proposals coming to the PLUM committee from developers. More to come.