Meeting Date: 09/10/14 06:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: William & Ariel Durant Public Library

Details: All items before the PLUM Committee on this agenda are subject to a motion and a vote. 

1. Call to order. 
2. Review the draft minutes of the committee's last meeting on Aug. 4, 2014.
3. General comments by PLUM committee members.

4. 6507 Hollywood Blvd. (area 3) – Spinellis Pizza

Spinellis Pizza seeks a conditional use permit for beer and wine sales for on-site consumption. The restaurant has 66 seats. They seek to expand business hours to 11am-5am daily, selling alcohol from 11am-2am.
5. 2100 Laurel Canyon Blvd. (area 8) – Pace
Proposed is to expand existing restaurant into neighborhood retail space, upgrade existing Beer & Wine to Full Line of Alcohol in conjunction with restaurant use. 60 seats inside and 30 seats on the outside patio with hours of operation of 11:00am to 11:pm Sunday to Thursday and 11:00am to 1:00am Friday and Saturday. The applicant is also requesting alcohol service on the outdoor patio, entertainment of a DJ and Karaoke and discounted drinks or happy hour. 

6. 1339 N. Fuller (area 7) – Small lot subdivision
Fuller Estates, LLC, seeks to demolish a single-family home and erect four single-family dwellings under the small-lot ordinance.
7. 1349 N. Gardner (area 7) – Small lot subdivision
Developer seeks to demolish single-family home and erect a 4 unit small lot subdivision on the site. The application state that the lot is 6,600 square feet, and that the four units in this proposed subdivision would range from 1,123 square feet to 1,393 square feet.

8. 1619 N. LaBrea (area 7) – The Avenue
Hollywood 180 Holdco seeks a conditional use permit for the sale of alcohol at three on-site restaurants at 1619 N. La Brea. Hours of operation and alcohol sales requested are 10am-11pm (Mon-Fri) and 10am-12am (Sat & Sun). Two of the restaurants seek beer & wine licenses; One restaurant seeks a full line of alcohol sales.
9. Public comments on any non-agendized items. 
10. Adjournment. 
The next Plum committee meeting will be Oct. 7.

PLUM Meeting 9/10/14
PLUM committee attendees
JoAnn Koplin
Oren Katz
Jim Geoghan
Brian Dyer, Area 3
Barbara Witkin, Area 7
Call to order:  6:02 PM
Review minutes not available
General comments PLUM committee members
            Witkin says Crescent Heights project is not yet solidified.
            Dyer reports 1850 Whitley Ave, a non-commercial space, has a “for rent” sign           for possible retailer.  Koplin says upcoming meeting to deal with this issue.
6507 Hollywood Blvd.
Spinelli’s Pizza seeks conditional use permit for beer and wine sales, 11 AM to 2 AM. A number of votes taken amending hours allowed and conditions.    Geoghan points out a “pizza by the slice” establishment is not a “restaurant” and that LAPD wants less liquor served on Hollywood Blvd.  Motion by Geoghan to not grant permit, seconded by Koplin.  Motion carried (3 yes, 1 no, 0 abstention).
2100 Laurel Canyon Blvd.
Proposed to expand existing restaurant into retail space.  Tabled until Area 8   meeting yet to be scheduled.
1339 N. Fuller
Fuller Estates seeks to demolish single-family home and erect four single-family dwellings.  Witkin says the council office is against terraces facing front as planned.   Also nearby homeowners tend to complain about the noise factor from rooftop decks.  Keegan says she has concerns regarding the garage, claims driveway is too tight, also says there is insufficient storage, no guest parking.  Trash collection is an unresolved issue.  Dyer wants overhangs to be quake proof.  Witkin asks about plans for garden maintenance.  Gagen says views will be blocked by building height.  Koplin asks developers to run plans by neighbors on this bloc, developers plan to.  Koplin also suggests 3 units and not 4 would solve many of these problems.
1349 N. Gardner
Developer seeks to demolish single-family home and erect four single-family dwellings.  Amended plan presented.  Trash, parking, rooftop issues resolved.  Motion to approve by Katz. Second by Geoghan.  Vote yes unanimous.
1619 N. LaBrea
Hollywood 180 Holdco seeks conditional use permit for sale of alcohol at three on-site restaurants.  Restaurants do not current exist.  Koplin says we need more information before committee can make any kind of a decision.
ADJOURN:   7:52 PM