The City of Los Angeles Bureau of Engineering (BOE) has started the environmental review process for the proposed Sidewalk Repair Program. The proposed Project would continue, amend and expand implementation of Safe Sidewalks LA over approximately 30 years in order to make City pedestrian facilities compliant with applicable accessibility requirements.

  • Existing sidewalks and walkways will be repaired or replaced under the proposed Project.
  • Street tree removals and replacements, along with utility relocations, may be needed.
  • The City may adopt policies and/or ordinances to assist in the efficient administration of the proposed Project and its objectives.

The Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for this project is now available for public review and comment. Click here to download the Initial Study/Environmental Checklist (DEIR) document.

You can submit your comments until February 24, 2020 via the online comment portal or by emailing [email protected]. I am hoping to include this project and associated DEIR on an upcoming Infrastructure Committee meeting agenda – stay tuned!