Due Date for Your Comments on Runyon Canyon Study Extended to June 28

In 2018, the L.A. City Council approved funding for Dixon Resources Unlimited to study access and mobility in and around Runyon Canyon Park, with a goal of developing tailored strategies to

Runyon Canyon Overlook

improve access, mitigate congestion, and improve safety.

After multiple public meetings, site visits, online feedback, and two rounds of data collection, on May 20th, 2019 Dixon presented their draft strategies in a PowerPoint presentation at a joint committee meeting of the Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council.

You can view the PowerPoint presentation, a draft of the Comprehensive Strategies Report, and the Data Analysis Report HERE.

Please review these documents and provide feedback on the draft version of the report, via this google form.

The report, once finalized, will be introduced at City Council to review the feasibility of the various strategies