Meeting Date: 01/18/05 06:00 PM

Meeting Type: Regular

Location: Will and Ariel Durant Branch, Los Angeles Public Library
7140 W. Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90046

Details: Hollywood Hills West Neighborhood Council
Traffic, Public Transportation and Parking Committe
Tuesday, January 18, 2005 6-8pm

Will & Ariel Durant Branch Library
7140 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA
323 876 2741


The meeting will be conducted in an informal manner, and attendees are encouraged to participate in the formation of Motions to be presented to the Board of Directors, including:
1. Parking hours, location and enforcement hours
2. Street closures
3. Fountain Avenue street width continuity
4. Hollywood Blvd. area traffic flow management
5. Red Line extension, expansion of bus feeder lines
6. Traffic calming and street cut-through reduction
7. Grant Parking Lot Noise Abatement/mitigation

January 18, 2005

HHWNC Traffic, Public Transportation & Parking Committee Meeting
Chair: Jon Hartman

Present: Jon Hartman (HHWNC Traffic, Public Transportation & Committee Chair)-Rena Dheming (HHWNC Area #3 stakeholder)- Claire Guy (HHWNC Infrastructure Committee Chair)- Anthony Deckoff (HHWNC Area #7 Committee Chair)- Michael Meyer (HHWNC Area #5 stakeholder, Scott Campbell (CHNC Vice President)

Discussion: Michael Meyer brought up the problematic traffic jams and gridlock that occur in the Hollywood Blvd./Franklin Ave./Highland Ave. areas, on occasions when there are street closures on Hollywood Blvd. (e.g. movie premieres, awards ceremonies, etc.)- causing local residents unnecessary, time-consuming inconvenience driving to and from their homes-aside from congesting traffic & gridlock. MOTION & VOTE: 5 votes for motion

Rena Dheming reported that Grant Parking lot (between Cherokee Ave. & Las Palmas Ave.) noise & loitering nuisance problem, has temporarily ceased, for the moment, due to Las Palmas Restaurant/Nightclub, being closed for business TEMPORARILY, since first week of January 2005. Mentioned that there is still a need to get parking lot security, in the near future.

Also, Rena also brought up the need for a posted, visual sign to go up on the NORTHEAST and/or SOUTHEAST corner of HIGHLAND & YUCCA ST. alerting motorists driving NORTHBOUND on Highland Ave.- that turning right on YUCCA ST.- detours traffic TO THE RIGHT ON LAS PALMAS AVENUE ONLY-back on to Hollywood Blvd.- to avoid motorists turning unnecessarily and recycling the traffic in a circle, trying to get out of the traffic on Highland Ave. MOTION & VOTE: Passed 5 to 0 for motion.